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Poetic T May 3
hunger wasnt a joke
laughing eagerly fresh meat

cub roars fathers voice
Ylzm Apr 16
The familiar and well trodden
Walked over each and every day
Yet they still surprise and bewilder
Not so much that stones moved
Or grass grows blue or pigs fly
But the eyes of the soul renewed
Like a newborn child's first sight
Seeing the world fresh and anew
In every step you walked the walk.
Poetic T Apr 11
Unblemished kisses,
      woven upon her  fragrance.

I close my eyes and we connect,

                 I then pull away and giggle.

"Why are you laughing...

I can taste your toothpaste!!
           She blushes with a smile,

And we continue..
Poetic T Apr 11
Can I have some more "sir,

             how can we feed the children..

Put them in the coal mines,
                      its our new energy...

Green is dead..

I gave the logging corporations
             the go ahead to cut the lungs out,
who needs to breath fresh
          its all recycled, {redacted}
  its used and we'll sell it back to you.

Air who needs it,
   We'll sell you fresh in a unrecycled
                 with only a hint of contamination.

We made America great again,
                 even though you cant go out.

As we down played the viruses...

           All the bunkers were lately filled,

That singular cough flowing through
  the cheaply made ventilation system..

Made in the USA, more like red tape cut,
             As Americans cough to the grave...

But you died with a dollar in your hand..
                   Wait the money is what gave you

Covid 19 as it wasn't sanitised,

as money is
                   worth more than American lives..
by Michael R. Burch

Meg, my sweet,
fresh as a daisy,
when I’m with you
my heart beats like crazy
& my future gets hazy ...

Keywords/Tags: Meg, love, lover, fresh, daisy, heart, heartbeat, crazy, pounding, future, hazy, bachelorhood, engagement, marriage
Ivy Davenport Mar 30
ever get that feeling
that you don't want
anyone to decide
who they think you are...
that you want to crumple up
the page of yourself
in everyone's mind
and title yourself
A starting - a beginning
A creation fresh and new
This is called incipience
And it all begins with you

For you create the blueprint
Or the pattern in your mind
Incipient seeds of thought
Make a world that you design

Every dawn in silence holds
Wondrous incipient worlds
You decide by choice and work
Which scenes will be unfurled

Watch a tiny seed - in faith
Grow plant and flower and fruit
Wealth must start incipiently
The “Harvest Law” is absolute

So think about incipience
Plant seeds that bring you cheer
Sow only what you want in life
And your prosperity will appear
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This poem explores a word that you may not have heard before. incipience. noun. The act or process of bringing or being brought into existence: beginning, commencement, inauguration, inception, incipiency, initiation, launch, leadoff, opening, origination, start.

Incipience is very important. You can't bring something into existence without it..!
by Michael R. Burch

Now darkness ponds upon the violet hills;
cicadas sing; the tall elms gently sway;
and night bends near, a deepening shade of gray;
the bass concerto of a bullfrog fills
what silence there once was; globed searchlights play.

Green hanging ferns adorn dark window sills,
all drooping fronds, awaiting morning’s flares;
mosquitoes whine; the lissome moth again
flits like a veiled oud-dancer, and endures
the fumblings of night’s enervate gray rain.

And now the pact of night is made complete;
the air is fresh and cool, washed of the grime
of the city’s ashen breath; and, for a time,
the fragrance of her clings, obscure and sweet.

Published by Poetry Magazine, Poetic Reflections, The New Formalist, Carnelian, Little Brown Poetry, Poetic Ponderings, Poem Kingdom, Net Poetry and Art Competition, The Best of the Eclectic Muse 1989-2003, Romantics Quarterly, Sonnetto Poesia, Poetry Life & Times and Trinacria

Keywords/Tags: Sonnet, night, darkness, violet, hills, rain, fresh, cleansing, fragrance, perfume, clings, clinging, obscure, sweet, concerto, dance, dancer
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