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You told me I had the saddest eyes you'd ever seen,
And now I can't look at myself without crying.
Noah Oct 21
Self hatred
Fueled by staying inside
By never seeing people
By wearing a mask

Full face
Half face
No face
Hide behind the cloth
The screen
The walls

Leave me anonymous
I've developed extreme anxiety around publicly showing my face. It's gotten to the point I can't drive without a mask or go get my mail. All the mirrors in my house are covered. Seeing myself ruins my day.
Mazikeen Sep 11
My thoughts, sinking in Hades realm
Reaching the bottom, I'm under pressure
Don't surrender, I whisper to myself
Afraid of my obsessions taking over
If silence interferes with judgment
My sanctuary risks exposure
If you could only see my reality in action
The shifting ground, the constant noises
The voices chanting hate
The shadows that haunt the light
Looting oxygen and faith
And yet I still have a bit of strength
Hanging in there and here waiting
For better days to come.
I see you, I hear you.
Amanda Aug 28
Change me
I don’t like it
Make it go away

Sculpt me better
Tear me apart
And sew a new frame

Pull out my dulled eyes
For ones full of light
I’m sick of theses dying eyes
The ones who couldn’t see the love
Who could only show distrust
So tear out my broken eyes
Please give me something new

Them cut off both my hands
Cause they’ve done nothing to be kept
They bruised my neck
And cut my skin
So why keep them around

And my mouth
My beautiful little mouth
Stayed quiet when I cried
When I wanted to scream
When I needed help
Smiling through pain
Laughing through hardship
Cut it off
Rip it
Shred it until it’s in a million pieces
Give me a new one

Melt my stomach
Burn it
Set it on fire until it’s nothing but ash
It’s endless cries of hunger
Ribs poking holes through the thin skin
I hate it
It’s ugly and disgusting

Chop off my feet
Endlessly walking in a circle
Never quite near freedom
Taking me closer and closer to death
Let them bleed out across the floor
Until all that’s left
Is a husk of skin and bones

Rip out my heart
The thing that made me cry
Tears flowing across the hall
Stab the thing that stopped
When she walked in the room
That stopped when she walked out the door

And my brain
I hate it the most
I wish I could smash it into a million pieces
Burn it to ash
Do a million things I couldn’t name
I would shout at the voices
Stop breaking me
Stop hurting me
Stop controlling me
Stop it before I go mad
Before I go crazy
Before I rip myself apart

Burn the rest of the body
The whole thing was just a mess
Beyond repair
No one cares for that thing
Just throw it in the river already
Let sink to the bottom
And lay there for years
Because no want that thing
That ugly little husk
Marshal Aug 27
Hello again person who reads these
Last time I did a poem like this
A lot of people got worried
And I guess people are still worried

I like to name these thoughts
Because thoughts always circulate
Circulating like water through a dam
Only problem is that the thoughts don’t give energy

I am bad at talking sometimes for no reason
And others I just can’t shut the **** up
My emotions change depending on the season
All of my happiness draining into a broken cup

Here I am with everyone staring at me
Wondering if i’m close
If I hate being me
Wishing I looked more like a rose

Another thought that I have
Is what is love really
And I won't ever achieve it
Just thinking i’ll find love makes me feel silly

People worry that I will cut again
They say that they love me
I will be missed if I were to leave
But what if leaving will help clear the pain

Feeling selfish is a constant factor
I think of things that make my heart quicken
Blood feels hot and people treat me like an actor
I wonder if later on I will drink then

Thoughts of ending
Dreams of living
Waking up breathing heavily
Never looking lovely

Maybe I will be famous
In the end it doesn’t matter
The older generations will blame us
For a world they left in tatters

I think I'm going to stop now
See you when I see you
You’ll probably see me at my all time low
But for now let’s be happy instead of being blue
Most or all of my poems ****
noor Aug 10
self hatred is like a seed
that has been planted  
that grows very slowly
without even realizing
you have watered
and let this tree grow
the tree
it towers over you
into darkness
and hides the sun
that radiates love
your sickness
is my disease

your sickness
is the same as mine

your sickness
is hurting others

and only thinking of yourself

you don't see




causes you to hurt me

your hate of self
is the disease that plagues humanity
if I don't stop hating myself
I will continue to hurt you
who wants to go first
SerenaDuru Aug 4
Ye hosts of sadness,
And hatred
Of cruel and selfish nature,
Are not welcome here!

I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love,
I am a vessel of love ...
Bryn Kennell Jul 14
Lyrics of pain
A song so dark

She had no shield
Inhaled the words
Right into her heart

Melody severed
Just danced along
A tree in the wind
Enslaved to the song in her head
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