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May 2021 · 251
Nina May 2021
I fantasise
About you and i

Because that's the only way
I can dream happy
The only way
I wont get hurt
May 2021 · 1.9k
Just a fling
Nina May 2021

Im just a fling
Someone you toss around
Someone you use to fill you up

That's all i ever be
A toy to you

I'm merely a person
Oct 2020 · 355
You don't miss me
Nina Oct 2020
You would text me
Out of the blue
Saying you miss me

But i know you don't
You don't miss spending time with me
You don't miss having me around

What you miss is my body
You miss the *** we had
You miss the way i made you feel

So don't text me saying you miss me
Because you don't miss me at all

You only miss the lust we had
Nina Oct 2020
Long distance isn't meant for everyone
But i always believed that long distance relationship is the most genuine type.
If you can love someone and be loyal to them despite the distance,
Nothing can tear you apart


I met you
You made it seem that you were the one
And so i gave it a shot
I waited for you
I trusted you
I was there for you

We never called
You were too busy with work
Time difference was hard
But i always stayed awake for you
And yet
I was never enough

I tried and i tried
Even though i barely knew you,
The times i stayed
Made me love you even more

I never met you
But i was in love with you

You made me believe that distance is nothing
And yet you didnt believe in me
Oct 2020 · 254
With all my pieces..
Nina Oct 2020
You will break me
Again and again
And i will come back running to you
Loving you
With all my broken pieces
Oct 2020 · 219
The heart is a heavy Burden
Nina Oct 2020
The heart aches

The heart sinks

Whatever you do

No matter how you try to protect yourself

The heart will always get hurt

It is a heavy burden
You can never run away from
Oct 2020 · 360
I waited but you never came
Nina Oct 2020
You told me to give you time
Because the past girls in your life changed you
I understand
You have trust issues

So i waited
Willingly i waited
I even told you
I'll wait til you're ready

But i realised that i was waiting for nothing
Because you did nothing

You told me to wait for you
But you never once bothered to try

I waited for you to open the doors of your heart
I waited during the bad days
The heavy rain
The cold nights
You never let me in once
Nor be there with me

So i guess i can never make you trust me
Despite how loyal i was even when we are thousands of miles away
I waited for you
But you never cared

I was the fool that thinking making i could make you trust
Make you open the door

But I couldn't
You never wanted me
I wasted my time
And yet
Here i am
Still waiting
Even though you're long gone
Oct 2020 · 169
I am a mess
Nina Oct 2020
I am a mess
I find happiness
In self pain
I find comfort
In heart breaks

It hurts to feel the pain
And yet
I am completely okay with it

I am a mess
I feel empty
And incompletely
Without the need
Of getting hurt
Oct 2020 · 581
Nina Oct 2020
They had the same name
And had similar facials

What are the odds
When theres 7 billion people on earth

Perhaps it was just coincidence

But he behaved the same
The same way like you did
Perhaps he's your doppelgänger

Perhaps he is the one that is meant for me
What does it mean?
When i meet someone
With the same name as you
That looks like you
And behaved like you.

Or could it be
That im so in love with you
That I can't help it
But to look for someone like you
He could be the one
That stay this time
The one
That isn't  you
Oct 2020 · 509
Bad at Love
Nina Oct 2020
I have always been the one that love too much
The only one that loves

One sided love

So i tried to change
Going for someone that loves me
And me not loving him back

with time,
I fell for him
And loved him back

But i guess i wasn't enough
Because he cheated and left

I guess im just bad at love
Because i can never make someone love me back

Or perhaps
They only want a piece of my heart
Oct 2020 · 387
Hide and Seek
Nina Oct 2020
I was always seeking for you
And you would seek for me too
And when you hid
I'd come looking for you
But when i tried to hide
It didn't occur to you that i was missing
That's when i realised
I was the only one
Playing this little game of hide and seek
Jul 2020 · 432
Nina Jul 2020
‪Why the sudden change of heart?
‬, she asked

‪"Maybe because I realise
what I'm losing out if i lose you"‬
he replied

That's when he knew
He lost her
When she was no longer there
Waiting for him
You only know what you're missing once its gone
Jun 2020 · 559
always you
Nina Jun 2020
I'm not over you
and i don't think i'll ever be
May 2020 · 338
Nina May 2020
He looks like a player
i don't mean someone who plays sports
he looks like a boy
that plays with feelings
he has that playful look
a look that's only looking for fun
his words are filled with lust
nothing good ever comes out of it

take him away from me
i don't need a boy who plays with ones heart
i need a man to fix this broken heart.
May 2020 · 539
Comfort zone
Nina May 2020
I spent my entire life
Getting hurt

Being mistreated

What's that
I've gotten so used
To all the bruises
To all the bleedings
I've gotten used to the verbal abuse
Emotional pain
And mental effect

Nothing can hurt my anymore
In fact
I've found comfort in pain

So hurt me
Like how people hurt people
Hurt me
It does not matter anymore
I will still hurt myself
At the end of the day
Pain keeps be safe
Pain makes me sane
May 2020 · 214
Hurts to say
Nina May 2020
I won't deny
But it hurts to admit it
It hurts to say it
The words
Hanging in
Not wanting to go out

It hurts to say
That I'm still not over you
That i still think about you

I know you're happier now
It hurts me to say
But I'm glad you're happy with her

I'm sorry for not being  good enough
I'm glad you have her now

It hurts to say
But I'm happy for you.
May 2020 · 5.4k
Only horny for you
Nina May 2020
He only texts you late at night
How come you never wondered why?
It's not because he has free time
It's because he's *****

He never bothered texting you during the day
Only do so when he needs something
he never bothered calling you
Texting you on a daily basis
Why do you think he loves you?
Isn't it clear enough?
That the sign he give off
Is just a sign of lust?

If he truly wanted you for you
He would've made effort for you
But he didn't
So it's clear
He's only ***** for you
May 2020 · 746
What does he want?
Nina May 2020
You wonder
Where you stand in his life
You wonder what he wants

Baby girl
You think he wants to love you
But don't be foolish
For all he want
Is to *******

Look at you
You're irresistible

You think he wants you for you
But he clearly just wants to use you

It's quarantine
Everyone is insane from the lack of ***

You were naive to think he wanted you
He doesn't even care about you
He pretend to
Just so he could get in your pants

Just remember
No guy in this world will want you
All of them just wants to *******
May 2020 · 880
Him and his dick
Nina May 2020
Can't stop thinking about him
Can't stop thinking of his ****

Do i really want him?
Or just his ****.
May 2020 · 1.8k
Hands in his pants
Nina May 2020
He got his hands in his pants
obsessing about her
fantasizing her touching him

who wouldn't ?
she had a body of a goddess
tattooed brown skin
curvy body
with and average sized assets

he wanted to her
solely for ***
but he's no different from the rest
the queue of guys
lining up
with their hands in their pants
trying their best
to get their **** in her
May 2020 · 134
Book of You
Nina May 2020
i'll write a book
about my life with you
the things i loved
from A to Z
i'll write about you
about the time
you lit my life up
the times
you gave me butterflies
and at the end of the book
i'll write about the time
you broke my heart
turned me into an author
May 2020 · 707
A Work Of Art
Nina May 2020
He was a sad man
rarely smiles
always frowning

but he is a man filled with wisdom

he sings to you literature
and paints you with his touch

he may seem like a dull man
but his soul is brighter than anything i've seen

this man
is the missing poet in my life
a work of art
i'm dying to write about
May 2020 · 176
Nina May 2020
I dream of you
Everytime i close my eyes
In a world where i can control
The story
Of you and me
A love
That could never be found
In reality

In my dreams
Is where i could fantasise
About you
May 2020 · 375
Which of my flaws?
Nina May 2020
Why wasn't i good enough for anyone?
I did my best
I tried my best
But it wasn't enough to make him stay

Which of my flaws was the trigger?

Was it because I'm not pretty enough?
Because of my weird high-pitched voice?
My short height?
My scars and cellulites?
Could it be my tattoos were too scary for him

Maybe it wasn't a physical flaw.

Was it because of my obsession of him?
My undying love and affections ?
Perhaps because i overthink too much
Or maybe because of how depressed i could be

Maybe everything about me is flawed.
Maybe in his eyes,
I'm not worthy enough
May 2020 · 355
Waiting's Over
Nina May 2020
if i were to be honest
I still do miss you
And i think about you
Almost everyday
And I don't think it will ever end
But i am proud to say
That im finally over you
Don't get me wrong
I still have feelings for you
I will always love you
Deep down in my heart
But the waiting game is over
I finally let you go

And if we ever meet again in the future
Hope you realise that
I will always
And forever
Keep on missing you
And loving you
Despite moving on
May 2020 · 520
Liar's Lies
Nina May 2020
They'd do anything
They could
Just to make you fall for them
Just for you to let your guard down
Lies after lies

You knew from the start
That they were liars
But you hoped maybe they weren't
So you gave in
And fell for their trapped
Now your trust's been destroyed
Secrets unleashed

And there's no one else to blame
Except for your naive self
For falling for a liar's lies.
May 2020 · 276
Nina May 2020
i've lived this life
for so long
gone through the same thing
for the longest time
i got so numb
that i feel too empty
it hurts
May 2020 · 147
What am i to you?
Nina May 2020
Am i a friend?
Or am i a stranger?

There are times when i feel special
And times i feel ignored

So tell me
Where do i stand in your life?

Because you're confusing me
When im here
Wanting to be so much more to you
But i don't even know where i stand

Or could it be
The only reason for you to be close to me
Was in order to use me?
What am i ?
An object to you?
Or just a play mate?
May 2020 · 272
Fuck and Go
Nina May 2020
All they wanted to do
Was get under your pants
And once they got in
They'll leave as it nothing had happened

Just another pit-stop
For their ***** ***
Apr 2020 · 513
Unblamed Love
Nina Apr 2020
‪I guess I couldn't blame you
for breaking my heart‬
‪When you never really knew‬
‪How much i loved you‬
Mar 2020 · 185
Foolish Love
Nina Mar 2020
I fell in love with a customer
Something about him
Attracted me
I wasn't interested in anyone else
Other than him

We got along
We hang out often
He came down whenever i end my shift early

We were like couples
But we weren't
I fell deeply for him
But he wasnt keen on being with me
Why , i wonder.
Is it because im a waitress?
And he's a customer?
Why was my love not strong enough
To make him stay?
If he liked me,
Why did he chose someone else?
Maybe im just foolish
To think
A waitress
Could end up with a customer

Maybe i was the only one
That believed in this foolish love
Mar 2020 · 265
One last time
Nina Mar 2020
I hope to see you for the last time
I know you're happier without me
I know you found someone better
But i still wish to see you
I want to look at your face for the last time
Talk to you for the last time
Spend my time with you for the last time
I wish to know
What am i lacking
That made you choose someone else
Nina Mar 2020
If you didn't love me
Then why did you pretend to?
Why did you text me everyday, hour, minute?
Why did you call me everyday?
Why did you pick me up from work?
Why did you always hug me when you know im not okay?

You said you don't love me
And yet
You're doing things to make me love You
You became so important to me
And i wonder what i did wrong
To make you leave

So why?
Tell me why.
If you didn't love me,
Why did you make me love you?
Feb 2020 · 199
Nina Feb 2020
I miss you alot
I still love you
I haven't gotten over you
And It *****
Because I'm no longer in your mind
And yet
I miss you
I still love you
And i don't plan on forgetting you
Feb 2020 · 1.3k
2 years ago
Nina Feb 2020
2 years ago,
I found out i was pregnant
Carrying a child  whose father i don't even know
A man who ***** me in my sleep
And left me with nothing but pain

Despite so,
I wanted to keep my child
I wanted to take care of him
But life doesn't always goes as planned

It wasn't my decision to keep him
But during the time i had him,
I was the happiest
Because i had fallen in love
With a baby i have not met
A child i swore to take care
A child that made me love myself
In order to love him

Losing him
Was heartbreaking

If i could turn back time
I wouldve taken good care of myself
So i can have you in my life right now
But at the same time
I would've wished i never met the man
Who left you and me

2years ago today
I made a foolish mistake
But i never once regretted having you in my life

I love you still
I will love you always
Feb 2020 · 544
Weak for Irish
Nina Feb 2020
Irish guys
Will have the most beautiful blue eyes
Long eyelashes
Charming uneven smile
Deep strong accent
Fair skin that goes red in the sun
They aren't perfect looking
And yet
Here i am
Weak for every irish guy
I come across with
Falling in love with every
Single bit of them
Feb 2020 · 230
Nina Feb 2020
We went on fake dates
We were fake couples
And yet
The only thing that wasn't fake
Was my feelings for him
Nina Feb 2020
"Why do you take photos of me all the time?"

Because someday,
You are going to leave me
And the only thing left of you
Is these photos
That will keep memories of you safe
Feb 2020 · 100
Tattoos & Them
Nina Feb 2020
When you left
I got myself tattooed
On my ****
Because that was the place
you'd leave your marks
The biggest piece I've ever had
Because that's how much i loved you

And now there's someone new
But he left too
And now i got a new tattoo
To remind me of him
Those that i fell for deeply and did a  positive impact in my life, i get myself tattooed on the places that they often leave their marks
In a way to remind me that  that was once the place they used to be and all that's left is a tattoo that consists of all their memories
Feb 2020 · 240
Tattooed Emotions
Nina Feb 2020
I got myself tattooed
For every different guy that i deeply loved
On different places
That reminds me of them
Feb 2020 · 252
What does it mean?
Nina Feb 2020
What does it mean
When the first thing you do
The moment you see me
Is to give me a hug and a kiss

What does it mean
When we are sleeping together
And you'd kiss my back all of a sudden
As you hug me tightly in our sleep

What does it mean
When you go all the way to meet me
Even though you had plans with your friends

I don't know what it means
Because honestly
You only see me as a friend
So is there a meaning behind everything you do
Or am I delusional into thinking there is something
Nina Feb 2020
And yet again
I've fallen for another Irish man
And got my heart broken once again
Feb 2020 · 101
Stupid Irish Boy
Nina Feb 2020
A cheerful lad
That's always smiling
Can't help myself
But to smile when i look at him
Stupid Irish boy
He made me fell for him
Feb 2020 · 582
Leave Me Leave You
Nina Feb 2020
To my family
i'm sorry for being distant
it's not that i don't love you
i do love you
but it's better off for me to be alone
for us not to have a close bond
so that when i die
you won't be filled with remorse
so that you won't be disappointed in me
for leaving you
for killing myself
so let me leave you
so i can leave myself
Feb 2020 · 2.4k
Freaky like me
Nina Feb 2020
It is wrong
To be 19
But already looking for someone
To have a future with?
To plan marriage and children?
Every guy i came across with
Walks away
Because of what i want
Maybe  I'm too young to think of the future
But last night
I met you
And you told me
How you're looking for someone
To start a future with
You laughed it off
And said how you're too young to be thinking about it
And yet you were
I didn't know
Id find
Someone who is as freaky as me
To be wanting a future with someone
At such a young age
I think
He's the one
I hope he is
Jan 2020 · 242
The one
Nina Jan 2020
There are plenty of fishes in the sea
But which one will take the bait?

You will come across so many different people
But there will only be one that is suitable for you
So it's okay to talk to a lot of guys
In order to find the right one,
There is a need for a trial and error afterall
Jan 2020 · 620
Nina Jan 2020
He had pretty bright brown eyes
A not so fair skin
He wasn't tall
But hell
He had a killer smile
A smile that can make you go insane
Lips that make you wanna bite it
He had a face
that makes you go saying
"**** me papi"
Jan 2020 · 386
30th August
Nina Jan 2020
it was the night
You first kissed me
The night
That felt so magical
The way you held me
And wanted to kiss me
You couldnt stop yourself
Neither could i
It was the day
I knew
Im so in love with you
Jan 2020 · 239
Look for you
Nina Jan 2020
You flew back home
Just a day ago
And yet
Here i am
Back at the place i first met you
Hoping I'd bump into you
Hoping I'd see you
Even though i know
You're no longer here
Dec 2019 · 215
Nina Dec 2019
When i was young
My grandmother would always scold me
For wearing shorts
Or anything that's revealing my skin
She told me,
That there were demons who loves seeing girl's bareskin.
I was scared when i was little
But as i grew older
I learned that the demons
Were men with uncontrollable ****** urges
That take advantage of any girl they see

There's no such thing as demons
It is all human
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