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AestheticAbi Jul 2020
stop I begged
I'm only twelve
I constantly said

Leave me alone
please I'm not the one
you want to hold

I guess I asked for it
even after I said
I didn't like it one bit

I guess what I didn't know
was everything meant yes
especially when I begged no

He touched me in places
and gave the
most horrid faces

he even wanted me to call him daddy
but the worst part of it all
is I couldn't bear to tell my mommy

so I'm sorry I posted pictures of myself
I just didn't know hed text me saying
hed think of me when touching himself

I didn't know a bikini
would hurt me so much
especially because I'm not skinny

like the other girls he said
I'm far from them
as he laid me down in his bed
Jay Oct 2019
I begged you to love me,
I got on my knees the first night.
I begged you to love me,
I drank for you.
I begged you to love me,
I lied for you.
I begged you to love me,
I gave you whatever you wanted when you asked.
I begged you to love me,
I walked large distances to see you.
I begged you to love me,
I changed myself for you.
I begged you to love me,
I broke promises for you.
I begged you to love me,
And you never did.
Nina Aug 2019
She was aware
That he wasn't here for long
A couple of months in her country  for work
And Just looking for someone to have fun with

She knew that from the beginning
But she was hoping he'd stay a little longer
She had already fallen for him
Too deep
To even say goodbye
She didn't mind the thought of him going back
As long as she knew she'd have him in her heart
So she begged
Deep inside her heart
For him to be hers
For him to fall for her
And only her
Hoping that one day,
He'll come back
And ask for her hand

He was just a tourist
That she fell for
And hoped to be his someday
So she begged
Hoping that he will fall in love with her
Just like how she fell for him
abecedarian Sep 2017
he said/begged,
make love to me just like a woman!

kiss me toe to head, linger on my neck,
trace my waist, begin at my lips, pause at my hips,
quibbles intersperse, quips and licks on eyelids,
nibble me, near me, close and closer yet
unto the glorious victorious near death experience...

whisper me sweet everythings
before during after and over again,
when you must pause to exhale, blow all their warmth
upon thy fingers and bring that warmth inside

me with tongue and eyes,
take me slow then again,
even slower, for thy pleasure,
than execute summary judgement upon me

falsely accept, then deny, deny, deny
my every appeal to
oh my god
for anyone's mercy!

adjudge me then guilty yet again,
and to the tower take me
to drown in mine own lashing lamentations,
thy incontrovertible evidence,
mine own uncensored revelations
execute me twice,
slowly, goodly with lengthy and lovely measures

she said,  and so I shall, eventually,
do what you beseech, what you most excellently seek

but you may recall, somewhat earlier, I called out
so you must start my dear by following
all the precise driving instructions you just stated,
and bring your GPS^, and, oh yes,
I'm waiting...

too wit and sod this!
he gruffingly huffingly, hurrumphingly, replied,
all hell and damnation,
treat me like a woman just once pity-please!"

can't can't can't -
she be-witchingly cackled!

then sang to me the lyrical words of a
Nobel Prize winner!

You fake just like a woman
Yes you do, you make love like a woman
Yes you do, and then you ache just like a woman
But you break just like a little boy
^GPS is a permanently attached male guidance system.
The P does nots stand for Positioning.
Dipendu Das Mar 2018
Weeping his cheeks he goes from man to man.
With his heart covered with desire to get some grain.
Still no mercy, still no gain.
He gets nothing but a sorrowful pain.
Walking on footpath,
Suddenly his eyes fall on the garbage pail.
He discovered the left of people's food thrown on the pail.
He tried to took out the food to eat.
But dogs were too rushed into it.
As they were too hungry indeed.
He had no chance to get some food to eat.
He questioned his fortune, ‘Does he doesn't have right to live ?’
With the pretty pain,
He just forgot to live again.
Hunger and Beggary is the problem of all times and ages... Universal appeal to hunger...
Enola Cabrera Jun 2016
When you walked out the door
I fell to my knees entreating
Baby, please!
I begged for you to come back
And did everything I could to have you
But having you came with a price
My dignity
Syn Feb 2016
Come by sometime
Its not the same without you
I miss your pretty eyes
That hide the truth about you

I've gotta say
You were pretty neat
Forgive me someday?
For being me?

I'm sorry that you got too close
I never meant to let you
Your burns will heal in time, I hope
I guess that's how they get you

I begged you not to fall for me
I warned you when you met me
I realize that I've broken you
I begged you not to let me

I saw between your pretty lies
I dug and found your demons
I hope someday you'll understand
I brought them out with reason

Face them, that was all I asked
I stood to fight beside you
You hate me now, you told me last
But your demons are behind you
celey Jul 2015
"at least let me know why you left," he begged.

but i couldn't possibly tell him i couldn't hear bells
and that
i heard it only with someone else..

— The End —