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Deadwood Jawn Sep 18
Concern harbours within my blood cells,
My veins
My arteries
And my capillaries.

Concern is sorrowful.
Concern tries to urge me.

She persists I should watch out for my friend.

Concern and her lovely, brown hair..
Which is scented with sandalwood.

Concern reminds me to care for my friend.
To watch out for her again.

Concern embraces me,
And envelops me with love.

Altogether with her gentle,
cotton-like voice.
Written after some short mindfulness with smooth, chilled jazz.
Mandalina Aug 25
My Friend,
You look tired
as if you have walked a thousand miles
carrying everyone else's baggage

My Friend,
You look sad
as if you have cried a thousand rivers
trying to mend the pain

My Friend,
You look drained
as if you have drowned a thousand times
screaming for any kind of aid

My Friend,
I see you
as you're running even further away
poisoning your life every day

My Friend,
I know you
and as I'm watching you lose yourself
ignoring my pleas for your sake

I hope you know I love you

for I can see beyond your pretend

Mandalina Aug 20
You are like a flower
As fragile
As pretty

Treated right
You bloom
You flourish

Treated wrong
You wither
You fade

Be careful love
For you are indeed like a flower
So don't let another petal fall

SMS Jul 23
walking around the isles of the corner store,
watermarks visible everywhere my feet take root,
lost, i start to find puddles i left behind,
the cashier glances three times over, concerned.

i trip, as i try to find the exit sign
sweat pooling, joining the puddles in an effort to drown me,
i pull out, crawling through sliding doors that have the decency to open for me, asphalt burning my palms as i get out, rocks scraping my knees.

the florist outside picks me up
with smiles and a bouquet of flowers,
unsure of what to say i duck my nose into their wiry stems,
just to find out, that the flowers are fake,
the smiles abundant of insincerity,

her kindness as meaningless
as the cashiers concern,
And once again,
I'm drowning.
Collabs give me so much stress. But as my man says, it’s the writing with him that I loved, not just the result. Thank you <3
Check out his poems!!
Ken Pepiton Jul 10
Now, I celebrate the loss

of all I wrote from 1965 to 1985.
Long ago,
I burned them as offerings to now
whatever comes to,
being truer than what I had imagined,
or had been told to hold true,
as a child.
Patient Wisdom kissed me,
rubbed the sleepy from my eye and
promised to bring to mind
ever words I once thought mine.
on aroll, downhill
Deadwood Jawn Jun 17
We were once harmonious.

Now I can see you have fallen.

Arrows to the back.

Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple


Failing organs.

Blackened eyes.

A false personality.

   e n
                e d  in many medicines.

You are  d e a d .

Not even Amarantha anymore.




But it's O.K.

I used to think you would

But I shall let you go now, dear..

After much heartache and grief

I shall let you go.

The one I knew as Amarantha

Has  d i e d .
She isn't dead. Remeet her and you will see.
Ash May 28
The sun shines brighter than a button
On my people whose luck is rotten
So it cracks my stars when they smile
Because they have not seen the forecast.

Dark clouds loom over us
I try not to choke
My people do not see the fuss
They seek the rain
But I fear the pristin palanquin, the pitted prism, the pain
My face joins the flock with a smile.

The roar of thunder is deafening
But my people are still listening
To the golden laches
For them, it is a trill
And I shake into stillness.

My shadow desires solidarity
I place bids for my voice
My people have helped pioneer
My shadow's identity
My newly-sighted people have a choice.

My exorbitantly priced voice prays for a change
While my people pray to eschew a cage.

Aaron Elswick May 24
Barrels of oil painted smooth in acryllic
fill up the cracks with a feeling
spit out the money to feed the machine

Fair if it's toiling kids
draped along spoiled villians
immersed to serve the version of a billionaire's dream

eat the rich

Try me after I've been taught
I could've bought my chain

I would've lost my name

I should've dropped my shame facade
to play the game

We grew the youthful breath of heaven from the clay beneath our bones
imbued and innervated

aided you and drew the oath to play within the zone

circle reverie treasury burdens
bury the feathery,
herding squarely to fame - put on a show

eat the rich
dare me

you and yours invaded
bated breath had sung belated effort, whistle "death has reared it's head
at our expense so grab a sword.
We can war this **** straight out of this ole ditch
and fix whatever ***** gone wrong with it
with grit and sense

and build a fence"

Forget the soil your roots are grown in,
if you want to.

bask in shadow
of the weight of trust and decency
impeding our advances to your winner's table
fabled robin hoods with internets

guess who's deft enough let you know through every filter
left for us we may upset your dinner guests

let em know what's on the menu

eat the rich

let em know

The irony in learning
how to burn the fuel that kills you
after all the warning signs were there
sound familiar? it's a slog

burnin up, they'll crawl around
and find a meal on common ground
try the light show one more time
maybe that'll work

"The serfs are like a herd you see
they can't be riled along without a sermon
Burden them with silks and styles
worry them toward money piles"
Remind them of the fire they've been turning

Analogies aside I must abide by me and mine
but I've still got my eye on anything

eat the rich
with discretion I guess.
Eat the Rich
Sketcher May 4
She’s at a friends house getting high,
She calls me, I answer, and say goodbye,
Cause she broke her word, yeah, she had lied,
In my heart I had held so much pride,
For my baby girl, but now it’s gone,
Now she disappoints from noon to dawn,
Smoking here to there, to house to lawn,
Makes me shrivel up and lose my brawn,
Makes all my bones ache,
And I’m not even sure why,
I just know that it makes,
Me feel sad and I cry,
Maybe it’s because it’s slowly killing her,
And I want her forever, forever bringing her,
To a healthy place where we live long lives together,
Maybe we can get married, I’ll ask her to be my wife,
But not at this pace, with this hurt in my heart,
The feeling that makes me want to tear myself apart,
Piece by piece, analyzing each segment,
Figure out why it hurts so I can maybe prevent,
Any more pain, cause this **** ******* *****,
Soon she’ll probably leave me for some deluxe,
Pink *****, marijuana, or coffee,
I’m lucky I have her, cause this love is not free,
It comes at a cost of great pain and suffrage,
Not a tax or insurance, no medical coverage,
A fear and worry that something bad will happen,
I’m sad and I’m done with this rap... so I’m going back to nappin’.
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