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Bhill Jan 4
Every day is new and fresh
Every day is different
How is your Mindset
Every day will bring unique possibilities
Every day will become Yesterday
How is your Mindset
Are you willing to sacrifice one day
Are you ready for The Day
Are you prepared
Ponder what today will bring

Brian Hill - 2020 # 4
Be ready
Get your mindset on....
Makenzie Marie Oct 2019
I’m the queen of overthinking so you have to know that I’m overthinking things each night that goes by, afraid that you must have, or will, changed your mind.
Nina Sep 2019
I knew
That i would fall for him
When i first saw him
And at that moment
I knew
I would get hurt
But i didn't mind the pain
I didn't  mind
Killing myself
For him
He was like a poison to me
Something so dangerous
Yet I'd risk my life for
Rishabh Sharma May 2019
I wanted to be well prepared to welcome you in my life
How well you ask ?
As well as earth prepares before it rain
As well as night prepares before sun shines
As well as sky prepares for rainbow

Now I think I wasn't well prepared
I guess I was looking for something far from my reach...
Andrew Rueter Nov 2017
I am perching
I am searching
Sitting still
My mind filled
With the vigilance
Of a militant
Looking to invade
By throwing grenades
And committing atrocities
At a high velocity
Yet I'm made to lay and wait
My love feels like hate
Stuck in this crate
It's getting late
My feral fate
Makes me shake
Like the love intake
That makes me break
When you're raising the stakes

I see your fin in the water
Moving in for the slaughter
Acting like a shark
You go dark
Like a silent submarine
You float near the bottom
Your gun is submachine
That's how you caught them
Now it's my turn
For a bullet burn

Treat me like a ***** distractor
You're a fractured compactor
Leaving me partially intact
But most of me I lack
After your attack
I should thank you for taking out the trash
But I could've done without the clash
Because now I'm just a pile of ash
Stuck in a bird cage
At an increased age
If I become a phoenix and rise
It'll be an imprisoned surprise

I thought I had prepared
Yet now I need repairs
When it's my love I share
And it's casually broken
To be used as a token
You must be joking
There's no way I could've ever prepared
For the fact that no one ever cared
Can be found in my self published poetry book “Icy”.
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