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n Jan 8
Filing errands makes you drowsy and nautious.
The tube dampens your senses.
The highrises make you feel down.
Your values are re-prioritised.
You become the binmen’s *****,
but all is not charred.
You have the chance to remember before,
and you grasp redemption as sand now sifts through your fingertips.
The stars awaken the you beneath the superficial.
The water nourishes your ignored thirstiness for passion.
Written while spending time in Mexico. I had just finished my first term of university and despite all the fun I had had, I was depressed. Away from evweything, Mexico gave me the chance to work on myself and recover.
girl gonzo Dec 2018
brittle bones
osteoporosis heart
pain slipping into the marrow that sips
the endless routine of motion
those clumsy hands blistering
into the open spaces of hollow ventricles
blood is where you last lay your skeletons to rest
but the closet is where i could lay down
listen to all the hangers falling into seismic harmony
until my chest aligns with yours  
like any other bruise by any other name i would have you
gently misplaced on the side of a skinned knee or
clenched knuckle
i am your god and you are mine
if i could breathe like a king i would as
the romantic exhale is caught in your skin
when the fickle violence leaves the lipstick of my mouth
you talk about the emperor mole in the middle of your back
touching your spine and how i retrace it every night with my finger
and it's almost like the heavens are here
in a small bed on a mundane apartment
that could be anybody's
about you and no one else
D Letwixt Oct 2018
the river Eyn, between outstretched hands
flows to lands farther than
ear has heard or eyes have searched
and they say the land twists and shifts
at her end
'til one is sailing up again

She flows like drowsy eyes in midafternoon daze
languidly stretching back and forth before the haze
the foggy mists that sit atop her skin smooth surface
shade from daylight
her sailors sleeping to sail the moonlight

I stood atop my little ship
to see the faces of passers-by
who watch the ships from shoreside

On each face I looked so long
but always obscured was the evening sun
what tree or branch, or mist or shade
I cannot see what faces made

Dreary drowsy eyes begin to close
she will close them, Eyn
so I might sail the moonlight
midnight's rays of clear and blue
and bathe pensive in cerulean hue.
Josh G Sep 2018
These eyes are weighted
Offering peace to this fight
Sleep sweeps me away
KM Hanslik Aug 2018
The details of your DNA are settling into
my brain like dust mites chasing
each other around and around in
search of a field of gravity;
sometimes I'm stuck and sometimes I like to run away
but occasionally I force myself to stay in the same place for more than a few minutes
occasionally I am the right place and the right time, and occasionally
that is enough.  

It takes me a while but wouldn't you know, I have stopped
being a doormat for everyone whose baggage weighs
more than mine;
wouldn't you know, I don't think they carry
it right anyway, and their feet wouldn't feel
so heavy without the steel and armor;
I'm trying to play follow-the leader here,
taking tips from an invisible authority
I don't know any such role model to exist, but
sometimes I pretend I do just to
have a place to put my hands or my feet when it's
cold and they're tracking snow in;
my pulse is slower before midnight
once the dark falls I can't sleep
I can't sleep but I do know how to place blame
fitted heavily and perfectly to sculpted shoulders;
I can't sleep but I know exactly how much
plaster it takes to patch up a wall at roughly this height,
I know exactly the number of messages left on my machine
unanswered, ignored
molded word for word into
little stick-its in my brain.
I don't know sleep but I am very good friends with
her companions,
drowsy achy steady pull
of exhaustion dragging behind my eyelids
matched hand to hand with its
lovely counterpart,
red eye restless itchy frustration
burning hot under my skin.

But don't you know, I am only
this person once every
12 hours or so,
just wait it out, I'll
come around.
James Lloyd Aug 2018
Eyes heavy, air thin cold,
dry skin, curved spine,
night silly have been told,
asking you fine?

Deep and lost, steel and frost,
mind's control, sleep paralyze,
paid the cost salary across,
he's humble, he's not authorized

Drowsy drunk eyes, shirt above roof,
****** giggles, sweet salt eggs,
happy sad skies all stars are duped,
boiled local mussels, break a leg
Wynken Blynken and Nod???
(ah...oh methinks this pissant pooch woof lee
barked up the wrong tree –
reed don my mongrel friend)

This poetic endeavor doth not boast nor brag
to take digs on front page
     headline grabbing news, nonetheless dag
nab bit significant dysfunction prevails
     when ****** energy
     does shutterfly like a black flag
without rapid eye movement,
     this lix spittle chap

     feels like an old hag
whereat every friggin bone (er)
     in this straggly,mangy, and creaky ship
     of state feels like jag
head shards piercing thine flesh
     with pronounced jet lag
and reacts with
     the slightest provocation

     like a curmudgeonly
     cranky compromised nag,
yet, this muttering mouth foaming
     flea bitten doggone chow barker
     bows down in (toto) obeisance
     (like an obedient Dachshund)
     tail wagging, trump petting,

     and snout sniffing out provenance
     on par with the smell of new sofa despite
     fur vent angry ma
     stiff masta paws zing
aghast at dog eared, glom haired,
     and icky stained new furniture,
     how petty, versus slumber
     lest awakening the Cerberus within,
     hence faux long enough

to excel as the top notch mix breed
     boxer golden retriever terrier
    male delivery postbag
(as taught at canine obedient school)
upon spilling contents,
     the bulk of printed material

     detailing importance,
     sans letting sleeping
     Canis lupus familiaris lye undisturbed,
     especially after a bath
     when pooch resembles
     a limp dish rag
all apropos hot (gravy trained) relevant
     topics for instance,

     when feeling sleep deprived
     detailing how to shepherd
     and summon the snoop doggy dog
     inchoate hounding gnarly
     Marley elusive dream
     fostering feigning fearsome nightmare
     asper getting lost without a name tag.
Grainy night
Too smoggy
Must be a horror film
In a slight fright
I see your face
So glad!
We surround & converse
Then, I blast off
I had doubts
But he always saves the night
Runs with the cold wind
We settle & plop down
Were drowsy & overworked
Gentle & forthright
Softly talking
Time flies
This is so rare
What we have
Unlike the others
Were dazzling
Radiant stares around
I gracefully poke you
“Are you dozing off?”
“I’m taking it in…”
Don’t worry about me
The divine look
So and so
Its all tolerable
I see you
I know
One day
Someone will see me
Like I see you
Life is grand
Due to you
Music from my phone, my alarm
Panic thoughts emerges from my head and i know im awake
Stand up, go in to the kitchen, see the pills, i intake
My eyes are still drowsy and swollen from last nights tears
Not ready for a new days thoughts and fears
I get ready, run out the door
My sparkle for life is gone, more than ever before
So i get to school looking like af mess
I know my friends will ask, but im too tired to confess
"Everything is alright dont you worry"
Red alarm lights in my head, and i scurry
Home, lie down, breathe in, breathe out
Just want the voices in my head to stop the screams and the shouts.
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