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Anger brings out a side of people
Perhaps one that hasn’t been seen
But then again it’s useful
It makes the slate start clean

I have a motto now
I’ll live each day for me
I’m done trying to satisfy the thirsty man
And portraying what he wants me to be

Let’s be honest I should’ve seen this coming
After all he wasn’t mine
But God it shouldn’t of hurt like this
And I shouldn’t be silently crying
an0nym0us Nov 2018
I'm at my limit
Struggling to keep it
I can't speak loud
Somebody, help me out.

Help me, please?
I just want peace...
I can't afford to loose,
Please, do not abuse.

I hear it whisper...
Luring me to unleash her
Her words are so sweet,
But I must stay on my feet.

Don't force her out!!
Or, I'll black out...
It will be messy...
I'm afraid, help me.
my life with hyperacusis...
aquis Sep 2018
a part of me
gets irritated so easily
while the other gets irritated
of that part of me
Hate when this happens..
Anya Sep 2018
Lips pursed
Blatant irritation
Eyes flickering, like little fireflies
Shining a spot light
On every little piece of dust
Remotely out of place
In my room
Fiel Sep 2018
We all know we have this haunting ghost
That follows us wherever we go
It's not that scary and doesn't say boo!
It's in our mind, stuck like a goo

Maybe because it is from the past
But I will not say that it will perpetually last
Remember there are things you can divert
If you can't do it, you can always avert.
It still nags me
YourNightLight Aug 2018
My body is hot, within me is a flame, boiling the blood in my veins, my skin is warm & I feel bothered internally.
It won't take much to set me off.
I can't run away from myself, I can't escape these feelings.
I feel like I'm suffocating in myself.
How can I feel better, who will understand, how can I make it go away?
I don't know where to turn...
b e mccomb Mar 2018
(there are three grounds
floating on the top of my coffee
it's too late at night to be
drinking this coffee)

i'm just kind of
irritated is all

spending too much time
with myself gets to me
but other people get
to me more

my friends could tell you i hate
touching butter
and kisses
three things which tend to be
jarring and unsanitary

they could also tell you
they hate your guts

(i remove the grounds
with my spoon and swoosh
the coffee around in circle
so it hits the sides)

after that stunt you pulled
where you pulled me
too close for my comfort
and kissed my cheek

we're not counting that as
my first kiss because it was
not funny or sweet or
any other sentimental epithet

it was

(the candle is burning
low but i don't mind
i've got all night
to tap out my mind)

and you can only imagine
how pleased i was to find
a very neatly wrapped
package with my name
all wrapped up in ribbons and
a bow the day after my birthday

i didn't open it for
a whole day out of spite
put it in the lost and found
until you moved it back

it was actually a nice
useful gift which you
presumably spent
$40 or so on

which only added
to my irritation

(its getting cold so i start
chugging it but lukewarm
coffee chugged down isn't the
most satisfying way to drink it)

so i wrote a very
passive aggressive
thank you note about
how nice friendship was

and had a dream that you
demanded to know why
i picked someone over you
i didn't have a good answer

(and there's the bottom of
the mug with two more
coffee grounds stuck in the
pocket drop you never can get)

i get ****** when
i'm irritated

and i'm usually somewhat
irritated with you
copyright 3/11/18 b. e. mccomb
Seema Aug 2017
I dare not share
So you can stop your stare
I really don't care
For my feelings are rare

I am here with an open mind
For the hidden treasures I can find
But your attitude is so unkind
Stating many others are lined

It seems you are confused
Or you think you've been used
I am not here to be accused
So piff off ****, am not amused...

Seema Aug 2017
Cool and breezy
My hands all greasy
Fixing my car, alright
Been busy since last night
A lot tired today
More work, what can I say
Worst of all this rain
Just had to pour again
I rather use my brain
Then to cause myself pain
I'll just call on a mechanic
So to fix my car without panic
All this greasy smell
Oh, **** this ****
I'll just let the experts handle
While I light a candle
Power just had to go off
And I hate this irritating cough
Am writing about my neighbor
Who was working alone, no labor
He was muttering and complaining
While talking to mechanic and explaining
Poor guy, gave me a theme to write
I wish his car gets fixed by tonight...

cynthia Feb 2017
this morning I woke up
with the metallic taste of poetry in my mouth
and though I scrub
though I scour
till the sink is bright pink

I can't seem to
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