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4h · 10
Nina 4h
He was my entire world
But i was just his friend
22h · 16
Sell myself short
Nina 22h
I loved him too much
I'd go the extra mile for him
I'd spend money for him
I'd go anything for him

But i can't help it
I love him too much
That i sold myself short
Nina 1d
Never tell someone you love them
Don't give them the advantage of knowing.

Once they know,
they'll use it against you

they'll use you as a second option
as a fall back plan

because they know,
no matter what they do,
you'll always be there for them.
loving them
Jul 8 · 76
Fall for you
Nina Jul 8
I will keep on falling
Falling in love with you
Despite knowing how painful the fall will be
I will still fall
If it's for you
Jul 8 · 48
Nina Jul 8
I used you as a rebound
Not to replace someone else
But a rebound for death
Jul 8 · 43
Nina Jul 8
You told me,
You can't love me because you've lost your commitment.
But that's a lie
Because you've always been committed
Not with me,
But to your past lover.
Jul 8 · 58
Smile no more
Nina Jul 8
" why did you stop smiling?"

"The reason behind my smiles,
Has already left,
There is nothing for me to smile again"
Jul 8 · 51
Love at first sight
Nina Jul 8
I didn't believe in love at first sight
Til the moment I met you
Jul 7 · 117
Nina Jul 7
I've been smoking a lot lately
Trying to replace the taste of your lips
By having the taste of nicotine instead
Jul 7 · 107
Smoking kills
Nina Jul 7
People say,
Smoking kills
But nothing kills me more
Than not having you at all
Jul 5 · 149
I finally knew why
Nina Jul 5
I finally knew why
His feelings for me has faded
The reason why
He wouldn't want me back
He no longer wants me

It was because
He was able to get the one he wanted
The one he has been waiting for all this while
When I thought I could replace her,
I guess I was wrong
And now I knew why
There is no more us
But only him and her.
Jul 5 · 52
Letting go
Nina Jul 5
I was holding onto you
And I didn't want to let go
But you were holding onto someone else
And I know you didnt want to let go
So I let go of my hands
So that you could be free
With the one you wish to be with
Jul 5 · 55
Special place
Nina Jul 5
I keep you safe in my heart
A special place that no one can replace
But I was a fool
To think you'd do the same for me
When you had someone else
In that special place of yours
Jul 3 · 221
Broken teenagers
Nina Jul 3
I was a broken girl
And he too was a broken boy

The only difference is
I was in love with him
But he was in love with someone else
Jul 3 · 77
Move on, let go
Nina Jul 3
No matter how hard I try to fix what we had.
It's already too late
The damage has been done
You can't fix what's broken

Feelings fade
And he doesn't want me back.
Jul 3 · 75
It's too late
Nina Jul 3
Do you miss me ?
Maybe, he said.

Do you miss us?

Do we miss what we had?

Will you give me another chance?
Jul 2 · 176
Acceptable pain
Nina Jul 2
You're a poison to my heart
That's slowly killing me
But it's a pain
I wouldn't mind having
If it means that I could be with you
Nina Jul 2
Someone asked me why I chose a job that ends late at night
And all I could say was,
It's alright.
It's not like i could sleep early lately.
So i don't mind working late at night.

What i did not mention was that
I was too busy crying every night before I head to bed
The reason why sleeping is so hard
I wouldnt want them to know
That the reason I was lacking sleep
Was because of a guy
Of a memory
Not because of work
Jul 2 · 251
We were just friends
Nina Jul 2
My friends asked me
Who is that guy?
Is he your boyfriend?
You always go out with him?

And all I can say is.
We are just friends.

Obviously it seem like a lie
But it's the sad truth
There was nothing more between us.

My workmates asked me
Do you have a boyfriend?
Who is that guy in your phone?
He's your boyfriend right?

And it pains me to say
He's just a friend

Every single time
With tears in my eyes
With the stinging pain feeling to say it out
We were just friends
Or used to be at least.
Nina Jul 1
My heart is broken,
Yet all the shattered pieces,
Love you endlessly.
Jul 1 · 111
Are you lonely?
Nina Jul 1
You said your life would be lonelier without me.
So tell me,
Are you lonely now?
Or have you replaced me with someone else
Jun 30 · 84
Sad heart
Nina Jun 30
The one who mends the heart,
Will be the same one that breaks it.
But with you in it
it's not broken,
it's just sad.
From missing you too much
Knowing that you're no longer close.
Jun 30 · 29
Nina Jun 30
I made him think I've moved on
So that he wouldn't have to worry
About me loving him anymore
Jun 29 · 124
Nina Jun 29
Its 5am
I've been drinking
And I'm drunk
I miss you
But I don't dare to call you
I'm drunk
And there's so many things I want to tell you
But I'll just drink my feelings away
Jun 28 · 40
Let him go
Nina Jun 28
If he knows you love him
But needs time to think about it
Let him go
If he's unable to let go of his ex
You shouldn't wait on him
Because regardless of what happens
You will only be a second option to him
So let him go
Before you let yourself go
Jun 26 · 43
Did you know?
Nina Jun 26
Did you know?
When you left, i lost a part of myself
Did you know,
I've been crying myself to sleep everday,
I've been regretting every moment i couldn't control my feelings,
I've been thinking about you everyday,
I've been wanting to know how you are and what you're doing
I've been losing myself a little
I've been looking at your pictures
I've been trying to let you go but its impossible
I've been trying to hate you but i only fall deeper for you.

Did you know?
A month without you
Has made me lose myself.
Jun 26 · 161
Nina Jun 26
If you didn't interact with me,
We wouldn't be friends.
If you didn't flirt with me,
I wouldn't have fallen for you.
If you didn't put your arms around me,
I wouldn't made it my comfort zone.
If you haven't cancel our plans,
I wouldn't have ended up all sad.
If i could've controlled my emotions,
I wouldn't have lost you.

But i guess maybe, if i didnt meet you at all,
I wouldn't have to know how a friendship friendzone heartbreak would feel like
Maybe love hurts rejection despondent sad heartbroken lost over
Jun 26 · 84
I told myself...
Nina Jun 26
I told myself to let go
Because i know you're happier with her

I told myself to forget you
But i can't seem to bring myself to put you in the past

I told myself to stop loving you
But despite us no longer talking,
It is you that still fills up my heart.

I told myself that I'd be happier without you,
But that was a lie.
I was happier with you around.
Jun 26 · 53
Back to you
Nina Jun 26
I tried to keep myself busy
Occupied myself with work
Went out with friends
I will always end up thinking of you.
Jun 26 · 53
Nina Jun 26
The longer I've lived without you
The colder ive become
I don't mean cold hearted
But i feel myself freezing up
Turning into cold ice
With no one to melt me warm
Jun 17 · 74
Nina Jun 17
I didn't plan on loving you,
Yet i did.
And i feel so lost without you here.
Jun 17 · 171
Nina Jun 17
I hope that one day,
you will fall for me.
because right now ,
i'm so deeply in love with you.
Jun 15 · 128
Haiku : Shine
Nina Jun 15
Like a shining star
He glowed brightly in the dark
Outshining the rest

Such a small being
Having big dreams that one day
He will shine brighter

Brighter than the moon
For he had wanted to be
The one she notices
Jun 14 · 108
One day
Nina Jun 14
One day,
I wouldn't be hurt.
One day,
I'll get over you.
One day,
I'll find somebody new.
One day,
I'll be happy.

One day..
Maybe just not today
Jun 13 · 53
Nina Jun 13
with you gone
my bed's a feels a little bigger now
my phone's really silent now
and my heart
is empty
Jun 11 · 78
Have you ever.
Nina Jun 11
Have you ever look back at old pictures,
old conversations
and just smile at it
remembering all the little details
but at the same time
you cry
at how painful it is
to be living without it

to smile while you're crying
to be happy but hurting
Jun 11 · 61
90 days
Nina Jun 11
90 Days ago,
i met a charming guy at a carnival
90 Days ago,
i didnt know i'd be attracted to a workmate
in those 90 days,
i felt so many emotions
from falling in love
to breaking down
from being jealous
to being proud
it only took me 90days
to fall in love with him
to get my heart broken
to miss his presence
it was only 90days
but it felt like ive known him for ages.
Jun 11 · 58
20 Days Since..
Nina Jun 11
It's been 20 days since we fall apart
and it has been 20days since i started to lose sleep
since i began crying every night
since ive been regretting my actions
20 days felt so long
but it felt just like yesterday
when everything went downhill
Jun 11 · 68
A second chance
Nina Jun 11
will you give me another chance?
if i asked for it.
will you let me try again
to fix all my mistakes
will you pick up my calls ?
if i were to call you late at night
will you reply to my texts
if i were to text you again?
it makes me wonder
do i have a second chance of getting you back
or is it a little too late
to fix what we had
Jun 11 · 203
Secret Letters
Nina Jun 11
i wrote you letters
that you'll never see
i've written letters
that you don't know existed
from reasons why i love you
to daily letters of how much i miss you
it's not much of a secret letter
since it was sent out to you
but i'm unsure
if you will ever see them
so i'll call them secret letters
because you are not aware of it
and maybe will never know
Jun 9 · 56
Nina Jun 9
Isn't it amazing?
How a picture
Could bring back all the memories from that moment.
Just take a look at the picture
And all the memories come rushes back
All the little details
Let alone videos,
Both stores memories on its own way
Both painful
And happy memories
Jun 9 · 197
Painful Sleep
Nina Jun 9
My eyes are tired
From all the tears
That I'd fall asleep
With watery eyes
Painfully shut close
To stop any further tears
Jun 9 · 144
Tired eyes
Nina Jun 9
Been crying a little too much, everyday
These eyes are tired
And hurting
From all the tears shed
But there's nothing i can do
To make it stop
The tears just keeps on going down
Nina Jun 9
To the boy i loved,
But never had.

You were my love at first sight.
Or maybe you weren't.
But i was attracted to you
From the moment I've met you.

I didn't know i would end up falling for you.
I wasn't expecting you to make the first move
But every memories i had with you
Were the happiest of my life
Because your presence
Have brought my life
A meaning again
So to the boy that i love
I will always love you
Even if you weren't mine to begin with
I may not have you in person
But you will always be mine
In my dreams
Jun 9 · 62
Losing you
Nina Jun 9
Losing you was painful
And i don't know what else to say
Jun 9 · 23
Nina Jun 9
I'll put your picture on my lockscreen
So that it'll be the first i see
When i wake up
When i check my phone
So that
Everytime there is a need to look at my phone
You're there
Smiling away
Nina Jun 6
You've seen my **** side
My bad past
You chose to stay
To love me
Instead of leaving me

That's what made you different from others
And that's what made me love you
Jun 4 · 33
Love like trees
Nina Jun 4
My love for you was like the tree
Trees loses their leaves eventually as time passes by in the fall
But will grow them right after
Similarly to my love for you,
Despite of all the bad times we had
And all the fights
Despite me falling out of love ,
I'd still have so much room to love again
And it'll just keep on growing stronger
Jun 2 · 86
3 a.m.
Nina Jun 2
It's 3 in the morning
And i cant seem to fall asleep
Without having you right beside me
Jun 2 · 103
Nina Jun 2
I was called egoistic
For wanting you
I was called egoistic
For putting my feelings first
But am i really egoistic?
When it's hurting me
Instead of pleasing me
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