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Amanda Jan 26
I love you more than hate myself
The worst thing is you do too
Don't know what you see in me
I am so shocked that you do
If only we could trade eyes for a day
La Girasol May 2019
I had a conversation with my mom last night. Grandpa is not well, she told me. He's dying, is what I heard.

So am I, I thought.

I ate dinner with my friends and their kids tonight. I needed 2 years to heal from one of my first break-ups, she told me.

So do I, I thought.

I screamed at God or you or maybe both tonight. You're an a**hole! I yelled until my sobs cut my screams off.

So am I, I thought.

I wept in a friend's bed tonight. He's not making healthy choices, she told me.

So am I, I thought.

I watched the stars and sat outside while I cussed out God and you both tonight. You lied to me and I needed you, I sobbed.

So do I.
Grief is an ever-present neighbor who makes herself at home in my life frequently. I am feeling betrayed, sad, angry, shocked, and hurt. Grief, God, and you, have all been taking the brunt of it. Tears are becoming a daily reality.
MAX castro May 2019
We were across the room, but our eyes found each other.
You said hello, and then I shivered.
I danced through the night with your arms around me.
Fingers entwined like you want to keep me.
With your warm hands, you gave my cheek a gentle caress.
As I feel the music within my body, I closed my eyes while we locked lips.
This is the feeling that I've been longing for.
The feeling that makes my heart tremble.
How can you feel so loved with a guy you just met?
From a guy whom you know you will never see again?
This is a poem that I made for my Friend. This is exactly the feeling that you've felt when you met him.
David J May 2019
Its just suprising
How quickly the world can change
From colorfull... to gray
"Back so soon?" my heart says to istself, "yeah, i guess i'm back." I reply "but, it was kinda nice..."
I will return to that emotionless state, but this year... it wasnt so bad, i got hurt but perhaps the high was worth the pain...
EmotionalPoet Feb 2019
Yesterday I felt good about myself
I thought I looked good in that dress
Today I saw a video of me
And my self esteem went down, I'm down on my knee
I'm working so hard to maintain,
A good physic my self to entertain
My self to be proud of
My self to not be worn off
I count calories every day
A limit I set to always obey
A workout regim to never look pass
Only walking, not taking the bus
I find my legs so thick why?
I find my arms so flabby, No I deny
I'm gonna try to push some more forward
To not give up on this trip, only onward
To me and everyone who struggles.
A M Ryder Oct 2018
They say three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead

Secrets could be simple, if they weren't the type worth being spread

You can bury secrets, I'm sure you're shocked to hear it's true.

But dont dream you'll finish digging, until they first have buried you.
an0nym0us Jun 2018
New place,
New pace.
I'm now ready to face
My new race.

Now I've set my game
I don't care about fame
I wont let anything stop me
I will be who I want to be.

The atmosphere suddenly changed...
The air feels strange....
My heart starts to beat fast
I can't believe this, I saw you at last.

I didn't saw that one comming...
About you, I know nothing...
Meeting you again was unexpected,
Being in the same school was not intended...

Time has passed...
But my feelings still last,
I promise I never felt lust
I can assure you, you can give me your trust.

This is so stupid!!
With you, I got hit hard by cupid...
I don't think this is puppy love...
I guess to you, I truly am inlove.

Im sorry,
There is nothing to worry.
Just stay off my sight,
For you, my feelings, I will stop it and fight.
seriously, I didnt expected that he will be in the same senior high school as I was till I saw him with my own two eyes...
Ammar Feb 2018
if something feels wrong
then it is wrong

you & me
never felt wrong
Seanathon Nov 2017
By the passing’s of perfume on a winters day
Wow, not why
Because you used to wear that scent
Ever have that? Where something just instantaneously takes you back?
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