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Estelline Jul 28
Sitting at my computer
Watching the time go by
Why doesn’t it fly
Instead it just ticks by ever so slowly
At slug pace

It must just be
My anxiety
Creeping up from behind
While I’m worrying about you

Gosh, what should I do?
But I guess there is nothing to be done
I said what I could
Now it’s up to the clocks
But I’m not very patient
I can feel my stomach drop

It was just an argument
How bad could it be…
But my mind only sees
All the fatalities
Would it be all my fault?
I hate all this drama
Causing trauma

But soon it came to an end
And you returned
Seeming unburned
Saying it was all good
What a relief
I know I shouldn’t have been so worried
But it can get messy with a third party
Now, I hope you all are better for it :)
Broken Pieces May 2020
People will always worry,
           That doesn't make me hate it any less.
People will always worry,
                 But I don't have much of a choice I guess.
People will always worry,
                             I hate that word so, so much.
People will always worry,
                                        It just has a sour sort of touch.
People will always worry,
People will always worry,
People will always worry,
People will always worry,
                                         All because of that one night,
                                                                        When I tried to shut out the light.
Chelsea Mar 2020
How are you
I hope your okay
I want to ask but I know I won't
I know you wouldn't tell me the truth,
I do wish I didn't care but I won't ever stop, I know I don't cross your mind and that hurts.
But all I can do is wonder,
How are you
Riya Mar 2020
what's the point
of trying..
when I know
you're just
gonna be
the same
ya I should be
more understanding
but this time
I can't help
but think
that I'm just wasting
my time..
on you
I'm getting a little sick
sick of this
always worrying about you
when you can't
can't even listen to me
am I whispering..
are my words going mute..
do they even
even mean anything
like you say they do
to you…do they?

what's the point
of caring..
Yaaa /:
Edit: I was sad when I wrote this so it might not make sense..
[Ignore the tags <3 ]
an0nym0us Oct 2019
Before I first opened my eyes
Even before we had our first breath
You have always suffered
You have always felt his wrath.
He was supposed to protect you, us
He was supposed to love you, us
But he's as irresponsible as a child.
Painful truth, a true curse
So long as he exist,
So long as he breaths,
The circle continues.

I'm the last line of defense,
I'm the last one left to protect you.
But I also have suffered enough,
But I can't be weak, I cannot turn back.
Because It is my greatest duty;
My solemn oath to you,
I promised to always protect you.

Though, I cannot erase the fact...
I'm really... really tired.
I want to take a break from him.
I wish to get far from him, really far.
My siblings left you, me...alone.
I am just a child, I've held my ground;
I've held my ground till I'm finally broken.

Why do I have to be traumatized by him?
Why did we deserved all this?
What did I do to deserve this?
When will this ever end...
Because I'm really tired...
To protect you , all alone...
To face him all by myself...
leo arden Sep 2019
are you doing,

or are you overthinking?

are you progressing,

or are you moving?

are you living,

or are you worrying?

do some.

progress more.

"never confuse movement with progress"
          -- Denzel Washington
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
and preparing myself
to experience
my body becoming older
and my ******-functions diminishing
towards death
brings me peace of mind.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Can my worrying be replaced
by calmly asking questions
about what the situation is
and accepting
what the situation is?
and calmly asking questions
about how to improve the situation
towards my joy and happiness?
Andromeda May 2019
There is a storm on the horizon.
My forecast calls for rains of salt water and of sorrow
And all of me will drown in its merciless fury
And the winds of pain are but a warning, though they are far from subtle.
To persuade myself that I shall not be engulfed in my own ocean
Would be like persuading a tsunami not to crash ashore.
But adaptation is a much simpler concept.
Note to self: It’s alright to be upset because you won't have that little bit of extra support for a while, but you need not worry. He’ll be okay, and so will you.
When your house is flooded, there’s always shelter elsewhere. You just need to look for it.
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