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Poetic T Feb 6
We are more than

      What we etch in
       Collections of breath.

For even though every
     Sentence has a mortality

Every word that's repeated
           Gives it a breath of
                              New life.

Always let your vocalizations
      Be voiced to others so that
         They never expire.

But are a fresh breath
on others
lins Jan 30
my stomach can’t help but do flips
whenever you kiss my lips
my heart can’t help but expand
whenever you hold my hand

you're not what I expected
Benjamin Jan 29
Black and White is my life
In search of hue or gray
To make some kind of change.

When I see a difference
I begin the chase
To pursue the sight I like.

In the end,
I become more color blind
In a wink everything felt a while back, still so frisky.
When it was us u never respect it... now that its over U want me back and reminds me of past
lins Jan 16
this music moves me
provoking tears
waves of emotion
swallowing my heart

overwhelming me
unlike any other
letting it take me
to a new world
dedicated to the lovely band, Birdtalker
Justyn Huang Jan 11
You never know how green
A leaf may be
Until you turn it over.
Turning a new leaf
Peter Jan 5
i'm catching my breath,
harder and harder each time.
polishing every idea till every single one is perfect
crushing ice cubes, i need some water
like a plant, i need to grow
i need constant growth
who am i
if there's no getting better
i don't wanna live
in the world without a goal
it's pointless then
let me rest
new ideas came
they need my attention right now
let this one sink
in its flesh
i won't cry after it
there will be plenty to come
more creative
let this one die
let chaos take over
Dominique Jan 1
Writer's block
But sweeter
Tantrum sky
But brighter
Shaking hands
But softer
Racing heart
But lighter

But kinder
Shifting grass
But greener
Buzzing blood
But calmer
Skinny wrists
But cleaner

Warmth and hope
Like in this letter
I'll take the pain
But I will be better.
2019 will be incredible <3
Stripping away
the pretense
to expose the
***** truth.

Nothing to hide
as the warm water
flows over me.

Washing away
yesterday's mistakes
and disappointments.

Watching as regrets
disappear with the suds
down the drain.

Cleansed of the past.
Ready to start a new day.
Pauper of Prose Dec 2018
Running within youth’s river
The water cold around my ankles
Laughter loitering in the air
My friends and I
Were fond of infinity
Our swimsuits were scented in it
Endless Days
Endless Nights
Endless Homework
Yet who could see
That youth’s river led to the senile sea
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