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Speak my name
And I shall materialize
Casting dark shadows
To blind your eyes
And bind you
To misfortuned destiny
Speak my name
And prepare to see
That bad luck has a dearly cost
But comes to you for free
Jay M Dec 2019
So over
All this bad luck
Stuck on repeat
Misfortune is a clumsy duck
Falling, tripping over it's own two feet

Told I'm strong
Told it'll all be okay
But if I were strong
Why must this pain be so long?
Remaining, oh to stay,
Promises, promises,
Too many vows
But each one I shall keep
To stay stronger than stone
On a stage, deep bows,
Miles to go before I sleep
Shivering to the bone
But I am not alone

Awaiting are those who care
Those who dare
To share
Their time with me

Set me free
Running wild
Earth crunching beneath my feet
Nearby, the buzzing of a bee
My, feeling free like a child
Let me run wild
Heart tender and mild
Easily broken
Yet on display
Given a token
A part in the song, you shall play

Sing me a song
Play the melody
Now, it won't be long
"Just one more.", I plea
Another note
Of the song you wrote
Written across the pages
Destined to be on stages

Hold me
When I ask you to leave
For I am testing you
Please, hold me,
When I ask you let me be
For times, I grieve,
But please, do not leave

Seated on my own
Reaching out for you
Take my hand
Make your presence known
I need you
To hold me in the dark
To guide me, be my light
Hold me, darling please,
When the light fades,
Tell me you'll be there with me
Help me be the person I'm supposed to be

There's sometimes when I don't wanna wake up
Don't let me go, don't let me go,
I need backup
To let my colors show, let my colors show

I don't know what will become of me
Help me through the dark
Only you hold the key
Heal every mark
When the light fades
And it's just you and me
Breath in sync
Heartbeat for heartbeat
When the hope begins to fail, sinking deeper,
Somehow I feel your heat
Your light burning in the dark
Saving me, oh you save me,
My hero, my angel
My archangel

- Jay M
December 30th, 2019
I know I've been silent for a while, but I promise I'm doing alright. Things have been...a little hectic lately, but I'm back now. I hope you enjoyed my piece.


I listened to this song while writing the second half of this poem, and I can't stop listening to it now. The pianist who did this mashup is amazing, and I'm thankful for this creation.


I might make this poem into a song and add instruments, but I'm not sure yet. If I do end up doing that, I'll edit this and add a link to it.


This poem is for my love, Adam. My light in the dark, my archangel. Hope you like it love.
Anthony Pierre Nov 2019
There are two voodoo dolls
In my room
But I'm unsure
How they got here

Many a night
Beckoned to leave
These crazy dolls
Just stare

I'm paralyzed with fear
And a broken leg
Trapped and unable to leave
my horrid doom

It keeps getting worse
Inscriptions on the wall
And lighted candles
Surround me

The silence; the screams
of these voodoo dolls
They echo
Even in my dreams

There are two voodoo dolls
Right here in my room
Great trepidation; great horror
All in front a mirror
Risa Njoroge Sep 2019
Crack! Crack!
We must have such bad luck,

It must have been Jack,
Who broke my heart first,
Followed by Hank,
And Frank with the red Merc,

**** luck,
I know I don’t want jack,
From the hank that drives the Merc,
Pieces of my broke heart,
All over this tarmac,

Bad luck,
Dial 911....
Ambulance red, paramedics say I may be dead,
Head not in the right mindset,
Heart beat.....bleeeep! Bleeeeep!
This heart no longer has a beat!
chloe Mar 2019
My grandma always told me that bad stuff comes in threes
It has always stuck with me and know I except more difficult things
I never realized how sad it was until I got older
It never seemed to fail me
When she passed, I failed 5th grade, and my cat died.
When I ran away, my boyfriend broke up with me, and I lost a house.
When my uncle died, I had to see my dad, and my mom had financial issues.
Life is a cruel game and you can never beat it
My grandmother was a sassy old women and I was thinking about the sayings she would say and this one just stuck
Julie Apr 2017
you don't want me like i want you
you never do

he has no ******* clue
this is a one sided kind of affection

that cologne and cigarette smell fires my intentions
my heart can't take this rejection
it needs protection
been trying to escape these feelings but ****
we have such an intense connection

you have no idea how badly i just wanna grab you
look you in your eyes

into your ******* soul and spill it
into your heart, i'll fill it
with all this emotion that's been tearing me apart
lately it's been setting me afire
burning my insides, i'm spilling my guts here
this is exactly what i fear

i fear unrequited love
that feeling of missing someone so ******* much

it hurts my heart
feels like it's bleeding
but i'm proceeding
while you sit back and smile without me
don't give a **** about me

can't take this defeat

i'm tired of my love life being stuck on repeat
this is so bad **** i wrote this half asleep and the ending was kinda rushed. i'll probably edit it some other time
Mane Omsy Sep 2016
My knees, ankles bruised
By the stones they threw
Running for a better world
Can't even see a thing clearly
Coz my head is spinning
Fainted by the words they used
My eyes are bleeding with tears
This road would never end
My life would melt like ice
On a sunny day, half naked
You'll never find good things happening in your life except when you have people who care about you. So, better be strong or run for a change....
Guen Sy May 2016
the only bad luck im having
is the **** im not getting
I wrote this last friday the 13tg
Jordan LC Murphy Apr 2016
No help from my mother a suicidal bi-polar,
Asthma attacks ment no help from dad,
Upped and he left without packing a bag,
So Im caught in a bother a ******* by nature,
No gran dad or nans to help me to cater,
My uncle is a drunken fool,
Ambitionless, penniless and idol,
You wonder why I'm angry?
Inward and resentful?
No help from my family!
For all of their sins,
And that REALLY is helpful,
Sort of like...
"Whispers in the wind"
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