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Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never knew before:?

mind fluttered
heart triggered
or was it the opposite?
to not feel
is constantly abandoning the real
or was it overthinking?
white sun
yellow moon shun
or was it the lamp in my room?
exclamation mark
question bark
or was it me confused?!
flames left turned in hurt
backs flared then burnt
or was it them that slammed the door?
now a missing bone
from an unsolved puzzle all alone  

Radhika Lusted Sep 2020
Words just wander
In my mind
But all the pieces
Hard to find

What are they?
And where do they
come to go?
Like missing pieces
of a puzzle
I’ll never know
Valentina Piro Jun 2019
Hear the sound of a far gone chime.
Hear it mixing with some romantic poem you read
the night you couldn't sleep;
the night you thought you'd take your own life,
then gazed at the moon shining in some new way and went back to bed.
Hear the sound of the body lying next to you.
His tangled hair.
Feel your nails creaking on the wall.
Feel yourself crawling into some stranger's sheets, like a parasite, a disease.
See your mother cutting the meat on your plate,
watch her door shut in your face.
See your lover cutting your flesh,
then walking away from you.

What have you become?
Have all of your pieces come together?
Throw them in the air like confetti, let them fall on your head, watch them build up,
late November leaves in a puddle of mud.

I grow old, I grow old.
Do I?

Cradle me with lullabies
Tear my heart down with goodbyes.
I am young, I am old,
swirling water on my tongue,
crying speechless tears of pain,
speaking languages in vain.
Though we walked our roads this far
we never figured who we are.
Zombie May 2019
Nothing breaks  me more than the lies U utter looking deep into my eyes.

Astonished,Puzzled and Disheartened.
Astonished, With the art of ur telling lies flawlessly....
Puzzled, Why it has to be me???
Disheartened, as nothing left, it's me...
an0nym0us May 2019
So many strings
Unorganized things
Colors on beings
Pertains feelings.

What a dark night
Objects seem blur to my sight
I am walking down the labyrinth
With small light, I have no hint.

I am in search of something
I can't really recall what is that thing
I kept walking
This is worrying.

I am lost...
I can't remember which way
I wish to return at any cost.
Let us call that a day.
faeri Feb 2019
I'd like to say
Our love is like
Puzzle pieces.
Even if our pieces
Are worn
And hands don't
Fit anymore,
The picture we
Made together will always
Be beautiful
In our memories.
first official poem of 2019
Emma Jan 2019
What was it about that moment that made him love you less?
Was it that you needed him, and he was supposed to be the one needing you?
Was it the use of it? That you didn’t share, simply asked of him?
Was it the failure?
Or was it just that before you were unmarred, unblemished,
An unreality?
And then all at once you were just like everyone else.
What was it that made him love you less?
Jehzeel Dec 2018
It's sad to witness  

        those days filled...

with love and joy

        were now covered...

with hatred and pain.
Jiya Oct 2018
here i sit
here i stay
here i will cry
til i slowly waste away
if to breathe is to drown
to drown is to sing
a drug that can ****
can heal a king
here she sits
here she stays
here she will cry
til she slowly wastes away
if to crawl is to sink
to sink is to fly
a man that loves god
can hate his own life
here he sits
here he stays
here he will cry
til he slowly wastes away
just a word ***** poem written whilst i was bored in class.
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