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Lynn Scott Mar 12
I have seen women cry all day long
When their pregnancy went all wrong
I have seen men weep and mourn
For their children who'd never be born

I have seen the longing in their eyes
The couples whose children have died
The ache and pain in their shattered souls
Each miscarriage taking its tole

So how can a human who is so blessed
Throw it away without a second guess
Call it convenience and "financial burden"
"Or not a human with no skin or organs"

The countless murders of innocent little babies
For the so called rights of these many "ladies"
How can you remotely demand for a choice
When you don't even give the children a voice
Kate Mar 9
The moonlight filters through curtains and
fills the bedroom of the stolen woman,
casting shadows against the walls
around where she lies in fitful sleeplessness.

There is a feeling in her chest, a strange, unfamiliar tightness
along her collarbone that seemed to spread
as she recalled the day that she did away with the life in her ****.
It was so cold, in that bleach white room.
The sterility of the cell, ******* the virility from within her
It hurt too, like she was being ripped apart
The sensation lingered long after the procedure.

She is exhausted. Nobody told her that pain
would be so draining.
There is nothing left in her to keep moving.
Yet even the sanctuary of a dreamless sleep evades her.
So she tosses and turns, sheets tangled around her legs
as she tries in vain to find comfort in her own bed.
Her heart aches.
This room used to be such a warm, safe place.
Solitude comforted her, as the best company in the world was her own.
Now that her most intimate relationship--
the one she had once had with herself--
has been violated,
that serenity is gone
leaving only a raw, throbbing pain in its place.

He had taken her own autonomy away from her,
but he had also stolen something almost as precious:
her time.
Three minutes of his time in exchange
for countless hours of her own,
hours that belonged rightfully to her
now belonging to him too, as he monopolized
her every waking and sleeping thought.

Now, here, in this place of bitterness
and sorrow, she felt her mind begin to fade.
A person can only grieve for so many hours in a day.
As the stabbing in her gut subsided to a dull ache
she let her eyes soften into the strain of the night,
her consciousness melting away into the shadowy morning.

The birds would not be awake for another few hours.
The sun remained tucked solemnly down
in the folds of the mountainous horizon.
Exhaustion overtook sorrow, and she reached out
into the inky blackness, turning over the digital clock
that screamed at her the morning hour.
As quickly as the red lights disappeared, so did she
And thus concluded the mourning hour.
Another look at "Three in the Morning"
“Will you love the glimmer of dew that shines from the point of my shovel as I bury your body in the forest on the mainland?”
He says as he demands that I terminate the only thing I know I’ve ever loved
-forced abortion
Catalina Ruby Feb 14
Dear Dad;
I hope you get to read this one day,
For it is filled with things I’ve always wanted to ask or say,
I’ll start with the questions first,
Since what I want to say may be far worst,
Why was abortion the first thing you asked of my mother when you heard about me?
Was I such a disgrace to you? I wonder if when you found out she didn’t **** me if it made your heart ache or your eyes bleed,
Why did you deny me a father? Was it because you just didn’t want me from the start?
Would your life be better if my mom had acted from you said the command ABORT?
Why did you deny me as your child when your wife asked?
Was I such an embarrassment to you? Was accepting me such a hard task?
Why couldn’t you just be my father? Why couldn’t you just accept me?
I tried contacting you but you just abandoned me, I guess it just wasn’t mean to be,
All these questions and more keep hurting me, they parade in my mind,
The abandonment and the denial among other things pushed me to suicide,
These are the things I’ve always wanted to say,
I hope you understand and not take them the wrong way,
I hope you get all you want in life,
I hope you live to see me become a wife,
I hope you don’t come to me when I blossom into the woman you almost robbed me of becoming,
If God forbid and you start suffering I hope to me you don’t come running,
I hope you live to regret the way you treated me,
I hope a day will come when you’ll wish you accepted me from I was just a mere seed,
I wish that a day will come where you’ll feel the pain I felt when you decided to leave me on that plantation,
I pray to God you don’t recognize me when I get my masters; for if it was up to you I wouldn’t have gotten an education,
Most of all I want to say thank you,
Thank you for being the first man to break my heart, my mind, and trust; because of you I found it hard to believe things even when they were true,
I have one regret, I regret crying over you, someone who didn’t want me,
But now I am strong, over you I no longer bleed,
Goodbye father, I wish you well,
But in the sadness caused by you, I will no longer dwell.
This is to my father, who never wanted me.
esridersi Feb 1
“A child’s a child.”
Why should that sound wild?
When whispered or breathed, however so mild,
outrage and scandal will fester and pile:
“How dare you defile our sanguine bled rights?”
“How should you limp men uprouse our plight?”
Should that be right; our beliefs so deviled,
then how should we men know
which Truths are in style?
All life has a first,
An enumerated past.
All life meets its end; the immutable Last.
But as life should start,
Unwoken; uncompiled
Why sully its splendor,
Why act so impious?
No matter the label:
A child. A fetus.  
To stop what did start is “choice” by eugenics.
A Cide for the mysteries that never will be
Like dismembered roses
with unblossomed smiles
The unheeded Unchilded.
The countless Unrosed.
just an opinion, rather comments on the poetic components than an insoluble social issue. :3
Laiyn Davis Jan 30
Don’t wanna waste my life, writing all these love songs….
Refuse to be wasting away, scattered on this page,
Like a salesman the thoughts of you won't go away,  
So I’m stuck thinking about you, night and day.
Then you softly put hand to my heart,
And i fall apart.

Catchy tune, that you’ll fall in love with,
You must be a goddess, of legend and myth…
Because you pierce my eyes, and see into my soul,
And recognize just like a knife I’m dull.
How long has it been since i was sharpened by your love?
But, at least you’ll have me, thank God above….
I really hope you like this part, cause it’s gonna repeat a few times!

Starts writing, from the heart.
Scary reality, nowhere to restart.
If you mess up now, it’s over and done.
But God will still claim you, as his son.
And it's time to make headlines, and big budgets.
The boy forgets about the girl, who doesn't?
The boy sings about being a big rock-star,
Whereas the girl can barely afford to pay the down payment on her car….
It’s all downhill from here.(Oh, it's all downhill from here.)

So, it's almost twenty years later,
The boy never went to college, girl studied the theater.
Now both on even playing field,
Success is by far the easiest shield.  
And they meet back up at a high school reunion.
Old sparks fly, brand new tux and gown? Ruined.
Is this love? No, it’s called Teenage Spirit.
They take a break, boy needs a minute.
Girl starts to remember the abortion pill.
And it all goes downhill. (Oh, it goes downhill)
Catchy tune, that you’ll fall in love with,
You must be a goddess, of legend and myth…
Because you pierce my eyes, and see into my soul,
And recognize just like a knife I’m dull.
How long has it been since i was sharpened by your love?
But, at least you’ll have me, thank God above….

Girl begins to cry, alone, in the dark,
Her tears become steadily angrier, gonna go berserk.
Starts remembering every finite detail of that horrid day,
Where Boy drugged and ***** her, and then told her it would be okay.
Because love is forever right? And they love each other right?
This Boy didn’t know love, he just wanted to satisfy his needs at night.
And that's all it takes for the cycle to begin,
A girl, alone in a room, without any friends.
And that's when our story begins.

Boy just wanted to feel, all the power in the world.
Dad beat him so hard, his mother’s toes curled.
And a vicious cycle continues,  from Dad, Boy, to Girl.
And Girl had a real shot in life, if only she gave it a whirl.
Life is so difficult now, and she’ll always remember.  
What happened, all the way back that September.

Catchy tune, that you’ll fall in love with,
You must be a goddess, of legend and myth…
Because you pierce my eyes, and see into my soul,
And recognize just like a knife I’m dull.
How long has it been since i was sharpened by your love?
But, at least you’ll have me, thank God above….
And we shall never again, truly feel loved.
kiran goswami Jan 14
Mom told me about the abortion,
Well, it's good that you're home again, little angel.

                          A lonely brother
Poetress2 Jan 12
"Goodbye John or Amy,
though I know you can't hear;"
"But I really can Mommy,
with my tiny ears."
"I think this is better,
this thing I must do;"
"Better for me,
or easier on you?"
"I don't think you'll feel it,
'cause you're not alive;"
"If you believe that,
you're living a lie."
"Here comes the Doctor,
this shouldn't take long;"
"Don't let them **** me,
I've done nothing wrong."
"Are you positive Doctor,
it won't feel a thing;"
"The pain is intense,
from that ******* machine."
"Is it almost over,
I've somewhere to go;"
"It pulled off my leg,
and it went up that hole."
"I hope you know,
it's for the best;
"You got your wish,
it's crushing my chest."
"Thank God it's over,
my life can go on;"
There was now, no child,
no voice to respond.
Crystal Freda Jan 12
You could have felt every finger
and every little toe,
but this never happened
so we'll never know.

You could have felt my every move
when I was inside,
but my chance to be
in this world was denied.

You could have held me in your arms
and tickled my tiny feet.
That never happened,
we never got to meet.

We could have twirled
our hands into one,
but we will never know
for I was never to come.

We could have had a life
learning together,
but we will never know.
I am lost forever.
Amoy Feb 2018
By Amoy

Breathe…Breathe…heart beat, life!
Inhale, inhale. I saw your chest rise,
Exhale… exhale… no!  no! No! No! No!
Weeping, weeping, wailing sounds
Beep.... beep.... beep.... Beep..
Sorrow, grief, pain, grief, sorrow pain
Tears I can’t control, I’m in… I’m out.
The sorrow is deep in my soul
Soul, spirit, tears, dust
Why must this be us?
Soul, spirit, tears, dust, how can this be us?
Must… must… I must see her first
Silence, pain, silence, pain
I watched my baby get carried
I saw, I saw, I can still hear
I want, I want, I need her near
Good-bye little bird, your chirp is dear
Look to the heavens and have no fear
We shall, we shall, meet again, the time is near
Goodbye goodbye my dear!
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