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show me
with trembling fingers
a shallow breath
what it means
to close a book

take the barren thread
raise me up
adjusting buckling knees

show me
how much you hate me
beyond what words
could say
this one really caught me off guard. thanks to you, Lana, for this masterpiece. originally titled ‘love me’. to me, it reminded me of my social anxiety (hence the title).
If you're looking for a reason not to **** yourself tonight, this can be it.

Sometimes, we feel as if nothing matters.
We all do.
So i made a list of a few of my own reasons,
13 Reasons Why
I'm still alive.
And hopefully you'll change your mind.
Those moments you feel happy, and nothing but lucky.
And you wish nothing will ever change.
I will try my best.

Part 4, Trembling Lips.
Another weird title. These poems start to look more like little stories than like poems. In fact they are though, But that's not the point. Do you ever look at someone, a friend. You see their hands shaking, And you know they're not okay but you can't ask them? When your lips are trembling with no reason, When your eyes start leaking without knowing why. And you look at that person, And have a sight of relief. Why? we'll never know. What we know is that this is love, In a weird way. Love is something we can't describe easily. For so many ways different, but all the same. In a glance of eyes, shaking hands. A sight of relief and a head on my shoulder. Pages full of words shown to one another. Yet, we still don't understand, don't know. How, and when will we see?
Nomkhumbulwa Feb 13
One minute fine,
The next minute not,
It may be freezing cold,
But my brain is boiling hot.

The tingling sensation,
And then the trembling starts,
I cannot feel my legs,
Yet how I feel my heart!

The environment is spinning,
The air is getting thin,
No matter how fast I breathe,
I cant get enough oxygen in.

Things enter my mind,
I try to force them out,
But the harder I try,
The more they come back and shout.

I feel im going to faint,
Im feeling so sick,
I cannot run away,
All my legs let me do is sit.

My legs get weak and heavy,
My brain doesnt know whats going on,
Everything becomes something to fear,
The floor, my clothes, hair... and so on.

My mouth is dry like paper,
My body is sweating yet cold,
Where did all of this come from?
Is this what its like to get old?

My body feels frozen,
But my brain is running around,
Playing tricks on me,
Where there is no danger to be found.

Breathing exercises dont work
Though they make sense normally,
In the moment of panic -
You lose all sense of reality.

The images enter your mind,
You try to force them out,
But the harder you try,
The more they refuse to get out.

Everything becomes a danger,
I will say one more time,
Every object becomes a weapon,
And slices through your mind.

The nausea causes more panic,
The panic responds with more nausea,
What a horrific cycle,
How to stop it I have no idea.

****** functions fail,
The digestive system especially,
But now your afraid of the toilet (!)
Though you need it in a hurry.

The trembling is so intense,
The fear so intense,
You struggle to make a call,
Your mind and body losing control.

Diazepam becomes your best friend,
You'd worship it if you could,
Its often there to save the day,
..Although at other times you just wish it would...

The adrenal glands are to blame,
Im not the Adrenalin rush kind,
My adrenal glands are evil,
How can they be so cruel and unkind?!

I dont like my adrenal glands,
Im an ***** donar - but if I die please be warned,
...then again, with the right brain, they could be your friends?

Its the "brain- adrenal gland" combination,
Which is of the ******* kind,
Perhaps if brain sent out the right signals,
My adrenal glands might understand.

There is a time and place for adrenalin,
I have sampled many myself,
But this is just not one of them...
Yet - subconcious brain fears itself...

That is it.....the brain "fears itself"...
Well, I tried to put words to the panic...
Not sure if i did it justice.  I could have written more.  So much more.  Anyway...didnt really know / plan on writing it at all! :/
Trembling as if I am cold
Intensifying with no control
Heart racing at the speed of light
Dazzled like a deer in the headlights
walls closing in
Voices from within
Twisted in a knot
Air stuck in a clot
Clocks ticking
Water dripping
Explosions in my head
Is it time for bed?

Coco 07
The Feelings of fear.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2018
raising trembling fingers
up towards the rippling night sky
touch the depths
look into Her dark eyes
Witch Mother, Misty Maiden
dancing in the raining ice
longing to be in your heart
wrapped in the shadows of your embrace
Destructress of Time
silence these explosions in my mind
oh Darkness, thou art my Queen
hold me so that I can sleep
touch my eyes so I can dream
awaken me so I can see
Celeste Briefs Nov 2018
mortal coil wraps itself around my paper throat

can't speak
can't breathe

trembling fingers mumble words
that I so long to scream

I shiver in the heat
of ever distant summer days

voices in my head dance
and sing their songs of woe
trauma's weeping eyes
are crumbling in the dark
SMS Oct 2018
My gut is trembling
Holding back words
That could either rip us apart
Or forever entwine our hearts.
Celeste Briefs Sep 2018
fingers touched in darkness
trembling, unsure,
seeking the light
two hands crossed
fathomless distances,
skimming stars
through formless infinity

a voice spoke in the darkness
to touch a face
drowning in shadow
a voice called out a name,
a soul awake
answered back
in kind
Unknown May 2018
anxiety isnt cute,

its a mental disorder to which people suffer
from every single day of their lives.

anxiety is horrifying,

If you want to have anxiety because it is 'cool' - then imagine the feeling of drowning, feeling as though your lungs are filled with water and have collapsed and you are trying with every bone in your body to breath, but you cant. Now imagine your mind going into a frenzy. Panicking, screaming to calm down but you can't because your mind has fallen into flight or fight and you are stuck. Stuck in your own mind. Your body trembling, your hands shaking and you begin to feel light headed as your brain is not getting enough oxygen.

Now imagine, having to experience that same feeling. Every. Single. Day. Over a huge sitaution that may seem small to others, or sometimes - over nothing.

Now does this seem 'cool' or 'attractive' to you?

After hearing all of this, would you like to have anxiety too?
thought the need to educate some people on their use of anxiety.
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