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el Mar 20
Have you ever sat inside a bubble
Where the air feels fresher?
I want to be wrapped up
In our own atmosphere
Our own fresh air
Where the breath
You breathe
My lifeline ..
So make sure
It's minty fresh
Well. That took a weird turn. Haha.
Maybe I'll redo this later.
Abir Lover Jul 2022
During the heat
Can't feel my feet
Or even across the street
So hot to go out
My skin is melting and i'm hiding out
Luckily can't catch the sun
This is not fun
This is summer
This is no time to make a snowman or wearing an umbrella
This time is meant for the beach
Please someone take me to the beach
Someone with a truck or car
I'm too far, please someone come
so i can reach.. the beach
Cause now fresh cold water is all i need and is all i think of.
Celestial Jan 2022
My hope is high, my expectations low.
I want our feelings to grow.
To miss you when you are gone.
Then talk till dawn.

I feel ablaze,
I need your gaze.
Your eyes on me, keeping a connection.
While we think of every direction.

It points anywhere, our future.
What a beautiful picture.
Do you see it too?
Don't let it be another peggy-sue.

For me, it will never end.
Why would I give up my best friend?
All I want is to give you everything.
"I love you" everyday I'll sing.

What a day it will be.
When we promise to see.
I wipe sweat off my brow,
I'll wait for now.
A new day dawned
Sadie Grace Oct 2021
Sometimes my chest starts to hurt like a car is crushing me, choking the life out of my fragile body, and running me over and over and over again and again and again

And sometimes my hands start to shake like I’m old and can’t control my body and I can’t control it and I can’t stop and it just keeps going and going and going and going over and over and over again and again and again

And my head starts to spin and I think to myself “I’m dying” and I look around and see people talking but I can’t hear a thing and I can’t catch my breath and I can’t breathe and I gasp and I can’t breathe and I can’t catch my breath and I gasp and I think to myself “I’m dying”

And as I stand there with my chest hurting and my hands shaking and my head spinning and as I think I’m dying I start to hear over the commotion in my brain and I make out from all the noise someone saying “everything is going to be ok”

And all of a sudden I take a deep breath and as I breathe in a little bit of peace, I breathe out all of the tension and fog and mess and the repetition and the cycle of hell that my body just experienced

And I realize

Everything might be ok

And after a few moments

I can breathe again

And after a few moments, I wipe the tears from my eyes and stand up

And after a few moments

I’m ok
a poem about a panic attack
aspen wilde Apr 2021
i believe breathing in an air of love
would be the same as gasping in the
beckoning sweetness of a crimson rose on a
fresh summers day
JKirin Apr 2021
the season of snows and sorrows.
Bygone are its long frozen nights.

Spring brings
the promise of brighter morrows
and wonder to everyday sights.

I watch
as beautiful cherries blossom.
With them,
a light in my heart ignites.
watching cherry blossoms and letting go of the worries
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