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Nat Lipstadt Oct 2021
~for Steve and Marshall~

And the drowsy old world’s growing gloomy and gray,
While the joys that are sweetest are passing away;
And the charms that inspire like the picture of dawn
Are but playthings of Time—they gleam and are gone,
    While the drowsy world dreams on.

"The Drowsy World Dreams On" by Walter Everette Hawkins


my personal time ladder, nearer to the top step,
hungrily devour the photographs of time’s daily sweets,
every natural picture evokes gasping, wonderful wonder,
acutely aware and wary that this confirms my duality,
rejecting and welcoming the nearer end of my personal poem

the poems of many-a-day stored securely in the ever expanding
internet, for memory is the most untrustworthy partner, and who? will retrieve, reinspect them, clapping to their bright shining, who in teary wake, be commanded by my no more heart beat-throbbing, an irony unflattering, as my disposition ranking first among the
forever stillest

some few gleam and gone; in the wee hours, when I enter
the confessional, both priest and penitent, my sins gleam
for but a moment and the priest sadly informs, there is no prayer or poem that will forgive your multitude of poor paths taken, of love ungiven, craven cowardice of safety’s paths taken when choice was offered

these poems are merely
the residue of a life poorly lived,
poorly given, seeking no mercy,
for if I cannot forgive myself,
why should you?

Allesha Eman Apr 2021
You wash your heart with evening rain
as waves of drowsiness hold out
paper boats made of written dreams
that search endlessly for a lighthouse
to guide them home to you
Allyssa Jun 2020
There was a time where,
I would think about you, love.
Now, you are nothing.
I almost grabbed the candle that made me weak for you and yet, I knew I was better than that.
old willow May 2020
The wind passes, tugging at the candlelight.
I dance with no one as an audience,
only petals drifting in the wind.
Sealed all that of the past,
turning it into a beautiful dream.
Now love has exiled me,
I heard someone once said⁠—
Dream is an escape... Is that so?
Empire Dec 2019
I don’t need this medication
It’s not helpful
But man... I keep wanting to take it...
Every night it’s like a treat...
Swallow the clonidine
Then very very soon...
Sleepiness sets in
Getting drowsy....
Mind... drifting....
Until sleep.... sleep saves me
My rescue from the pain
It’s a good medication
I don’t need it
But I really really like it....
Mmm.... goodnight, everyone...
annh Aug 2019
Tendrils of drowsy pleasure entice and hypnotise,
As daybreak storms; a rapturous collision,
Of distorted cadences and scintillating harmonies,
Between discarded blue-sky sheets.

‘I love to feel the temperature drop and the wind increase just before a thunderstorm. Then I climb in bed with the thunder.’
- Amanda Mosher, Better To Be Able To Love Than To Be Loveable
Kilam Black Jul 2019
Eyes growing heavy
body shutting down
work still piling
on these files I might drown

Not yet time to sleep
not yet time to go
so these dreary eyes
I cannot let show

work incomplete
deadline not met
task not achieved
can't sleep yet.

Blur takes over
sleep approaches fast
fifteen more minutes
but I know I won't last

Reality fades
as the dream creeps in
I fought hard
to not let the sleep win

strength completely drained
begging the sleep, please
have some mercy
but all I remember was zzzzz's
my literal situation right now... writing this poem was the only way I stayed awake.
martha May 2019
1:19am again

spine curls into a question mark
hands sing sonatas of symbols
while head keeps track of seconds passed
and days lost

toes tuck absent-mindedly into socks
shy and scared of being sought
for hiding in such a place
their secret hideaway in sleep

hearts still thumping
says goodnight to bloodstreams
with quiet pulsing kisses

bathes the rest of body
in thin coats of keep steady

ready to deliver dreams
fated to their impermanence
an0nym0us May 2019
I am not myself
I'm flying to the skies
I'm starring to the shelf,
I see small dice...

I see images on the clear wall
I think I heard something fall
It was someone's pen
I believe I need caffeine then.

My thoughts are very random...
I am the empress of my own kingdom.
I'll just write this down,
Cause in drowsiness, I've drown.
I was sleepy as hell...
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