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Nina 1d
You wonder
Where you stand in his life
You wonder what he wants

Baby girl
You think he wants to love you
But don't be foolish
For all he want
Is to *******

Look at you
You're irresistible

You think he wants you for you
But he clearly just wants to use you

It's quarantine
Everyone is insane from the lack of ***

You were naive to think he wanted you
He doesn't even care about you
He pretend to
Just so he could get in your pants

Just remember
No guy in this world will want you
All of them just wants to *******
Nina 1d
Can't stop thinking about him
Can't stop thinking of his ****

Do i really want him?
Or just his ****.
Nina 2d
He got his hands in his pants
obsessing about her
fantasizing her touching him

who wouldn't ?
she had a body of a goddess
tattooed brown skin
curvy body
with and average sized assets

he wanted to her
solely for ***
but he's no different from the rest
the queue of guys
lining up
with their hands in their pants
trying their best
to get their **** in her
Nina 2d
i'll write a book
about my life with you
the things i loved
from A to Z
i'll write about you
about the time
you lit my life up
the times
you gave me butterflies
and at the end of the book
i'll write about the time
you broke my heart
turned me into an author
Nina 2d
He was a sad man
rarely smiles
always frowning

but he is a man filled with wisdom

he sings to you literature
and paints you with his touch

he may seem like a dull man
but his soul is brighter than anything i've seen

this man
is the missing poet in my life
a work of art
i'm dying to write about
Nina 2d
I dream of you
Everytime i close my eyes
In a world where i can control
The story
Of you and me
A love
That could never be found
In reality

In my dreams
Is where i could fantasise
About you
Nina 2d
Why wasn't i good enough for anyone?
I did my best
I tried my best
But it wasn't enough to make him stay

Which of my flaws was the trigger?

Was it because I'm not pretty enough?
Because of my weird high-pitched voice?
My short height?
My scars and cellulites?
Could it be my tattoos were too scary for him

Maybe it wasn't a physical flaw.

Was it because of my obsession of him?
My undying love and affections ?
Perhaps because i overthink too much
Or maybe because of how depressed i could be

Maybe everything about me is flawed.
Maybe in his eyes,
I'm not worthy enough
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