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Nina 1d
I didn't plan on loving you,
Yet i did.
And i feel so lost without you here.
Nina 1d
I hope that one day,
you will fall for me.
because right now ,
i'm so deeply in love with you.
Nina 3d
Like a shining star
He glowed brightly in the dark
Outshining the rest

Such a small being
Having big dreams that one day
He will shine brighter

Brighter than the moon
For he had wanted to be
The one she notices
Nina 5d
One day,
I wouldn't be hurt.
One day,
I'll get over you.
One day,
I'll find somebody new.
One day,
I'll be happy.

One day..
Maybe just not today
Nina 5d
with you gone
my bed's a feels a little bigger now
my phone's really silent now
and my heart
is empty
Nina 7d
Have you ever look back at old pictures,
old conversations
and just smile at it
remembering all the little details
but at the same time
you cry
at how painful it is
to be living without it

to smile while you're crying
to be happy but hurting
Nina 7d
90 Days ago,
i met a charming guy at a carnival
90 Days ago,
i didnt know i'd be attracted to a workmate
in those 90 days,
i felt so many emotions
from falling in love
to breaking down
from being jealous
to being proud
it only took me 90days
to fall in love with him
to get my heart broken
to miss his presence
it was only 90days
but it felt like ive known him for ages.
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