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tell me
am i the only black girl
in your class? Tell me,
have you ever asked how
I am?

Funny you're teaching someone maybe
but guiding us?
in what?

Funny you're teaching
to us, just a mass
of black Zoom boxes
Your class is presented,
but self taught,
I'm teaching myself
this yeh and
it seems to be enough..

its BGM again

So tell me your purpose here
really what you're here for.
is it to invalidate my experiences so I have to
explain my life to you?

Even though you don't want
to hear more? No .
Step down.

Back up.
Take the assignments and grade them, that's enough.
(Is that enough?)
It is and seems less and less
necessary every day.

Yes I respect you.
But are you anti-rascist in
or are you just here
again to Gatekeep
White Male Heterosexual STEM for yet another day?


I knooow you don't want
to hear more . No.
Step down.

Back up.
Listen for a second.
I hear you through conduct.
That's enough.

take my work
grade it.
you'll live to
maybe deconstruct
racist STEM
on some other day.

I* am NOT here to teach you.
not here to know all
the ills of STEM
tell you all the solutions
and help you name it
Lyn-Purcell Jul 25

She of molded clay
Fingers trace the wooden ***
Poison whispers sweet

You know what they say about curiosity and boxes, this one is dedicated to the one and only Pandora.
Even when she ket curiousity get the best if her an unleashed so much negativity, she also released hope and that alone will see us through.
Thanks for 370 followers!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Mimi Jan 2019
Why I still love you?
Why to all the people  here in the earth
Why it is you...

Your the person that I thought the right one for me but unfortunately your not
But why I still love you and care for you even don't care about me anymore! Why?

I need to know the reason why!?
If I know that your not the right person for me I should control myself...
To not falling in love with you

I'm so tired of crying those eyes that you can't event see, Why? Did you make me fall in love with you and in the end your going to leave it's really hurt me a lot..

I still love you so much, but what can I do if you doesn't love me anymore ....
Just want you to know that I'm always here for you .

I'm trying to do all the things to forget you but still your here in my heart I don't know why I can't forget you maybe I love you so much that I can even sacrifice my life for you?!

Why it is not enough for you? I've miss you so much and I love you so much
I don't know the reason why I fall for you the only thing I know that I love you

And I'm happy to be with you
Your the reason why I smile everyday
Hope you can read this
Hi this is my first poem I just love to write poem btw I'm Ayeza new here hope you like it
Little Red Dec 2018
What if life is a dream
And dying is the only way to wake up?

Will you get reincarnated?
Will you lose all of your memories of your life before you died?

Will you forget all of your loved ones?
Will they forget you as well?

If you do "wake up" and you did get reincarnated
Will you get stuck in another dream as well?

What if life is a dream,
Does that mean that life is a lie?

Everything you had
Everyone you loved

Never existed
YOU never existed


The thought scares me
A poem full of my "What ifs" thoughts
Sabika H Oct 2018
I wonder where your mind takes you
when you're silent.
I wonder what your voice says to you
when you're in bed
or what scenarios could be playing
in your head.

Do you think of something new and exciting?
Something logical or political?
Do you think about only yourself or others too?
Or do you think of something impossible to understand
but not for you.

I wonder how you approach your mind,
I wonder what secrets you hide:
I wonder about the thoughts that comfort you in sadness,
saves you from madness.
The thoughts that give you balance and guidance,
maintenance and sustenance.

I wonder what dreams you dream while you sleep,
What thoughts do you hear while you're unconscious and defenseless.
I wonder what really is in your heart,
because the answers to these questions
is what truly sets us apart.
Baylee Kaye May 2018
I left my heart back in Kiev,
found my soul in South Korea.
I dreamed of the northern lights,
and saw a shooting star in Paris.

I lost my virginity in Ibiza,
drank too much up in Dublin.
I ran in the streets of Ljubljana,
and drove with windows down in Sydney.
I dream of cities I’ve never been to when I go to sleep at night.
an0nym0us May 2018
I want a man to love
I keep wishing to the heavens above
Because I feel like Im a lonely dove
A lonely bird wishing to be loved.

Why is it so unfair??
I know people who's looks isn't fair
But they find some who'll give them care
While here I am and can only stare...

I wonder, to my life, when will he come?
And where will he come from?
Is meeting him gonna be like school prom?
Oh how I can't wait for that time to come.

I want something serious and reall,
I wonder how will that feel?
Feelings stronger than steel,
Power they say that overcomes fear.

I can't wait any longer...
How long do I have to wait further??
I hope to have a bond that is stronger...
I want us now to be together.
I'm lonely as ****, I need a boyfriend
Graff1980 Feb 2018
Man, it is so disappointing.
I get close to exploring
another human’s mind.
A minute or two
passes through
as I share truths
and expect her to
present hers to,

but generally I get
either vehemence
or indifference.
She either gets ******
or merely dismisses
my curious persistence,

and I find myself
alone in a never-ending pursuit
of knowledge
that I never get to share.
Kirsten Claire Jan 2018
Deep within the dense forest
Of your mind
Lies a treasure chest
That lies collecting dust,
A pity for such a valuable thing--
Maybe its time to open it?
You have the key.
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