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louissem Apr 28
Before you leave me,
could you tell me you love me
‘Coz I need it now
I’m inured to hidden love
Please assure my anxious heart
Carolina Mar 27
Lay me down,
leave me until I rot.
Go check the stained bed
and remove the corpse.

In a hole of fire throw it in,
let flames purify what once was me.
alexa Mar 24
last night i begged and pleaded with you for hours,

tried telling you that i deserved to bloom like a flower.

i’ve never asked you to save me,

but now i’m asking you nicely.

please, let me be happy,

and please, i beg of you, let it be for me.

im tired of being superficially happy. or it being temporary. what did i do wrong? why can i not get this one thing?
at the end of this day
I would stop begging
for your time and attention.
Maybe, just maybe.
Whatever it takes
I'll do anything
Don't do this
Don't leave
I can change
You're everything to me
Anything you want
What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to say?
Name it!

You're worthless!
You're nothing to me!
You make me sick!
You're disgusting!
How do you live with yourself???
Don't ever come back!

*Door Bangs Shut
Leaving is never easy but when it's time. Go.
Clara Cipriano Dec 2019
let me kiss those scars
that are scattered across your arms,
and your legs,
after all those years
you've been hurting.

Let me caress your wounds
and all those swollen parts
that your abusive relationships
left you with.

let me take care of those bruised knees
and chase away all the pain
with my soft touch.

Let me hold your hands
covered with skin
that began to crack
from all the cold
they've been exposed to.

just let me heal you,
because I've never had
and I never will
lay my eyes on something
as beautiful
as you.
For the love of my life
Nina Dec 2019
I was told
Numerous time
To never beg for love
To never give out love so easily
But it's so hard
When all i can do is love others
But never myself
So i kept begging
Begging for someone
To love me back
Even though
I know
I'm so much more than a beggar
sushii Nov 2019

Staring down at you
It never mattered
What does it do?
You never mattered

You don’t have a future
Maybe you should give up now
You should be more like her
Well, it’s too late right now

Buried in roses
I’d vanish happily
For once, I know this
The actions I do are all I am, sadly

I wish to wither
I wish to splinter
I wish to fade with the winter

Please, just look at me kindly

for once.
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