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If they really knew what's good for me

They'd turn away and leave me be

It's for the better.
Sometimes I just wish the world would leave me alone.
G Oct 2020
• • •
Oh, lonesome 4:42am
Where I sit and crave for the things I cannot aim
"I'm falling again", as what it is on play

God. . .
What must I do?

For I no longer want to stay;
That I just wanted someone to take me away
Or go somewhere far far away

Oh, God. . .
Once more,
why am I stuck in this f x c k i n g cage of hell?

Thought things will change its turns and ways
But hey, here I am all over again
Tired of these pains I feel every single day
• • •
TheWitheredSoul Dec 2019
Running in circles with the people I love.

Closer I get,farther I move.
Ever felt like you were the punchline to some kind of a cosmic lonewolf irony?
GulRukh May 2018
For you,
It take seconds from being lover to stranger
and for me,
It'll take miles to cover this subtle distance..
Please do not become strangers again..
an0nym0us May 2019
Your world was black and white
I presented you a beautiful sight
I aided your falling world
I saved you with painful words.

I am always aiding all of you
I promise to always save you
I hit you when you're being irrelevant
But now I am feeling very distant

You all salute my strength
But you never knew the truth...
The tough steel was bent
Indeed, disappointment is the fruit.

I am at the very bottom
Again, as if waiting for autumn.
But I prefer spring...
Because I'm walking in winter, desperately surviving.

I wish for reinforcements
Due to this storm, I'm breaking and leaving fragments.
From here, home is still far.
Walking alone, navigating through the stars.

I'm getting really tired...
But falling asleep in the snow, please give me fire.
Someone please, oh please rescue me
I don't want to say goodnight, its too early.
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