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DaysongMercrest Sep 2018
I am a storm, that rumbles through the night.
I am the darkness, that you chase away with light.
I am the night sky, full of stars, that you never look at.
I am alone; there is not another like me.
I am always here, but you take me for granted.
I am the moon, shunned by even the sun.
I am hungry, but there is nothing to feed me.
I cry for help, but no one can hear me; all they hear is the wind.
The sun is like a mask, that I put on to make you like me.
The moon is like my heart, beautiful and dark, but you seem to hate my heart.
I am the sky, full of swooping swallows, that you always ignore.
I am the sky; both clear and stormy.
I wrote this for class, but I wanted to share it before turning it in.
an0nym0us Aug 2018
I can't speak loud
Sun that hide behind the clouds
Sight keeps going down
In emptyness, I've drown.

Are we really friends??
Attention you can't lend
Metal that can be bent
Bond made by lie, with rust it ends.

Fibers in my chest are weak
Fragile vase that leaks
Mask that is tough and fierce
You got me mentally and emotionally pierced.

I'm in happiness, but also in pain
Inside my vase, a world with an unending rain
When flood over flows, through my eyes it drains,
Behind a mask, it can be hidden and leaves no stain.
its a big mistake for me to fall inlove with some one who can never love me back...
an0nym0us May 2018
I feel lonely
Because you are too busy
I guess I'm not lucky
To have you back beside me.

I lost my emotions
I'm in no position
I know the cautions
I can't believe I'm in this situation...

I'm missing something...
But I have that something...
But the way I'm feeling,
It feels like I have nothing.

You belong to me and so do I to you,
But it feels like I belong to no one knows who...
I guess you are too occupied to feel it too,
And I'm just here waiting for you.

This is strange...
I expect nothing serious with this long range...
I don't even love you at all!
And yet my chest felt like I had a harsh fall.
I have a man feels like I dont...
AAron Roz May 2018
Do you ever blame yourself for everything?
Have you ever just wanted to curl up and be left alone?
This is me every day, every week, every month, every year...
You cut, and pop pills, and choke yourself out, but what good does it do?
You can't change who you are or what happens.

"You are you
that's truer than true.
there's no one alive,
that's youer than you."
(-Dr. Seuss)
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Dark and shallow
Empty and cold
Now she's always alone
Because sorrow is all she knows.

Her spirit was broken
And her heart was stolen
The love she asks was never given
All because of a promise that was forgotten.

Her heart was shouting
Her soul is crying
Her lips are lying
But her tears are indicating.

But she finally gave up
She have nothing to look up
Like being stuck in the mud
The only choice is to stop.

Her chest is heavy
She wants to escape reality
For she is no longer happy
Pain she don't want to further carry.

Death is the only escape
From the mistake she create
She chose her own fate
Jump away from hate.

Silent and calm
Chills in her palm
She hears a sweat hum
Her path in after life began.
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Look at me now
I feel so down
I lost my crown
I just wish I'm gone.

All because off a promise
That has been spoken
But forgotten and broken
Now my smile have been taken.

Mind thinks of lies
Lips does fake smiles
But behind your backs I try,
To wipe the tears when I cry.

Try to look deeper,
Deep inside is warmer
And there tears are greater
Everyday I'm getting lonelier.

Oh poor me,
Weak and lonely.
Can you blame me?
If sadness is all I see....

Here I am speaking to you,
Right after you left me out of the blue.
You left me without a clue,
Only here missing you.
an0nym0us Feb 2018
Can be good, can be bad
But oftenly sad.
A past we once had,
A time I can't bring back.

Your voice keep ringing in my head,
When will this ever end?
Is this what I get?
For loving you till the end...

I trusted you,
I thaught you were true...
Why didn't I saw through,
Your love that is too few.

Oh how silly
For you I still worry
Burden I no longer carry
But my chest is still heavy.

Everything I see
Reminds me of what we used to be
Still hoping for you to be with me
Even knowing it could never be.

I've been so depressed
This must be the greatest
Putting my sanity into test
I hope it will be less.
Edrich Apr 2018
Death looms my mind
Every day i live lifes deathly grip thightens around my throat of happiness

Traped in this
Addicted and weak
Meat prison

Only love will set me free
But sadly it will never come

I am condemned in my meat prison.
This poem is about the absences of love thats leads to depression and feelings of uselessness
John Alex Mar 2018
I can write letters
for the dead
I can articulate paragraphs
that goes through
lofty clouds,
or deep,
hard bedrock

they don't write back
they can't
they won't

so I'm stuck here
writing letters for the dead
because admit it
or not;
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