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Ahmad Attr Jun 19
I wish I could love you
But I don’t like your crooked smile
Your crooked nose, and dead eyes
Your crooked morality, and lifeless skin
You’re an inanimate doll
Except not pretty
You are a repulsive sight
I know what you do in the dark
I know your future and your past
I know the filthy blood pumped by your heart
And I know you, better than they do
Thus I just can’t love you
a note to mirror
Caleb Kyme Jun 2
The sun's shining on my tattered bed sheets
Another day of sadness
Just like any other day
If I don't come back with soiled pants
Then I will go to church and offer a burnt offering
I go to the bathroom
Flinch at every drop of water that hits my ****** wounds
I go to the mirror and look
The big swelling I got yesterday
After the "queen bee" hit my head against the wall
Someone again placed a banana peel on my way
I could only hear shutter sounds as I fell
Became the meme of yesterday
Just like I was the day before the day before the day before...
I look at her in the mirror
In the school uniform
With tears in my eyes
Filled with anger and remorse
Punching the girl in my mirror
I roared at her
I hated the ******* the other side of the mirror... She is hated by everyone. Not even a single soul wanted to be with her. Not even the gods cared for her. It would be better was she dead, right???
Ellis Emery May 21
Who is this monster I have created
When did the real me get so faded
I hate it

I look in the mirror,
And all I see is self hatred

Where did the real me go
Where did I go
I want to know

When did I get stuck in this bottomless pit of hell
When did I turn into this person I don't even recognize,
Even when I look myself in the eyes

Who am I
mia Mar 7
if the world could grant me this moment,
to take in all the pain the universe has frowned upon me,
i would gladly say “no, thanks.”
i have no time to deal with the pain inflicted upon my being
nor do i have the time to face my reality.

that’s what i’m good at, anyway.
constantly running away from the reality that whenever i face it,
i’d crumble down like a cookie.
the truth is,
i have made myself believe that my comfort zone is a place away from my reality.

it’s ironic,
how my comfort zone is just a fantasy created by myself
when it should be the truth that i need to face.

i guess i’m a coward,
for making myself believe that
this is supposed to be my safe place
when it clearly isn’t.

i am a person who deserves a lot that the world can offer.
but, i am also my own enemy
for making myself believe that i deserve nothing more than the pain and tragedy i’ve constantly faced.
i’m the enemy of myself for depriving myself of all the good that the world has to offer.
e Mar 7
liquid dawn, headphones, cold, and restlessness
pills, tears, and helplessness
it’s at times like these that I feel like I’m falling behind, without facing
disquietude, medicine short of patience

I hid in the bathroom to spit out my disappointment towards me, always the abomination
because I just can't seem to do anything right, what a desecration
they knock on the door but I have no breath left to answer
could it be because of my pounding? I can't endure the slander

lips lie then pray for attention, for someone to cry for me
but that someone is not there, and it's so dark in here
june ivy Feb 3
sitting in my car
crying on my birthday
trying to drive on
swerving through the turn lane

another year, another fear
I'm anxious as I steer
then my eyes well with tears and I can't see the road
crashed my car let me go home
I don't want to be here no more

people stare but they aren't looking
it's my ******* birthday
trying to drive on
swerving off the road and I'm gone

another year another fear
I wish for death as I steer
crashed my car let me go home
I wanna die on the day that I was born
june ivy Feb 3
The light shines through the windowpane
and I start to melt, I scream in pain
Hello? help, I can't do this again
Shut the curtain, I'm alone again
Sizzled and fried, I think I just died
How does it feel to still be alive?
My lungs are the only thing that's left
Slowly rising and falling in a ****** mess

How does it feel to still be alive?
Stop crying

My heart skips beats when I can't sleep
My eyes strain red
I shot myself in the head
This hole in my brain makes me think I'm insane
Watch me laugh it off again
Syrup pours out but it's not very sweet
So I'll hand you the gun, tell you, "copy me."
Outcasts in hysteria hold onto our feet

How does it feel to still be alive?
How does it feel to join the dark side?
Stop crying
You're dying
M E Ronan Dec 2020
In silence, in solitude
A line of people surround me
Perpetually faces protruding
Screams of turmoil falling on me
Like a pour of concrete
Permanently motions denied
Salvation lost in stillness
My existence feeding from it
Energy exuding from the hatred
Silence is lost on me
Too many talking
Cheap cynical laughter
No respite, no comfort
Lost my own voice within
Tabbitha Erceg Oct 2020
You told me I had the saddest eyes you'd ever seen,
And now I can't look at myself without crying.
Ozzie Oct 2020
Self hatred
Fueled by staying inside
By never seeing people
By wearing a mask

Full face
Half face
No face
Hide behind the cloth
The screen
The walls

Leave me anonymous
I've developed extreme anxiety around publicly showing my face. It's gotten to the point I can't drive without a mask or go get my mail. All the mirrors in my house are covered. Seeing myself ruins my day.
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