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Malia Aug 2023
i’m not a daughter
i’m a trigger
i’m not person
i’m a gun
every problem
i make bigger
reminds me i 𝘢𝘮 one

i’m not a daughter
i’m a trigger
i’m the stain on your white blouse
and everybody, everybody knows
i am the darkness in this house.
I actually wrote this originally as a poem, but then I put a melody to it and I might make it a fully-fledged song later!
Chelsie Dec 2020
wish i was them.
a decent family, maybe i would be better then.
i blame my parents for everything.
why was i born, why was i crying about everything.
1998, I came to the world
A sweet little girl
That later would be the opposite
But I was still so talented
Playing guitar and piano
Like my father did
I was holding his hand
Until I was 9 and moved to another land

My dreams and hopes were left behind
I couldn’t see a future
I was totally blind
And I began to grow and cry often
And when I turned thirteen
I was so lost
My skin couldn’t no more stay clean
Bleeding like a horror movie in the screen

I started running away
I had no more reasons to stay
I was only there to cause problems
My nights became days
And my nights became helpless

I know it sounds selfish
But I just didn’t have
I didn’t have any reason to keep fighting
And I’m the same self-destructive behavior
I kept spinning

When I was 18, I moved to my father’s house
I couldn’t even handle my own thoughts
My memories from I was 14 were little dots
I was living stuck with my voices
Hurting myself
And being enable to make my own choices

I only wish I could have made my family proud
But I couldn’t stand in my own feet
When I was already nineteen
A simple task I couldn’t complete
I wish I had made you happy
But I will always need help when myself
I have to defeat

I should have been doing better now
Get over my mom
And make my daddy proud
And I hope someday I will
an0nym0us Jan 2019
I am a warrior
Bold and brave
Master of an art of blade
I am a warrior

My armor is breaking
It hurts...I can't see
How?! It...It can't be?!
My armor is breaking.

Why it feels so hot?
Am...Am I loosing my sight?!
Why?! Why isn't there any light?!
Why it feels so hot?

I'm falling...
I can't see a **** thing...
I can't feel anything...
I'm failing...
My problems are slowly getting the best of me...
Semaj Brown Oct 2018
There are times that I wish I was dead there are times when I ask god why did he make me. Was it just to make me cry every night. Make my own mother hate and blame me. Well then maybe I should let her **** me maybe I should run way maybe I disappear for goodness sake then someone said to me i know you hurt but you don’t how strong you really are so listen just listen


I looked into my father’s eyes and saw the hatred...when he said I was no longer his son I pulled knife to my neck and said “devil have me” but god said wait don’t you let him take you away from me don’t you let him have my child just wait and listen


I heard my mother cries saying she was sorry that she couldn’t afford the life we deserve. She was sorry that my father wasn’t around. She was sorry that my sister, her daughter might be stuck in a wheel chair for life. So I got down on my knees begged god to save me please and he said your greatness is coming my child just wait and listen


I heard the whispers that was a b*d child, that my mother slept with  married man. I heard the rumors that i wasn’t gonna go anywhere that I was just gonna end up like her a desperate soul. And that’s when I lost control. My mother died as I laid in her arms 16 & pregnant I was mad at the world but god was telling me to listen. Just wait and listen not to them but to me your greatness is coming your greatness is now


He died in my arms blood everywhere, my mother left, my father was in Jail i was left by myself had this gun in my hand put it to head ready to pull the trigger but god said wait you have purpose open your ears and listen. He said boy don’t you do it don’t let the devil make you into something your not don’t let his demons break you like this. Just listen

this is a poem I wrote based on a book I wrote about 5 teenagers going through it
Michael Sep 2018
Writing, for me, is an escape.
An escape from the hatred that surrounds me.
An escape from the people who want to hurt me.
An escape from the people who send attackers after me.
An escape from the people who use others to get at me.
An escape from the darkness that lives within me.
An escape from the darkness that lives in you.
My step children’s family sent attackers after me. A person with a knife attacked me for them because they are jealous of my relationship with my step children. I can’t retaliate because of the step children. I can’t seek legal help because of my step children. I am stuck in limbo, with my safety on the line.
Damon Beckemeyer Aug 2018
I found my glasses today
Under a coat of dust
At a friend’s house
A year after I lost them

I like what I see
I put them on
I feel normal again
Clark Kent would be proud

These lenses take the heat off my vision
I look like a normal guy

I feel normal
I can play video games
Talk about super heroes
And girls

And when I leave I go home to arm chairs
and arms full of charity
I should mention
I live at a friend’s house
Three squares, my own room
and a koi pond outside
It’s a hotel here

You see, I found family last month
At a friend’s house
A week after I lost it

I didn’t know how I got there
I left Dad’s due to abuse
Mom kicked me out to refuse truth
And now they both pay each other money
As I walked down a rainy street without shoes

My friend’s family
And I’m grafted in
God should hate me
I’m a self-orphaned child
Soon to be a self-made man
I killed family
But I’m grafted in

Washington never cut down his father’s cherry tree
But I’m standing next to splinters
From the axe I didn’t swing
Should have, could have
Would have had I had half the brain I have now

I feel like a normal guy
Who’s never thought about ******?
Who never had parent issues?
Who never had help when they needed it?
Who feels normal?
John AD Feb 2018
Napakadaya nang buhay,Kanya-kanyang palusot para tumakas at maglakbay
Nagsinungaling ang tadhana ganun nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit sarado ang bintana
Tunog lang ang iyong naririnig , dahil hindi mo pedeng husgaan ang nasa loob ng kanyang bibig
Nagtataka ka dahil wala kang ebidensya sa mga narinig , Subalit umaatake padin ang mga daga sa dibdib
Nanginginig , dahil di ka sigurado sa tono , tama nga siguro ang hinala ko

Nakakalungkot lang isipin sarili nating kaibigan,kamag-anak,kapatid
Ay nagsisinungaling upang makamit ang kasiyahang dapat talagang ilihim
Ang daya naman dito , gusto ko nalang tumakas dito at ipunas ang mga luha ko
na hindi mo makikita dahil nakatago sa dilim

Balang araw dudungaw nalang ako sa isang butas na gawa sa abaka,
At tatakasan ang ilusyong mundo at maglakbay sa reyalidad
DeAnn Jan 2018
I am from whisk.
From Mr.Clean and Odoban.
I am from my locked closet (dark).
I am from my mom's attempted fruit trees (they always die),
a palm tree in front of my room’s window,
I always wanted to climb out my window and escape by climbing down it.

I’m from protein shakes and Alex being addicted to Alex Clare so he bought a hat similar to Alex Clare's hat
From Chip (hates his real name “douglas”) and Alex (not alexander)
I’m from my mom's breeding of dogs/ entrepreneur/ planners and my dad's travelling for work/playing drums/being a jokester,
From “Oh honey, your back looks okay, but your stomach…” and “Do you want to die of cancer?”
I’m from my best friend telling me “You embody light and love”
With making earrings
And always crying alone

I’m from another reason why I’m closest to my dad and unidentifiable.
Lamb and french fries.
From Zyler breaking his pinky toe by dropping a large rock on his foot
To Zyler plugging his ears whenever Alex or dad sings, or plugging his ears when he hears music he doesn’t like and/or want to listen to at that time
Our childhood/baby year memories are kept in boxes with our names on them in the office, We have baby books that go up to about 1 ½ to 2 years old, Facebook
I am The uninvited third wheel tagging along on a date
My "Telling True Stories" class made us all write lists down like MASH and insert them into different areas within the I Am poem... thought it shouldn't be a waste
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