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I don't burn bridges, I preserve those wonders of old. I let the waters rise, whilst I remain underneath its ridges and contours.

I don't burn bridges, not because that I am mature.

I don't burn bridges, because I am alone; and a bridge is a well travelled road.
Junior Feb 4
As another minute passes,
A being can feel more ignored...and ignored.  
Soon they'll Feel invisible.
disappointed. In the person they once loved.
As if “it”....They didn't matter to him.
it matters and without it
a human would not be a human.
They’d simply be nothing without it.
Just a consciousness that's hungry for attention
And a unquenchable thirst for help that you didn't give them
While they selflessly gave it to you.
Now it's too late to turn back.
Too late for a “second chance”
No sorry can fill the bottomless pit you’ve created within their once warm soul.
Any “sorry” will just make it deeper, and deeper.
Never to be seen again forming an entirely new person we've never met.
All because you made them feel so invisible they fell out of place from reality.  
Shattering their hopes and dreams.
Aspires and wants to be’s.
Crushed by one **** hand.
So, I wrote this last night, I had the idea about it for a few days because Something like this happened to me. read it carefully. and find the deeper meaning.
Skye Nov 2020
We are only
Drifting apart
Like a ribbon in the wind
Flying, falling
Lost again

Lean on my shoulder, hand in hand
Whisper in my ear; I shiver
Feel the goosebumps standing on the nape of my neck
My heartbeat pulse under your touch
The shudder of a breath
You point at the skylight, dark, empty
Then a million pinpricks of light awaken, beneath your outstretched hand

Lead me to heaven
The stars that align perfectly with our hearts
A natural trajectory
And when you smiled at me
Nothing else mattered
And I gave you my heart

Liberosis colouring everything I touch, see
Scattered across the ligneous benches like dead leaves
Inside every grain of sand, mocking
Littering the ocean floors, together with the microplastics, under the surface
Of the waves, of you
Changing like sweeping tides
Changing your mind like you were switching sides
Like you didn’t believe me

Doubt was the seed that was planted
In both of our hearts
Roots bottomless, reaching into the depths of our secrets
Pulling them apart, veins of blue, purple
Our hearts, our blood, our love-
Red, like the ruby and the oaths engraved onto the ring
That hugged your finger, tight
Too tight, leaving a mark that scarred you

Was I acting like the ring?
Loving you too hard, uncomprehending the possibility
That you would leave me in the end?

Endless nights of misery
Endless nights of crying
And shouting
And screaming
The wailing that ringed in my ears like sirens
Even after we both fell asleep
On the couch, on the bed
That suddenly felt so cold, missing your presence
Your lips bleeding, and yet you continue
To mercilessly torment them,
Mercilessly torment me.

Cruellest of all,
You were not the villain
You did not choose
To do the things you did
You did not choose
To hurt me the way you did

Now I rest here, on the swing
Once lifted by you
And I curl not against your warmth
But the coldness of the night

Underneath a carpet of darkness
Under a sombre sky
The tree of doubt towering
Infinitely over my head

I open the box you left me
Left me, before you left yourself
Unclasp the lock with trembling hands
It still faintly smells of you

Inside, everything is wrapped in velvet
Soft- wrapped in your love
I trace around the edges of metal
To find a note- your last words to me:
We were bound to fall apart, kjærlighet
We were stars, ready to face the indefinites of the universe
Too young, too heartless, too ready
And we merely wandered away from each other- that’s all
You were the centre of my universe, but now
That I am gone, don’t cry
Instead let this be a reminiscence of me
And the love we shared together

My face is wet, and I shakily inhale
The newness of the night
I peer through the lenses, and saw you, like it was the key that unravelled my memories
And for the first time, without you, I saw the stars light up the sky
One by one
Silverflame May 2020
Your northern light lures me in
it's blinding my eyes
it's so cold and so tragically beautiful
it's roaming alone on a loose highway
where no man can stay

We all see you, but not all can feel you
I am powerless and drained of self-love
but if you want to, I'll love you enough
enough for you to never feel alone
despite our distance, I'll keep you sane
and perhaps you can keep me warm

We've felt the calamity in our hearts
etching happiness away;
injecting darkness all over
but it's okay, it's all okay now
we've found each other
and we'll get through it

I do not know much, but this I know;
all this pain and suffering have not been in vain
since it led me to you, and you to me
so let's give happiness a second chance, shall we?
Byron Aug 2020
I do not wish to end my speech with a dot or a coma,
I only wish for my speech to be heard loud and clear.
I may not be able to wish for a second chance for my speech,
And still, I will hold on until the bruises are gone,
And tears are no more.

He, who wished for his words to be heard,
She, who came to his life like an angel in the sky,
They became one like day and night as a whole.
No Life, No Worries!

No to Life, yet you are still fighting.
No to Worries, yet you are unease.
You are the hero in your own story,
You are loved in every pain

I will find the answer
For my ineffable life,
I will surpass the wall
To see the beauty on the other side

My speech is about to end,
How I wish for it not to end.
But that is life in every angle,
You just have to see through it.
First Poem. I even used this at school and gave the best poem speech ever.

Y'all can follow me through socials: IG & Twitter - justbyronx
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Back to where we started
Broken homes
Broken hearts
Us against the world
Let me tackle darkest parts

Past plots reincarnated
Where we are at now
Foolish enough to believe what happened once
This place we won't allow

No matter how we strive to improve
Story is destined for tragedy
Bad behavior repeats repoitore
Stop trying to force what isn't meant to be

I think we know how this ends
Tried mending a million ways
There is no way to avoid the outcome
Yet we still cling tight to "always"

Happy ending in negative mind
Even close to reality
Disappointment forged chasms between us
Bond isn't what it used to be

As we call eachother corny names
Pain hidden behind each letter
We are back where we began our tale
Maybe this time will be better?
Maybe its harder to build from a wrecked foundation than from the ground up but it's worth the extra effort
Quills Apr 2020
If I was there
  I'd run my fingers through his hair
Tell him how much I truly care
  I'd sing to him softly
and kiss him loftily
I would talk about non-sense
and everything of importance

If I was there
I wouldn't be in such disrepair.
Zack Ripley Sep 2019
Second chances are pots of gold at the end of a rainbow.
But we treat them like a prize from a box of ******* jacks;
Cherished one minute, then the next we put it back.
Not taking things for granted is easier said than done.
But if you get a second chance, treat it like it's the only one
Michael Marro Jan 2020
Time rewritten simply means twice bitten...
pnam Jan 2020
Language: Roman-Hindi

dard hota hai ab yun dooor na jaaya kijiye
is theer ko ab is dil me hee rahne dijiye
sah na payega ab ye dil ye tho zara dekiye
kafa hain humse agar tho ek mauka aur dijiye

Translation in English

It hurts now don't stay away
Let this cupids arrow in my heart stay
This heart will not bear can't you see
If you are displeased, another chance I plea
Dated 1992
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