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Nina May 2021
I fantasise
About you and i

Because that's the only way
I can dream happy
The only way
I wont get hurt
Nina May 2021

Im just a fling
Someone you toss around
Someone you use to fill you up

That's all i ever be
A toy to you

I'm merely a person
Nina Oct 2020
You would text me
Out of the blue
Saying you miss me

But i know you don't
You don't miss spending time with me
You don't miss having me around

What you miss is my body
You miss the *** we had
You miss the way i made you feel

So don't text me saying you miss me
Because you don't miss me at all

You only miss the lust we had
Nina Oct 2020
Long distance isn't meant for everyone
But i always believed that long distance relationship is the most genuine type.
If you can love someone and be loyal to them despite the distance,
Nothing can tear you apart


I met you
You made it seem that you were the one
And so i gave it a shot
I waited for you
I trusted you
I was there for you

We never called
You were too busy with work
Time difference was hard
But i always stayed awake for you
And yet
I was never enough

I tried and i tried
Even though i barely knew you,
The times i stayed
Made me love you even more

I never met you
But i was in love with you

You made me believe that distance is nothing
And yet you didnt believe in me
Nina Oct 2020
You will break me
Again and again
And i will come back running to you
Loving you
With all my broken pieces
Nina Oct 2020
The heart aches

The heart sinks

Whatever you do

No matter how you try to protect yourself

The heart will always get hurt

It is a heavy burden
You can never run away from
Nina Oct 2020
You told me to give you time
Because the past girls in your life changed you
I understand
You have trust issues

So i waited
Willingly i waited
I even told you
I'll wait til you're ready

But i realised that i was waiting for nothing
Because you did nothing

You told me to wait for you
But you never once bothered to try

I waited for you to open the doors of your heart
I waited during the bad days
The heavy rain
The cold nights
You never let me in once
Nor be there with me

So i guess i can never make you trust me
Despite how loyal i was even when we are thousands of miles away
I waited for you
But you never cared

I was the fool that thinking making i could make you trust
Make you open the door

But I couldn't
You never wanted me
I wasted my time
And yet
Here i am
Still waiting
Even though you're long gone
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