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Nidhi Mar 28
I'm so heart broken
That somebody can stab me
I would feel
no agony
no pain
nothing hurts more than a broken heart
Hey sickness
When will you go?
You’ve make me weak
And I can’t sing no more

Hey sickness
Why do i feel so low?
My organs are failing
When my poor soul died long ago

Oh sickness!
Have you got good intentions at all?
You give me all these pain
I’ve no energy left

Dear life
Now please spare me
Let me rest in peace
Inside the little heaven I’ve made.
Michael Flynn Feb 15
At my darkest hour
Cursing my breathing
I slid from the bed, sweat heavy on the brow struggling for breath.

I mustered my strength,
Crawled to the door
Mind racing,
Dazed through an internal maze,
For what seemed an eternity.

I lay on that cold floor, reminiscing of past deeds done,
And of the chains that bind me.
My soul numbed,
As I stare into an abyss.

I cursed and swore while staring at that door,
How death was cheated from me.
My planned escape from my mortal cage
Failed that morning.
Coming out of
A nearby hut of mud
A rose bud
Used to mix with
High school
Students’ flood.

On the street
With a bow
Her I used to greet.
Drawing close
And casting an
Affectionate glance
I used to say “Hi”
Often I never
Failed to utter
“Lovely!” “Cute one!” …
In her heart a cherished
Corner to buy.
Though she was shy
Her angelic face
Smiles used to aurify.

When she comes of age
I was sure to propose to her
Though age gap could
Put us asunder
“Does that she too wonder?”
I still ponder.

One sad Saturday morning
A funeral procession
Round the hut
Drew my attention.

To her parents & siblings
And , of course,
To my hidden grief
She opted to be brief
You see
She could not tolerate
“Detained!” on her
Grade 10 certificate.

She found it hard
To reflect
A pitch dark night
Will certainly
Cedes place to
A broad day light.

Had she managed  that
Dark moment to outgrow,
She could have
Long forgotten her sorrow.

Two decades later
Whenever I pass
By that place
I see her younger brother
With sadness stamped face!

“Suicide why?”
Is it not cruel
A harrowing pain
On those we
Will be survived by!

Is it not selfish
Taking our life
In to our hands
Our corporeal existence
To finish?

If we share our sorrow
Moral prop
From our confidants
We could borrow
This way
What is unbearable today
We may forget tomorrow.

Is it not better taking
The bull by the horn,
Circumventing challenges
To stand shoulder high
While many are born?///

(BY Alem Hailu G/Kristos)
Why Suicide? Based on a true story.I was asked by a Facebook group to write a poem aiming at preventing suicide.I penned this down.
an0nym0us Aug 2018
I can't speak loud
Sun that hide behind the clouds
Sight keeps going down
In emptyness, I've drown.

Are we really friends??
Attention you can't lend
Metal that can be bent
Bond made by lie, with rust it ends.

Fibers in my chest are weak
Fragile vase that leaks
Mask that is tough and fierce
You got me mentally and emotionally pierced.

I'm in happiness, but also in pain
Inside my vase, a world with an unending rain
When flood over flows, through my eyes it drains,
Behind a mask, it can be hidden and leaves no stain.
its a big mistake for me to fall inlove with some one who can never love me back...
NM Jul 2018
A man asked me why I was more afraid of people than I was a hopsital.

With a heavy, yet numb heart, I replied:

"I have had more IVs than I ever had hugs."
Simple late night vent.
Dealing with multiple chronic illnesses my whole life has left me with such a severe depression, sometimes I wish I could die than live like this.
In the passed month, I had been in E.Rs 9 times and admitted as well. As much as you'd think I would be relieved in the end I have treatment, and found a diagnosis after this years start of flare ups, infections, etc...
I wish at times I would just go to sleep and never wake up.
I am not someone who was ever strong against even the most simplest of pain, held strong in times when something came up, and I have severe anxiety about my health even if it is a small cough, every moment is watching the clock, pill bottles and appointments.

I know others have it worse out there, and I know there is hope...
But in moments like now, I see nothing more than pain the rest of my life and being a failure to every single person around me.

To those of you out there who know or deal with something like this...
I am so truly sorry.
Things like this, I would wish on NO ONE, not even the Devil himself.
I wish-as taken for granted as people are towards health and what they can have-
I would give anything to cure your soul than mine.

(Sorry to rant. It's late, I am trying to keep "dark thoughts" at bay.)

God bless everyone of you, and to good health may you always find.
AD Snail Jan 2018
Eating away at me,
Digging into my flesh,
And grinding down my bones,
It festers inside of me.

Slowly it feeds,
Leaving me feeling absent;
Amongst my own emotions.

Its to deep inside,
For me to cut away at.
Leaving me staring off,
Trying to go to space in my mind,
Because the fog isn't as frighten as the deep,
Imbibed emotion.

Left sitting for days,
Waiting for something,
To end this hopelessness that has made home,
In my hollow cage which is my body.
Tecknet Dec 2016
What if, when our death draws nigh,
An angel drops his head?
What if, as the heavens sing,
We hear only sorrow in its stead?

What if our savior, sent by God,
Is lost and out of place?
What if, when the thunder roars,
It rings with laughter above its bass?

What if all but one are true,
And god shakes his head from his mighty view?
Anonymous Freak Jul 2016
I can see your hair,
Winding up,
Towards the sky,
Shining in the sun,
Like seaweed.
Your hands are
Gripping the ocean
Holding tight
To ancient wreckage
At the bottom of the sea.

Dance up to the surface,
From your lips,
You're running out of
Under there.
I dive down,
Into the murky water,
So low
I can feel the pressure
On my chest.

I extend my arm,
Grabbing onto you,
Before anymore harm
Is done.
But you push me away,
Back up to the
Cold wind.
I get a glimpse of your eyes,
To the painted, sunset, skies.

I'm watching you,
Lose more oxygen,
I'm watching you,
Knowingly drowning.
Afraid to see the life beyond
And I can't save you,
But I keep trying to.
Mike Essig Apr 2015
for a high school friend, dead at 25 in 1976.

She demanded doomed love
( too much poetry)
and she found it;
born with an ungainly
sense of tragedy,
she was a heat seeking missile
perfectly tracking destruction.

He was a hugger and a hitter,
a cheater and a beater,
charming as a cobra to his prey
who reveled in his cruelty
and dragged her down

until the day she realized,
you can't negotiate with evil,
and tragedy isn't comedy
and darkness is very dark

and slit her wrists and got away.

Why not another suicide poem? It seems to be an HP motif. This one is true. She was a beautiful, smart fool. He was a simple sociopath. She died. He walked. Not all endings are happy.
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