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Bea Rae Feb 8
My words weren't abusive

When I said them in that tone

He stated to me
starry night Dec 2022
I'm going crazy because of you
I want you so bad that it hurts
I want all of you for my self only
You makes every love song i heard is about you
and so are the heartbreak ones
The fact that we live different kind of life Slowly crushing my heart into pieces
Can it just be you? Can it just be me?
Can it just be Us?
GRAVE27 Oct 2020
One by one
The leaves fall
People die
Nice and slow

Picture perfect
Friends of mine
Down by the lake
Next to the shrine

Hands are tied
Can't do nothing
We'll all die
Scary things

She's perfect
Why don't I?
Take it back
I'm not lying

Dying mind
Loving soul
Dream of mine
I was more

I don't mean to say that
I like you
To see and hear only perfection in them.
To lose all sense of time.
You see them and instantly are happy.
When you talk to them it makes you never want it to end.
And to look at them and think, "I love him or her so much, id do anything for them."
My friends... This is what it's like to fall in love.
Von Sep 2020
I don't know why I'm so afraid to fall
When he is down there
Ready to catch me with open arms
KHUSHI Jun 2020
She was sitting in Front
of a table  Filled with ,
crumbled papers….
There was a paper
with the heading ,
“in heaven” written
on top of it….
She was thinking what
It feels like to be in heaven,
How will it fell? ..
Her mind was filled in these
Kind of questions ,
She had heard people
Saying heaven was bright ,
Wonderful , full of light …
But she wants to know
How will it feel when
She Is in heaven,,,
She was thinking deeply
With her eyes closed..
She didn’t realize a pair
Of arms wrapped around
Her from behind she was
Feeling safe , secure ,
Full of life , in his ,
embrace in his arms ...
She was feeling like
She was in heaven…
Suddenly she open her
Eyes and now she knows …
how heavens feel like
She cut the heading
“in heaven” and write
“heaven in your arms”…
eli Mar 2020
it takes numerous efforts
to fall in love

but it takes one dreadful lie
to mess the whole thing up
you won't dreadfully lie to someone you truly love.
Von Dec 2019
There's a ringing bell somewhere
Everything is strangely sparkling
Unfamiliar words floating around
The cold breeze is somehow feels nice

Is this what a love can do?
ETTU Dec 2019
what if there's a place out there somewhere, where i can lay my head on your chest and we would be smiling happily while watching the sun sets
or where we can dance our heart out in your living room, with that corny playlist of yours 'til we out of breath
or a place where we can stroll around the town at midnight, walking side by side while our hands interlock

what if there's a place out there somewhere for us to fall in love?
what is the universe fight for us to be together?
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