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Life is not
Come what may
It has its
Its unpredictable
You take a tumble
You got caught out
Quite by surprise
The moment hit you.
You fall down like
A ton of bricks
You try on your best smile
But inside you want to cry.
You take off
to a quiet place
To gather up your thoughts
for at least a while.
But time shoulders on
You just break down
and howel  like an dog.
Saying why me
What have I done.
Jesus says my child don't
Do this alone.
You can't bare my cross all alone.
I waited for you.
To say I'll hold your hand
Through the storm.
Walk with me
I will carry you through.
Into my light
Present you with an everlasting crown.
Eva Oct 2020
I looked back at the rows of stone, with the many carved names.
I wonder if they had anyone to cry for their loss.
Did anyone weep for their death, or were they like me?
again, my thoughts scoffed at myself.
No one will ever be like me.  
I lifted the gun to my trembling head.
In a way, it was calming…
I was now stronger than my thoughts, holding a power it never had.
Farewell miserable world, you’ve given me my pain and all of my sorrow.
But I've one last request.
Please, cry for me.
iamgone Oct 2020
I studied your face
from below
as your tears
fell through me
and onto the floor
I wanted to comfort you
but I knew
I would only leave you
and scared of the dark
ghosts watch you cry
July Gray Aug 2020
I didn't realize this was
What it's like

Next to you
And you're trembling
It's quiet

You know,
Your boyfriend came to get me
Told me in a hushed voice
"[She's] having an anxiety attack"

I paled
I should've researched what to do
But I sat there
Next to you

He handed you a rabbit
I remember you giggled
When it tried to eat your necklace

It was quiet
Soft smiles and trembling
I couldn't help you
I didn't know how to reach you

I didn't know that this
This is what it's like
I've seen this

Deep gasping breaths for air
That doesn't help

(I have to go)
(I've had this)
(I had gotten worse)
(Panic attacks)
(Anxiety attacks?)
I feel like sobbing

It's quiet
You smile
We both pet the rabbit
You stop trembling
I don't.
My friend had a really bad anxiety attack recently and I just remember watching her and thinking "if this is really bad, then what are mine?"
the walk through the dark forest,
with these trembling legs full of fear.
the fear of hissing coming from a height,
And the rumors of a living giant bear.
the crying trees suffering from blight.
hands start shaking, whenever I try to write.
the experience was honest and real,
that roar if lion I still can hear.
tanvi sharma Mar 2020
her hands shaking,
her voice trembling,
her heart beating faster by the second;


but she won't give up.
something i wrote in to calm myself down when i was losing control over my body because of my fear
N Mar 2020
Hold my trembling hand
and end my agony

Look me in my eyes filled with longing,
for they feel bliss at the very sight of you

Listen to my anguished heart,
for it yearns to be laced with yours  

Lick my salty tears,
for they shed over your unbearable absence

Kiss my quivering lips,
for they whisper your name like a prayer

Stop living in my dreams
and be here with me
Would you please?
N Jul 2019
She’s under my skin
like a bruise that’s
unwilling to heal

Her touch
left me trembling

Her gaze
pierced my bones

Her love
scarred my soul

I left,
when my heart
ached to be hers
annh Oct 2019
He is a child who covers his eyes with peep-hole hands and thinks himself unseen; he talks softly when the multitude shouts out loud, and hums sweet tunes to
block the trembling arpeggios and clashing riffs of humanity in discord.
He is overwhelmed by the silence of life's unspoken words.
He is a listener who also has something to say.
He sees into the hearts of men.
Will you let him

if you will, Shy,
of what lies within the hearts
of men - unspoken thoughts and peep-hole
tremblings - the whole of life’s silent and unseen somethings.
Softly now; block out the discordant shouts of the clashing multitude.
Close your sweet eyes and listen to those tuneful arpeggios and undercover
riffs. Talk to me. Can you hear the sweet sound of humanity humming out loud?

‘My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.
- Dejan Stojanovic
show me
with trembling fingers
a shallow breath
what it means
to close a book

take the barren thread
raise me up
adjusting buckling knees

show me
how much you hate me
beyond what words
could say
this one really caught me off guard. thanks to you, Lana, for this masterpiece. about suicide...
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