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15h · 20
Black Rose
an0nym0us 15h
Beautiful and unique
But also quite terrifying
Alone in a bed of colorful flowers
Always left unwanted.

Beautiful black rose
Alone and thorny
Different and feared
None appreciates its beauty.

Many wanted to pick it
But no one dared to reach it
The only one left among its peers
New generation now surrounds it.

I've watched it for quite some time
It is as lonely as me
I picked it up and carried it back home
Decided it to plant it in a ***.

I will take care of this rose
So we'll no longer be alone
I will appreciate your uniqueness
Because we are as lonely as each other.
Sep 20 · 27
Her Freedom
an0nym0us Sep 20
Its raining heavily, I'm stuck in the mud.Struggling, trying to stay still...
I am helpless and can't escape.

Before, I wasn't stuck in here, but when I saw her pulling them up; One by one, they all break free. They all rejoice while she still suffers.

I couldn't bare it much longer. I took a step and pulls her. Her other half is free at a distance but still miserable behind its own cage.

I have decided to take a risk. I'm aware that there's no turning back.
I chose to take her place and free her; even if it means I'll be the one to suffer.

I wipe her tears with my hand. Wore my smile and tell her it's fine. I promise I will free her from such burden. And see her soothing smile at me again.

The more I pull the more I sink, but its long as she's freed. I will give her my all even I sink deeper. My life is nothing in  exchange for her freedom.
Her happiness is my happiness even if it means I sacrifice my own life and well being. I am willing to give my all.
Sep 4 · 128
No More
an0nym0us Sep 4
When I see you,
I see grief.
When we hear you,
We hear pain.

When you're around,
Her tears won't leave;
When you're around,
We wish you leave.
When you tell me stories,
I remember my sorrow;
When you tell us stories,
We remember your strikes.

When you tell me you love me,
I feel unsafe;
When you tell us you love us,
We feel your wrath.

You said you wish us success,
But you always brought us down.
You said you'll do anything for us,
But only done everything for yourself.

When you said you'll always be here,
You would always leave us behind.

You've caused us harm
You've caused us pain
You've bought us down

And still refuse to see.
In your hands we suffered
A curse we'll always carry.
an0nym0us Aug 18
Sa loob ng isang silid
Sa loob ng sampung bwan
Sa pag-angat at kabiguan,
Sila ang naging katuwang.

Mapa sa lihim o sa hayag
Naging kayabigan o kaaway
Kayo ang saksi ng bawat isa
Sa pagtatagumpay ng isa't-isa.

Sila sa atin ang humatak
Sa itaas o sa ibaba.
Tayo ang nakakikilala ng bawat isa.
Tayo ang hukom ng ating mga gawa.

Sa loob ng sampung bwan,
Kayo ang aking nakasama.
Lumipas man ang panahon.
Ang ala-ala ay ating laging dala-dala.

Companion and Foe

Inside a room
Within ten months
In success and failure,
They were by our side.

In secret or in truth
They were our friend or foe
We are our own witness
In the triumph of one another.

They are the ones who pulled us
Up above or down below.
We all knew each other.
We are the judge of our actions.

During ten months,
You were my companion.
Time may pass.
And memories are always carried.
Jul 2 · 302
an0nym0us Jul 2
What a beautiful sky
Windy and sunny day
Birds fly up high
Brings joy unto my face.

Such peaceful cool winds
As it blows over the grass
The hills appears to shine like silk
It gently tickles my skin.

Suddenly, dark clouds covers the sun
The gentle breeze turned to stormy winds
The blue sky is truly upset
I wish I can help her with her burden.

Her tears are big and heavy
It brings grief to my soul
The golden sun that lights up my day
Wouldn't shine down on me today.
Jun 25 · 95
A Fair Piece
an0nym0us Jun 25
A museum of art
Filled with wonderful crafts
Each present messages
But one left me at awe.

It possess a distinct style
Such beauty, its the heart of the place
I admired its fairness
I know nothing can best it.

But sadly, it couldn't stay for too long
Someone have bought it,
Someone else owns the painting.
I am never able to see it again.

A long time has already passed
But the truth is, I still admire that piece
Still hoping, I am longing to see it
I wish to see it again, Christian.
Jun 10 · 65
My Oil Lamp
an0nym0us Jun 10
A luxurious oil lamp
An antique beautiful piece
Made up of glass, gold, and silver
Enlightens my path at moonless nights.

It accompanies me at every journey
Provides guidance at my darkest nights
I would choose my trusty lamp any day
Over modern that is young but fragile.

So I polish it every day,
It might be aged but it is truly bright
Sadly, I need to accept the fact.
That one day, it will ran out of light.

Such thing cannot be replaced
It can't always accompany me
The day will come in my life
I'll need to navigate without any guide.

Certainly, I will never forget
How it kept the demons at bay.
There is nothing I can ever compare
To the best thing I ever had.

It really pains me to the core
I can never have another one.
I cherish it more than my very breathe.
Because its alone in my existence.
Jun 9 · 110
Fallen Home
an0nym0us Jun 9
A place filled with pictures
Once a sanctuary of hope and tears
Now its walls are old and cracked
That's the place we once called home.

It used to be big and filled with joy
Now nothing's left but rubble
Such place can no longer be rebuilt
Shattered glass is all over the place.

This building used to stand on five strong pillars.
Now, only one is left to keep it standing on soft ground.
Its wooden walls are rotting and infested with termites...
Its beautiful chandelier is getting dimmer each day.

Now, only I return to visit this place...
In search of the remaining pictures,
Hoping to once build similar structure.
A place I can finally call my home.
Jun 4 · 146
an0nym0us Jun 4
I saved you form his claws.
I helped you with your flaws.
Provided you assistance,
Gave you resistance...
I catch you when you fall...
I hoped you would answer my call...
You left me down the pit,
Refused to give me a hand,
Nor to stay for a bit...
Instead, you went to the higher land.
Time has passed,
You come back to just look at me
Then leave again for each day that pass
I chose to do something for me...
I saved myself even my hands bleed.
Because you didn't hear my bid.
Now you come back to me and plead for my aid...
But I insisted for I am not your maid.
May 19 · 134
My Lovely
an0nym0us May 19
A maiden from the seas
Heart as gentle as the breeze
The waves are as beautiful as she
Her voice is as lovely as the sea
She is talented as she is polite
I can't get her off my sight
I always have her in my mind
Trust me, she isn't blind
She can see it clearly
I cherish her more than I should be
We see things differently
But I hope someday
That she'll never go at bay
And choose to stay
Walk beside me all the way.
May 9 · 189
Falling Knight
an0nym0us May 9
Your world was black and white
I presented you a beautiful sight
I aided your falling world
I saved you with painful words.

I am always aiding all of you
I promise to always save you
I hit you when you're being irrelevant
But now I am feeling very distant

You all salute my strength
But you never knew the truth...
The tough steel was bent
Indeed, disappointment is the fruit.

I am at the very bottom
Again, as if waiting for autumn.
But I prefer spring...
Because I'm walking in winter, desperately surviving.

I wish for reinforcements
Due to this storm, I'm breaking and leaving fragments.
From here, home is still far.
Walking alone, navigating through the stars.

I'm getting really tired...
But falling asleep in the snow, please give me fire.
Someone please, oh please rescue me
I don't want to say goodnight, its too early.
May 7 · 83
an0nym0us May 7
So many strings
Unorganized things
Colors on beings
Pertains feelings.

What a dark night
Objects seem blur to my sight
I am walking down the labyrinth
With small light, I have no hint.

I am in search of something
I can't really recall what is that thing
I kept walking
This is worrying.

I am lost...
I can't remember which way
I wish to return at any cost.
Let us call that a day.
May 2 · 92
Flying in the skies
an0nym0us May 2
I am not myself
I'm flying to the skies
I'm starring to the shelf,
I see small dice...

I see images on the clear wall
I think I heard something fall
It was someone's pen
I believe I need caffeine then.

My thoughts are very random...
I am the empress of my own kingdom.
I'll just write this down,
Cause in drowsiness, I've drown.
I was sleepy as hell...
Mar 10 · 304
Hush Now Little One
an0nym0us Mar 10
I'm sorry my dear,
I can't keep you here.
But in the future I promise,
You'll live in peace.
I can't bare you now,
But someday somehow,
I'll love you endlessly...
For now, wait patiently.
Please wait for the right time,
Where no life is in line.
The day will come
But don't hurry little one.
Dream for now,
We will welcome you, but not now.
I...I should be obvious...
Feb 25 · 112
an0nym0us Feb 25
Such beauty,
But empty...
Such pity,
Little missy.

A fake diamond.
So pretty...
So shiny!
But all synthetic...
all face but no brains...
Feb 17 · 5.0k
Math is Everything
an0nym0us Feb 17
Math is witnessed at everything
It is behind infinite things
Capable of solving problems
From simple operations to Complicated theorems.

Math possess a long history...
Once taught by Physiologoi
Improved by history's Philosophers
Now being indoctrinated by Teachers.

Heart of all academic disciplines,
Bearer of intricate formulas,
The key behind all creation
Knowledge passed through generations.

From past mathematicians
To future problem solvers
Math changed through millennia
And so its problems and solutions.

Math can never be removed
It helped the world to improve
All society won't be like this to date
Math helped us all the way.
an0nym0us Jan 26
Pangyayaring di ko aakalain
Ikaw na nakahuli ng aking paningin
Anyo **** sa isip ko'y tumanim
Liwanag ang dulot sa mundo kong nababalot ng lungkot at dilim.

Oras, araw, bwan, taon ang nagdaan
Pagtingin sa iyo'y tila nananahan
Pag-ibig na nga ba ang nararandaman?
O nararapat ang puso'y mag dahan-dahan.

Simple lang ang aking hiling
Nawa, tinig ng puso ay dinggin
Panalangin ng sarili sa mga bituwin
Maging kaibigan ka, kahit di na mapa sa aking piling.

Ngunit ang isip ay nababahala
Sa puso, ito'y naghahatid ng kirot at pagkasira
Ang dating dulot ng pag-ngiti, ngayon ay pag luha
Bakit ba ang sarili sa iyo'y di nagsasawa?

O aking ****-usap sa iyo
Sana naman, ako'y pakinggan mo
Sa akin nawa ay huwag lumayo
Kahit na kakilala mo lang ako.

Isip ko'y gulong-gulo
Ulo'y di makapag-isip ng diretso
Puso'y nangangailangan ng mga payo
Tanggapin mo nawa ang pagsusumamo.
If you want the translation, just write down the comments...I'll make one soon.
Jan 23 · 273
I Deeply Apologize
an0nym0us Jan 23
I'm so sorry
I didn't mean it, really
Please, forgive me
I'm really sorry...

I didn't want to hurt you
I don't want to fight you
I know you feel it too,
I am hurt too.

I wanna say you my sorry
But you keep avoiding me
I beg of you to hear me
Please, I'm so sorry.
my father and I had a fight and I feel incredibly guilty...I swear I didn't meant to hurt him....I'm so sorry.
Jan 3 · 164
Falling Apart
an0nym0us Jan 3
I am a warrior
Bold and brave
Master of an art of blade
I am a warrior

My armor is breaking
It hurts...I can't see
How?! It...It can't be?!
My armor is breaking.

Why it feels so hot?
Am...Am I loosing my sight?!
Why?! Why isn't there any light?!
Why it feels so hot?

I'm falling...
I can't see a **** thing...
I can't feel anything...
I'm failing...
My problems are slowly getting the best of me...
Dec 2018 · 207
Demon Inside
an0nym0us Dec 2018
Great Anger,
Filled with danger,
As deadly as a Dagger,
A fearsome killer...

Don't let them snap...
You'll fall to a deadly trap!
It can't be solved by a simple tap,
Always watch your back!
Dec 2018 · 148
an0nym0us Dec 2018
My skull is breaking...
Must Control, don't loose
My sanity, I can't loose
My skull is breaking...

I'm ill...
My eyes are darkening
My reasoning is fading
I'm ill...

My hands are itchy...
I can feel it, bloodlust
I want to ****, absolute lust
My hands are itchy...

If I ****, forgive me...
It wasn't my doing
It was her, I'm vanishing
If I ****, forgive me...
Another day of my life with Hyperacusis
Nov 2018 · 122
an0nym0us Nov 2018
I'm at my limit
Struggling to keep it
I can't speak loud
Somebody, help me out.

Help me, please?
I just want peace...
I can't afford to loose,
Please, do not abuse.

I hear it whisper...
Luring me to unleash her
Her words are so sweet,
But I must stay on my feet.

Don't force her out!!
Or, I'll black out...
It will be messy...
I'm afraid, help me.
my life with hyperacusis...
Nov 2018 · 126
Chains and Tears
an0nym0us Nov 2018
I am a child, but never a kid.
Under the shadows, always been hid.
I wish to live as a kid...
But they've always forbid.

Wounds and scars
A life behind bars
Tears and plea are for weak,
Mouth always been stiched.

Hands, feet, and neck are chained,
To the Honors, expectations I've gained.
With all the light that shined,
They've gone completely blind.

They need me to be the best...
But never hope me the best...
Always asking for answers,
But always left unheard.

Why can't I be free? Like them...
Why am I forbid to feel as much joy?Similar to them...
I was never rebellious...
But never precious.
why does my siblings always treat me this way??
Sep 2018 · 678
Brocken Mirror
an0nym0us Sep 2018
In the darkness, I see a small light
In the heart of the light is a mirror
I gazed in the mirror, something isn't right
What I saw is the reflection of all my errors.

My eyes are blank, made my tears less
My lips are dry and can never impress
And my hair is a total mess
Like how my life fell into a great mess.

I felt great grudge
I gave the glass a big punch,
I stared at my hand that bleeds
Felt extreme guilt for my past dids.

I'm so full of flaws,
I deserve to be under death's claws
I keep being judge by man's laws,
I have no right to face my foes.

I picked up a piece of a brocken glass
I saw a piece of my past
Slowly, the light vanished in the darkness
My hand fell down and losses my grip, emotionless.
Sep 2018 · 429
In Denial
an0nym0us Sep 2018
Turns my smile into frown...
Anxiety, I'm drowning deep down.
A voice deep within,
Another face that hides within.

Acceptance of the fact,
In denial of the truth.
Keeping thy self low,
Feelings, I am willing to throw.

My apologies,
If only I can put an end to this,
I can't find inner peace
With fate being such a tease...

I have so much respect for you
What I feel is true
All I speek is absolute
Reason for many to salute.
Aug 2018 · 254
an0nym0us Aug 2018
I can't speak loud
Sun that hide behind the clouds
Sight keeps going down
In emptyness, I've drown.

Are we really friends??
Attention you can't lend
Metal that can be bent
Bond made by lie, with rust it ends.

Fibers in my chest are weak
Fragile vase that leaks
Mask that is tough and fierce
You got me mentally and emotionally pierced.

I'm in happiness, but also in pain
Inside my vase, a world with an unending rain
When flood over flows, through my eyes it drains,
Behind a mask, it can be hidden and leaves no stain.
its a big mistake for me to fall inlove with some one who can never love me back...
Jul 2018 · 134
Chance Given By Destiny
an0nym0us Jul 2018
Destiny is so playful,
It makes the wise a fool.
To a person's life it always rule;
Can be good, can also be cruel.

Chance given by destiny
I can't believe this, hardly
Opportunity shown by fate,
Proof that it's never too late.

You and I are now close
This is the path I chose
When I'm with you, I no longer froze
Like a pill with the right dose.

I now admit it...
Even you and I don't fit...
To you, I am in love.
Though, you can never return what I have.

It feel so right, though, its wrong...
But these feelings are too strong.
To me, you don't belong.
Heart beats as loud as gong.
I'm so in love with someone even knowing that he can never love me back...
Jun 2018 · 218
an0nym0us Jun 2018
New place,
New pace.
I'm now ready to face
My new race.

Now I've set my game
I don't care about fame
I wont let anything stop me
I will be who I want to be.

The atmosphere suddenly changed...
The air feels strange....
My heart starts to beat fast
I can't believe this, I saw you at last.

I didn't saw that one comming...
About you, I know nothing...
Meeting you again was unexpected,
Being in the same school was not intended...

Time has passed...
But my feelings still last,
I promise I never felt lust
I can assure you, you can give me your trust.

This is so stupid!!
With you, I got hit hard by cupid...
I don't think this is puppy love...
I guess to you, I truly am inlove.

Im sorry,
There is nothing to worry.
Just stay off my sight,
For you, my feelings, I will stop it and fight.
seriously, I didnt expected that he will be in the same senior high school as I was till I saw him with my own two eyes...
Jun 2018 · 233
Harder Than Steel
an0nym0us Jun 2018
Where should I start?
How did I obtained a stone heart?
In this poem I'll speak my part.
You are one of the factors that changed my heart.

I used to feel sympathy...
But now I feel so empty
How dare you do this to me?!
This is no longer my fault but yours truly...

I didn't cried but you did.
You tried to apologize for what you did...
But I didn't let my heart be decieved.
I made up my mind and proceed.

I should've known accepting you again is a mistake
I gave you another chance for you to take.
Allowed you to prove your self worthy
And you just ******* up completely.
I wonder if I'll ever regain my sense of taste after so many depressing things happenin in my life...
May 2018 · 170
Missing Piece
an0nym0us May 2018
I feel lonely
Because you are too busy
I guess I'm not lucky
To have you back beside me.

I lost my emotions
I'm in no position
I know the cautions
I can't believe I'm in this situation...

I'm missing something...
But I have that something...
But the way I'm feeling,
It feels like I have nothing.

You belong to me and so do I to you,
But it feels like I belong to no one knows who...
I guess you are too occupied to feel it too,
And I'm just here waiting for you.

This is strange...
I expect nothing serious with this long range...
I don't even love you at all!
And yet my chest felt like I had a harsh fall.
I have a man feels like I dont...
May 2018 · 240
Lover, When Will You Come?
an0nym0us May 2018
I want a man to love
I keep wishing to the heavens above
Because I feel like Im a lonely dove
A lonely bird wishing to be loved.

Why is it so unfair??
I know people who's looks isn't fair
But they find some who'll give them care
While here I am and can only stare...

I wonder, to my life, when will he come?
And where will he come from?
Is meeting him gonna be like school prom?
Oh how I can't wait for that time to come.

I want something serious and reall,
I wonder how will that feel?
Feelings stronger than steel,
Power they say that overcomes fear.

I can't wait any longer...
How long do I have to wait further??
I hope to have a bond that is stronger...
I want us now to be together.
I'm lonely as ****, I need a boyfriend
May 2018 · 921
an0nym0us May 2018
I can feel it on my lap.
Its not just the clock.

I can hear it...
Unwanted visit...
I can feel it...
But I cannot see it...

Something's wrong,
Time takes too long.
Presence that's too strong
I don't wanna stay for long.

I didn't invite it in
It invited itself in
A spirit that is unclean
I try to keep my sanity in.

But once, I lost it
Nightmares caused by it
That triggerd me to fear it
I nearly got taken by it.

Where did it even came from??
Even creepier than a deadly venomous bug.

I fought it
I won from it
But it didn't stop from there
It didn't stop to scare.

"If I can't have you,
Then I shall take you!!"
Everyday I fight back
To keep my soul and sanity intact!
Apr 2018 · 240
Pointless Thoughts
an0nym0us Apr 2018
Time flies by
Forgetting you is a lie
Befriending you, I was too shy
I never had a chance to even say hi.

I can't deny, I do miss you
But the time I had was too few,
In order to get close to you,
All I can do is stare at you.

Poems I wrote about you are meaningless
Thinking about you is pointless
Even wishing to speak to you is useless
Because I know its impossible, not because I'm faithless.

Such bad luck
Confidence I lack
Here's a fun fact
Not even in friendzone, I am stuck.

Well, I can't bring back time
Now it all ryhme
To me its just fine
I never wished for you to be mine.

I fake my smiles
My distance to you are thousand miles
I Allways act like I'm fine
Because I never crossed the line.

This is going to be my last
I'll just say this fast
I may never gain your trust
To my heart, you are free at last.
The harder my grip, the more pain I'll feel...
But if I let go, time will fly and my wounds will heal...
Apr 2018 · 75
The Last Messenger
an0nym0us Apr 2018
By the end of the lands
From the Far East, A man will stand,
Sent by God to lead His herd of lamb
And man shall strengthen by His hand.

The Ravenous bird,
The different preaching, he has heard
From different church, he has learned
Hence, salvation cannot be earned.

He never knew he was the one in the prophecy,
Yet, God made him strong and worthy,
He preached His words to the ears of many,
In God's will, he succeeds unfailingly.

Felix Y. Manalo is his name,
Hardships in his life came,
He and the Church went through great pain,
And all these were never in vain.

From the Far East to the Far West,
It all started from the smallest,
And now the Church came to a huge success
And continuously praised God for His greatness.

But then, the last messenger may have died,
And the entire church mourned and cried,
And all had to say him goodbye,
In our hearts, he will never die.
For all the Iglesia Ni Cristo/Church Of Christ members out there.
Apr 2018 · 208
0% Chance
an0nym0us Apr 2018
How unfortunate how sad
It can't be considered a bad luck
A lightning has struck
Above my head, a rain that won't stop

I've accepted it, my fate
A story Im going to state
Its up to you, you can give me a rate
Misfortune that is just too great

I have this question in my mind
Though, I know I'm not kind
And the time isn't right
A true lover, why can't I find?

Well, I found you
But I know, I'm not meant for you
You are too good to be true
My chance to win you is too few

A man came across my sight
Suddenly my world stoped
I know, this isn't right
This feeling I can't fight.

He is so fair
Looks that are extremely rare
But for you, you don't care
All I can ever do is just stare.
Mar 2018 · 289
Foolish Arguments
an0nym0us Mar 2018
Foolishness flows in man's veins
With this there is nothing to gain
To a man's soul it leaves scars of pain
Every one is always to complain.

Its been always the same
Victory is what they always aim
I don't see the point if its all just for fame
Arguments are just completely lame.

I'm so tired of this
What's the point of all of this?
Who really needs this?
Is there any way to completely end this?

I had enough,
Their foolishness is just too tough.
There is nothing left to say
With their foolishness, I no longer want to stay.

Will arguing fix a problem? Obviously not...
Then why won't they stop?
Words that are senseless and too hot...
Apparently, this is all they got.

More words seems to show superiority
But the wise find this funny
Even I find it silly
It just shows their guilty.

Arguing is like a war
Exchange of words that are too far
The foolish is always the cause by far
Its nothing but a childish war.
Feb 2018 · 114
Fruit Bearing Mistake
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Range and pain
We had so much complain
With all our stain
We nearly didn't gain

Ideas like storm
But nothing we have form
Papers got torn
A new start was born

Once more we united
For this is not our end
Again we started
Our pride we'll defend

Hold your ground
Challengers around
They'll hear our sound
We'll face them proud
Feb 2018 · 104
an0nym0us Feb 2018
I fell on my knees
My self esteem decreased
Like having a desseas
As weak as people see.

I am nothing but a failure
Even worse than imperfect sculpture
Like a hedious creature
A life with no future.

I might have astray
But I don't want to stay the same way
No matter what people say
I will change my fate.

It is my fault indeed
I used to always succeed
Expectations can not be meet
But I will stand on my own two feet.
Feb 2018 · 111
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Flat and simple
Not too silent, not too playful
Not wise nor a fool
Not too reckless but not that careful.

I'm not disgusting but I'm not appealing
Its just that I'm feeling
Its something that isn't ordinary
This is something that makes me worry.

I am not worthy
For I am not pretty
Compared to your past that is like a fairy
I am not someone you can take seriously.

I am nothing but ordinary
Compering other girls to me
Deep underground I'll get burried
Because I've already stated, Im just ordinary.
Feb 2018 · 124
Playful Destiny
an0nym0us Feb 2018
How weird, how funny
What a bundle of laughs, really
What I feel truely is silly
Liking you what I think is funny.

Indeed, you look pleasing
But I don't know,
Are you worth praising?
Or your looks is just for show?

I don't really know you
But that didn't stop me from liking you
But none of this matters to you
To you, Im a stranger too.

Your name keeps ringing in my head,
Your face... it keeps comming in my head.
I keep thinking about your smile,
Your smile that is so fine.
I like you....I really do....I just lack the confidence to approach you...please hear me out...I wish I can have a decent conversation with you...I hope...
Feb 2018 · 245
Worthless Blood
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Dripping, flowing
What a harsh feeling
Such pain the're creating
My head and my chest won't stop aching.

Painful wounds
Like endlessly hitting a wood
Pain that none understood
To them, effort is never too good.

I had my limit
They broke it
But they don't know it
The danger within it.
Feb 2018 · 97
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Cold but peaceful
Loved by many creature
There is no such thing as a failure
To a heart that is cheerful.

Noisy but nice
Cold as ice
Washes your face when you cry
Its fine, you tried.

Sometimes windy, sometimes not
Perfect time for heating the ***
To keep the guts hot
Also time for a hot bath.
Feb 2018 · 94
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Life or death
Both path are set
Right or left
Which one will you get?

You choose your own way
For you cannot stay
Just like a man that sail
A future you can't say.

Choose wisely
Each road will lead you directly
To a future that is clearly
You would or would not want to be.

Don't be a fool like me
Or else you'll see
A person you don't wanna be
As pathetic as me.

Choose what's right
Continue to fight
Chances that you'll have to sacrifice
But you'll succeed in life.

Listen to me my dear
So you won't end up here
Choose the right gear
And your dreams will be real.
Feb 2018 · 501
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Dark and bright
Stars at night
People look up high
To gaze at the diamonds in the sky.

Calm and clear
There is nothing to fear
Everyone loves staying here
When the sky is clear.

Choose the brightest
Believing is the only test
Speaking calm to the Highest
For believers are the closest.

Wish to the star
While you are still far
To life that you desire
And things you admire.

Don't have doubts
For things will turn out
All through the dark
The Sun always come out.
Feb 2018 · 70
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Silent and cold
A story that once told
Paper that have been fold
But is never too old.

There is nothing I can feel
No pain, no sadness, even fear,
Happiness can't even come near,
To my heart that is imprissoned within.

I used to care
I once tried to dare
There my emotions burst like flare
Now I don't even care.

I closed my eyes
the fire turned to ice
There I no longer tried
And just swallowed my pride.

What's the point of trying,
And will only hurt every fiber of your being,
If people are not capable of changing?
Why not just stop caring...

I looked up to the sky,
Whispered to myself "when was the last time?"
As I let the winds pass by,
I closed my eyes then smiled.
Feb 2018 · 188
an0nym0us Feb 2018
So high, so bright
Someone who tames everyone's sight
Everything about you looks right
Looks that no one can fight.

Cold sweat
Heavy breath
Face turns red
Hidding it is a test.

This feeling
I can't stop smilling
Cheecks keeps blushing
And knees won't stop shaking.

Oh its been a while
Since the last time
I saw someone so fine
To my eyes, he brightly shines.

Indeed, Im afraid
But not too great
I tried to make it fade
But it always stayed.

I like you,
I really do
I just don't know what to do
If you turn me down too.

I think you are the finest
Best among the rest
The girl you like must be the luckiest
Why? I just said, because she won the finest.

I don't expect to be lucky
I dont need to be one, really
I know my limitations completely
Simply seeing you makes me happy.
Feb 2018 · 263
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Dark and shallow
Empty and cold
Now she's always alone
Because sorrow is all she knows.

Her spirit was broken
And her heart was stolen
The love she asks was never given
All because of a promise that was forgotten.

Her heart was shouting
Her soul is crying
Her lips are lying
But her tears are indicating.

But she finally gave up
She have nothing to look up
Like being stuck in the mud
The only choice is to stop.

Her chest is heavy
She wants to escape reality
For she is no longer happy
Pain she don't want to further carry.

Death is the only escape
From the mistake she create
She chose her own fate
Jump away from hate.

Silent and calm
Chills in her palm
She hears a sweat hum
Her path in after life began.
Feb 2018 · 160
Depressed Soul
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Look at me now
I feel so down
I lost my crown
I just wish I'm gone.

All because off a promise
That has been spoken
But forgotten and broken
Now my smile have been taken.

Mind thinks of lies
Lips does fake smiles
But behind your backs I try,
To wipe the tears when I cry.

Try to look deeper,
Deep inside is warmer
And there tears are greater
Everyday I'm getting lonelier.

Oh poor me,
Weak and lonely.
Can you blame me?
If sadness is all I see....

Here I am speaking to you,
Right after you left me out of the blue.
You left me without a clue,
Only here missing you.
Feb 2018 · 2.1k
an0nym0us Feb 2018
An angel, fair and pure
Who's heart is fragile and unsecured
Stolen and hurt with no cure
Wounded with hidden clue.

Great pain and sorrow
But tears doesn't follow
Nothing is inside her, a hollow
Now her past follows.

All because of a man
Who she loved and obeyed every command
Gifted him happiness that lasts
Left her with her heart in his hand.

How rude, how unfair
But I give you a dare
Give her eyes a good stare
Then tell me if you ever care...

You can say "how ungrateful he can be?!"
But I tell you, how blind can you be??
If you can't see,
Till this time you read me.
Feb 2018 · 188
Hurtful Memories
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Can be good, can be bad
But oftenly sad.
A past we once had,
A time I can't bring back.

Your voice keep ringing in my head,
When will this ever end?
Is this what I get?
For loving you till the end...

I trusted you,
I thaught you were true...
Why didn't I saw through,
Your love that is too few.

Oh how silly
For you I still worry
Burden I no longer carry
But my chest is still heavy.

Everything I see
Reminds me of what we used to be
Still hoping for you to be with me
Even knowing it could never be.

I've been so depressed
This must be the greatest
Putting my sanity into test
I hope it will be less.

— The End —