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TheWitheredSoul Dec 2019
Running in circles with the people I love.

Closer I get,farther I move.
Ever felt like you were the punchline to some kind of a cosmic lonewolf irony?
GulRukh May 2018
For you,
It take seconds from being lover to stranger
and for me,
It'll take miles to cover this subtle distance..
Please do not become strangers again..
an0nym0us May 2019
Your world was black and white
I presented you a beautiful sight
I aided your falling world
I saved you with painful words.

I am always aiding all of you
I promise to always save you
I hit you when you're being irrelevant
But now I am feeling very distant

You all salute my strength
But you never knew the truth...
The tough steel was bent
Indeed, disappointment is the fruit.

I am at the very bottom
Again, as if waiting for autumn.
But I prefer spring...
Because I'm walking in winter, desperately surviving.

I wish for reinforcements
Due to this storm, I'm breaking and leaving fragments.
From here, home is still far.
Walking alone, navigating through the stars.

I'm getting really tired...
But falling asleep in the snow, please give me fire.
Someone please, oh please rescue me
I don't want to say goodnight, its too early.
Johannah Jeanty Jan 2018
I, I try to depart from all people,
I'm a lone wolf!
On my own I try to stop their "evil"
I am left out,
It is the automatical me
Can I change from who I am
To who I want to be?

Lone wolf!
I choose to live this way,
I am happy with there's sadness all around me
Lone wolf!
I'm forced to live my  life
All of the easy going times
And all of the strife.

Lone wolf!
That's the real me.
Can I change from who I am to who I want to be?
I cannot deny the lonewolfness in me,
Loneliness in me.
(It helps if you spell it out)
Elena Basophil Jul 2017
A lone wolf cries,
"I need no pack;
I have what others lack."
What is that?
Wolf answers,
"Independence ".
But I am no wolf.
Sarah Boon Apr 2017
The unexplainable feeling
of feeling
Wanted: for pouring matches into my vessel
My toes tremble in dewy grass
My heels sank into the earth
It's difficult to be difficult,
I know this.
Grab my lungs and shake it like a toy,
but please don't break my heart.
I would never give somebody broken glass as a gift,
So I can understand why you can't handle me.
For fear of being cut open,
because you were looking for a hug
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