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SomeOneElse Oct 17
I'm Someone, no one
Somebody and nobody
I am SomeOneElse
How i feel or describe myself
“ I love you !” He screamed “I’ve been wanting you since forever, I want you to complete me !!” He continued

“Hey !!” She poked him and smiled at him

He froze like ice and speechless.

“See you around !” She waved at him

Until she’s gone, he said nothing.

Yes, he is screaming but screaming in silence. Because he knew it will not change anything if he confess his feeling to her, He realized he is too late since she’s belong to someone else.
Tristan Brown Oct 2017
Humans are all one
However we are not all for one
Instead we are all for ourselves
Humans are not perfect
And that I understand
But instead of trying to strive for perfection
We **** one another because we want to feel powerful
We scorn one another because we want others to feel our pain
We break one another because we want someone else to be broken
We hate one another because we want someone else to be hated like we are
Then, we **** ourselves because we don’t want to live like that
Because we don’t want really want to ****, or scorn, or break, or hate one another
We just want someone else to feel human
All of us are human, and none of us are perfect. Know that no matter who you are, there is someone else out there that feels your pain.
Chaotic world Feb 2016
It was a simple puzzle,
Yet I couldn't find the right pieces,
I bended all my pieces just to finish the puzzle,
But it wasn't good enough,
So you took the puzzle away,
And gave it to someone else.
She's a beautiful disaster
Pale skin blue eyes
Dark messy hair
She wants to be someone else
You can see it in her sad eyes
The way her smile curves a little at the edges
The way she talks
Not what she says
But the tone she uses
She wants to be someone else
Someone prettier
Someone calmer
Someone someone other than me
                                ­      t
            ­                           T
mokitovice May 2015
after all the talking,
she saw an oportunity
he left a small door open,
it was so tiny, that she almost missed it
so she reach out and touch his soul
just for an instant, it was almost like a dream
like it didnt happen
it was **** and angels
is like you can touch the sky,
and as soon as you get close enough, you fall
but when you fall, you're numb

she could let herself dream, and make you laugh
be gracefull and delicate
she could be smart enough to know when to back off
and then you'll completely fall for her
but she's not that type of girl
the one that waits for a men to writte her a poem
she's the one that writes a poem about him
Meg B Dec 2014
Sometimes I think
I could really like
but then 2 to 3 weeks
go by,
and as I get to know who
Someone is,
I remember Someone
isn't You,
and my heart is
so chock-full of
like for You
there ain't no room
for Someone,
for someone else.
If you have to choose between me and someone else, pick them.

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is going to question if they made the right choice or not.
So am I the right choice?
Ashley Somebody Jul 2014
No longer are you running from yourself
For yourself is someone else.
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