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MoonFlow Apr 13
Who am I to question,
When hardships befall over me?
Let it be a vast circle of bulky mountains,
Ensnaring me from all sides.
If I fall into a threatening void,
A void that gnaws at my soul,
And is ravenous for my worn-out soul,
That helps me encounter more turbulences.

But who am I to question my tolerance of enduring a void that ravens for troubles for me?
When my Master, the Beloved of the Almighty,
Stated that Muslims are prepared to confront
Whatever situation they may face with their faith.

With my faith,
I can pull myself out of the void,
Shove off bulky mountains,
they ain't heavier than my
‘Whatever difficulty reaches a Muslim, be it an illness, worry, sadness, pain,
distress, or even a ***** of a thorn, Allah Almighty makes it an
expiation for his sins’. (Sahih-ul-Bukhari, vol. 4, p. 3, Hadees 5641)
Bhill Jan 2020
Every day is new and fresh
Every day is different
How is your Mindset
Every day will bring unique possibilities
Every day will become Yesterday
How is your Mindset
Are you willing to sacrifice one day
Are you ready for The Day
Are you prepared
Ponder what today will bring

Brian Hill - 2020 # 4
Be ready
Get your mindset on....
Makenzie Marie Oct 2019
I’m the queen of overthinking so you have to know that I’m overthinking things each night that goes by, afraid that you must have, or will, changed your mind.
Nina Sep 2019
I knew
That i would fall for him
When i first saw him
And at that moment
I knew
I would get hurt
But i didn't mind the pain
I didn't  mind
Killing myself
For him
He was like a poison to me
Something so dangerous
Yet I'd risk my life for
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