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Sneha shenoy Jun 2
Arnt you my most beautiful Jasmine?
Tell me when did you cast ur spell on me
I am enraptured in your fragrance
Heavens wouldn’t smell that way I swear
Fair as snow flake, Smooth as silk
Your lips are like honey dew
Like drop of water on the bud
Oh my Jasmine, only if other flowers knew
How fragrant you are
I’m sure they they would be envious
I’m waiting for you to bloom my Jasmine !
Once again I fell in the deepest pit
I can merely fathom the depth  
I don’t wanna rise,It’s a beautiful dream
The pit of my love
filled with infinite happiness ! Muah..
Aye My beautiful Jasmine,
Your Aura enraptured my soul ❤️
- *Rose
Symply Bright Feb 2020
Like your breath;
I will be with you like your breath, no matter where you are
Like your shadow;
I'll be with you, even in your darkest days, you will find me where you are
Like your blood;
I'll dwell inside of you, I'll be the one you see when you bleed
Like your heart;
I will be the reason why your heart beats in your chest
There's so much I'd like to be to you
I'd like to be your friend, I will make sure loneliness never haunt you anymore
I'll accompany you in any journey you embarked on
In the midst of chaos I will be with you
I will fight your battles because you're worth fighting for
I dedicate everything that's mine to you
Miracle is all what you are to me
Nina May 2019
We were connected by strings
Tied around ourselves
Making us inseparable
But when you left
Those threads were cut off

I thought you'd be gone forever
But there's a string still holding onto you
Impossible to be cut off
Making me hang on to you
Making it impossible for me to move on
TS Aug 2018
I come home alone yet again.

I tell myself time and time again that I do not need somebody to complete me - that I am perfect all on my own.

That doesn't mean I don't want to curl up next to someone at the end of the day and melt in their arms - to feel the safety net, the warmth and pure love of companionship.

Just like anybody else, I want that kind of love.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have been so selective. Maybe if I would have just "gotten used to his flaws" or "moved past his agressive tendencies" I would be in bed right next to you.

I know I deserve greatness. I am told this time and time again, so much so that I almost believe it.

But you know what my greatness is? It's being independent, strong, and brilliant while still knowing I can depend on someone. It's being brave, kind, and fearless while still knowing that someone will always be there to have my back. It's having faith, caring for others, and demanding nothing but the best and having the one who matters the most show me that even imperfections are perfect.

I want an ambitious love. One that shows the movies how to be. One that gives a new name to inseparable. I know it's a lot to ask for - which is why I am still alone. Maybe I ask too much or maybe too many people fall short of greatness in my eyes.

I demand nothing but the most perfect imperfections.
"Days without you are torturing, nights without you are grievous.
I look for the comfort that I used to find in your lap. Where will I get you mumma? Where?", a scream lashed in despair echoed.
"I'll be the gallop to **** the dormant twilight,
I'll be the golden rays to snog your sleepy eyes,
I'll be the stretch of vitality,
I'll be the aroma of your morning coffee,
I'll be the shower of sprightliness to drench you with new zeal,
I'll be the savour of your breakfast and joy of a full square meal,
I'll be your steps towards glory,
I'll be the sigh after your every failed story,
I'll be the hop of excitement,
Acquainting a flunk, I'll be the screech of your lament,
I'll be the bliss you find seeing the sun going down,
I'll be in the sloth dispelling plangent words of azan,
I'll be the spectator of your big bright smile,
I'll be the witness to the every tear you wipe,
Never in your life you're alone,
Be it your hearty gale or saddening mourn,
Walking by you like your shadow,
Even beyond the eternity I'll follow", whispered her mother. :')
-Aparajita Tripathi
Lana Eve Dec 2017
I once believed religion was created to solidify the separation of humans as a species.
It's taken dark days to make me rethink that claim.
I am no Neandrathal. I do not need to hunt to fuel my body.
Just as my enemies would never stand in front of me.
Honest. Clenching their weapon. Clear; their intentions.

No, you see this day an age, it's all a mental spare.
Problem is, your enemies all look the same.
Do you really?
Are you sure?
How can you know?
Inner thoughts become consuming.
Especially when you are dancing with fear, hope, desire, passion, and the idea of what is right.
The mental stress can drive a person, any person, to insanity.

Homoerectus too could not fathom the transition.
To live in a world, knowing there is more than what they see.
I wonder if the pit of this is making sense, then you must be lucky.
Naivety is bliss.
It's true, I have lost my mind.
But in this day an age, I can just go to the store and buy another.

I'm rambling now, I get that from my mother.
Like I was saying.

No wonder they created Gods.
Without them, they would've lost their sanity.

Let there be light
To truly see, is absolutely torturing
But it sure as hell beats the darkness.
A W Aug 2017
You cannot possibly imagine what I saw today, trying to keep my mind at bay.

Minding their own business came a pair.
Even one could say
But where does this line cross with me and this duo?
That I may owe.

With a sigh I hang my head low, the thought of another gruesome blow.
In curiosity or spite
I do not know when these two are ready to bite.

Are they hungry or is it loyalty they are after?
I do not know;
I am only an outsider to those hounds that dug for what was already gone.

Prey they once tried to feast on.
Bound to this sickening notion; the false lulls of security they once had.

Something they could only turn into the gritty,
Painless pity,
Insufferable grabs of ***** filth they once called a party.

Once a whole, a group that dissolved slowly under the time of an hour glass.

From birth to death we breath.
Grasp at anything we can hold ourselves accountable without being the accused.
Departures to new comers we welcomed as our own.
Only to be betrayed and left out at dawn.

Now today I stand as proof of a wolf who alas left the pack; we once called ourselves a flock of deer in disguise.
Friends of the past got the best of me, so I wrote my emotions out because it helps.
He stood by my bedside.
His growl was now the beat of my heart,
His purr the sorrow of it.
He led me outside, down dark winding streets.
Memories followed me and flooded the mind.  
I screamed out into the silence,
But those I once  knew could no longer hear me.

Further he took me, my eyes, they dimmed.
‘’Is this the end of me?’’ I asked.
‘’Yes,’’ he said. ‘’It’s time.’’
His huge arm surrounded me.

‘’Not to worry ’’ he said.‘’
Death never left you. It’s with you always, as Love's best friend’’
Who are you? I asked.
‘’We are the readers of the stories and show our teeth to guard all paths against this knowledge.

Yet even we must  leave when the story ends.
We close our books and we take you''
‘’Take me where?’’ I asked.
Ah! No One knows!, the Reader replied. ‘’Not even I’’
‘’Exciting isn't it?’’
Graphic Short Story  - The illustrated version can be seen here :
archwolf-angel May 2017
Lost kisses
But lips still locked tight

Hands separated
But still firmly intertwined

Inaudible whispers
But confessions loudly heard

Two beings
But connected like one
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