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Sunny Oct 12
"I'll be fine," she said.
The last words she told me.
Before we were cut off
Over some imminent natural disaster.

It brought destruction
Destroyed numerous buildings and homes.
People are without power, or anything else.
And I'm just praying that she's alright.

She said she'd be fine.
But I can't help but panic.
My thoughts are scattered, I can't focus on anything else.
My heartbeat is quickening just imagining the worst.

I have to know if she's okay
But there's no way to reach her, not like this.
And only then I realize the pain
Of our long distance relationship.

Even if you can't hear me
I'm whispering those three words we exchange
And even if you can't read this now
I hope this reaches you somehow, someway.

I know you said you'd be fine.
But I'm still thinking the opposite.
Maybe I'm being ******, maybe I'm just paranoid.
But either way, I can't help but feel like this.
Be safe, all of you.
Sadman Apr 27
Fear not, you bot, for rot is not
Your plot or cot; to’ve got, dear bot,
A ***, or tot, is not forgot.
A lot want hot robot, but bot?
You’ve got what bot
Looks naught but distraught.
You’re sought and were bought.
Dear bot, fear not.
Sprkinthedrk Mar 14
I try to teach myself to stand on my own two feet
But i don’t know how well i can anymore
“Your grades are great”
“You’re really pretty”
“What do you have to worry about?”

I have to worry about how long i can push myself and how much of that studying i have to do tomorrow because i can’t stay awake on four hours of sleep through another day

I have to worry about how much this will bring down my grade compared to that because i don’t know how much homework i can force myself to do when i don’t even feel like leaving my bed

I have to worry about talking to my boyfriend for at least thirty minutes just so he doesn’t think i don’t love him anymore

I have to worry about sounding happy and looking happy and smiling happily and laughing happily


I have to worry about what to wear tomorrow
And the next day
And the next day because heaven forbid i come to school in my pajamas because i would loose all my social standing

I have to worry about how long it takes me to make that shake in the morning so i have time to have SOMETHING, just SOME calories in the morning so people can’t say “that’s why you’re too skinny” and just enough to keep my stomach from sounding like a whale, because ***, do i know how people love to laugh at that

I have to worry about when i want to wear my makeup and when i don’t because i don’t want people to always expect makeup out of me but i still want to look nice

I have to worry about how i do my makeup because oh do i know how too much for a normal day or a simple slightly off shade can make everyone see me as a terrible monster

I have to worry about the color of my hair and the colors that i wear, does it bring out my eyes? who even cares?

I have to look perfect i have to seem perfect my grades have to be perfect my outfits have to be perfect
I have to be

Ladies and Gentlemen,
That is what i have to worry about
z Feb 12
And don't spend your days weeping,
over a subject that doesn't stop to wonder
about you and your worrying demeanour.

And don't even bother spending nights
and even days empty, hoping for a reply
from the mysterious person who once filled your mind.

And don't you think to question yourself
for their demeaning actions
that have left you cold and unattached.

For if they wanted to
they would've.

if you like, please share and heart :)
Aiden Dec 2017
What does a winky face mean?


is it flirty?
is it just how you text?




was it
a mistake?
an accident?
these questions are driving me crazy

i think of it as flirty,
(but maybe that’s just wishful thinking)
what does it mean to you?

please tell me
Lance McDonald Aug 2017
Worrying about nothing
While nothing is everything
Paige Apr 2017
"just breathe," they tell you. but no one understands that you can't breathe. your chest has an invisible weight stopping you from taking a breath. you try but it makes it harder. you close your eyes and see all of the thoughts that you hear in your head. you've been like this for so long. "don't worry," they say. but they don't understand that you can do nothing but worry. you can only drown in your own thoughts, unable to swim yourself to safety. your mind is cluttered with "what if's" and, "remember this?" no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you are trapped in this nightmare. the nightmare of your own thoughts. this is is anxiety.
p.m.b. 1:34 am
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
Now I said that I wouldn't judge or treat you any different. Because you're still the same person you were before right?


No, you're not.

2 days, that's all it took. Just 2 simple days.

You come back and suddenly I wonder if I should ask what your name is...

You look -- different. But let me believe that the person I once knew is still there in the projection of a body I don't recognize. You are still here... right?

But then you start talking, and acting, and thinking differently. What?!?!

I start calling your name wondering if you'll respond, tell me you remember me, tell me you're still here, tell me--

Tell me that you can still be my friend. Because I will still be here for you.

*No matter what.
Wrote this last year after a friend dyed their hair. Sometimes simple changes have more impact than we thought.
AD Snail Oct 2016
This skin I wear,
Is all I have to care and though I wish to shed,
This old frame,
It is something I must bear.

The new me is frighting,
But the old me has bared to much hate.
And I tired of it all.

The skin I wear,
Its been shed so many times its to tiring to even count,
So I stop my pouts,
And I live with the skin I was given to bear.

The old me is fading,
But the new skin that I wear,
Is not fitting on properly.

The puzzle will never be finished or fixed,
So I stop my pouts and worrying doubts.
And live with the skin that I remade.
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