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Fool Jun 3
Angel, you’ve got me crawlin’, beggin’.
Throw me your crumbs, I’m a dog at your feet.
And I’ll howl when you leave, that sweet song o’ lone.

And she doesn’t know it.
She doesn’t know it.

But when you talk, I listen for the lick o’ your lips, the pause when you swallow.
And it’s so good, baby; the wait to know you, the wait to show you, the marks I’d love to leave you.
I’ll sit n’ wait. Sit n’ wait.
Sit, lie down, roll over.
When you walked away, you pulled my chain too.
When you walk away, you pull my heart with you.

Woof, baby. I’m nothin’ but the dog at your doorstep.
Drenched and hungry. Say somethin’ for me.
N’ my ears’ll perk up, and you’ll see my tail wag.
This dog’s got tooth, but honey, his heart’s trained for you.

You’ve got me crawlin’.
And when you leave, I’ll howl to you, that sweet song o’ lone.
Because she doesn’t know it, but she’s got me with hearts in my eyes,
and tongue lolling out my mouth.
All I am’s just dog, beggin’,

and I’d never known that trick before you.

Akira Mar 27
My kind of addiction is playing Mobile Games,
you said "quit that and play me",
so I quit.
One day as I enter your house,
you're playing fire with someone else.
That hits me so hard and
the first thing that I do is play games
and **** the villains who strike me.

Your now sorry for what you've done.
Your begging now for me to stay.
Few days later,
You did the same mistake again.

Now, I just realized something worth it
I'm going to quit my addiction,
which is
Maddie Rea Mar 24
Here I am on my knees again
Whispering for you not to leave
Please just love me
Why is it always a dream
****** it’s time to wake up
Is this wonderlust
I will always fly the wrong way

Ocean blue and your golden sunrise
Seas of green always haunting my memories
This will definitely break me

Emotions always controlling me
Allowing them to tear apart my insides
Past mistakes always following me

I wish someone would please just **** me
Set me free from life’s luxuries

Please don’t leave me asking to dream
My knees are weak my stomach tight
I cant afford to lose this fight
But tonight I will be promised heartbreak
You’re not wrong this is gonna be a hard bite
*To bad this pain won’t bury me*
Emma Jan 20
How do I stop?
By stopping?
That’s nonsense.
What if you didn’t want me back?
What if I left and never saw you again?
That’s the definition of stopping?
**** that.
You should stop.
Stop hurting me.
Can’t you just be mine?
For a little while.
I swear, not long.
I love you,
In selfishness and desperation.
But still.
Grace Jan 6
Pale mist echoes silently
So still...
It’s this us?
Because we're nothing
Can the air decay?
Because I want us to die
Us to
vanish during the night.  
Can the air please decay?
and make my infatuation rot and let the black flies fly around me
A least it would make something real
Which is the thing I desire the most.  
Me begging on my fragile knees
Please make the air decay
Because living in this world of wonder is causing too much pain to bare.  

-We were never a thing (we never had a chance because I killed us by having no confession and you killed me by not noticing my loving gaze)
Steven Bowman Aug 2018
Once there was a teenager,
She wanted nobody’s hate.
So she began doing prayer,
She wanted God to relate.

She’s softly praying to God,
Thanking him night and day.
My Lord, couldn’t she begot?
Never overlooking all betray.

God, can’t you please help me?
Praying for his answer returns.
Lord, can’t you hear any plead?
As he never looked overturned.

Just as she began to bow and pray,
She never wanted forever begged.
God shall be an answer, she’d say,
Heaven’s angels sang what is said.
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