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Glenn Currier Sep 2021
I awaken in darkness
still terrified and running
from the mountain lion.

But what if I’m the prey
of my own judging
captive of my comparisons?
At times I feel those verdicts in my gut
like when I can’t concentrate on a task
I SHOULD be doing.

When I notice my tight gut
and my mind wanting to flee
I can stop trying
and lying to myself
set my imagination free
roam a wilderness I choose
like right here on the flat and fertile plains
of this poem’s lines.
I used to MAKE myself read this or that out of duty or responsibility or just my own judgements that I SHOULD be reading this. But today I decided to stop that foolishness, read a poem or two here on this site, and just let my imagination roam. The word wilderness popped up out of nowhere. So I rode it and let it take me. The above is the result. Writing poetry frees me.
Druzzayne Rika Jul 2020
It is not simple
It cannot be given
So simply
Without the intent
The mind won't rest
Till the end
But forgiveness
Gives the freedom
To move on.

Is freeing,
It is the peace,
It is so much more.
It is a step taken
To move ahead,
Leave behind
The history
In the past.

It is the best gift
Given and received,
It can be the beginning,
it is the end of bitterness.
It is just like a necessity
To be a human
Who makes mistakes
live with harmony.

I give to thee free
To free me from the chains
Of the ill thoughts
I conceive in head
time to time, again and again
To not loathe the trust
I placed in you.

It is a process
To forgive myself
As I forgive you,
I give myself another chance
To believe the best
In you and in me.

Let's mend it.
an0nym0us Dec 2019
I've been really happy
In fact, I was galloping lately
But then a glimpse of you
Wearing a ring on your left hand
My beautiful perfect sunny day
Became dark and all cloudy

I turned my head the other way
Pouted and crossed my arms
"I won't let you ruin my day"
I walked farther away
And see a kid running up to you
A girl running with open arms "Daddy!"

I was speechless to hear it
A tear ran down my cheeks
But then, I smiled on such sight
I turned my way deep in my thoughts
I looked back again and told myself
"What a lovely family indeed."
something's there
i felt its tingle
it felt freeing
it hasn't a name
but its something
truly beautiful
it's different
rather sensational
magical perhaps
pure adrenaline
unlike anything else
truly the highest high
what it is
or was
i know not
i simply know
i want more
I'm a total wuss but I'm also ADHD af and as a result, I love the idea of adventure. I'm sort of a thrill-seeker I guess.
Isaac Nov 2018
Each and every passing day
Will all be washed away.
So live exactly how
You have always wanted to right now.
Be the person you dream of being,
And make the decisions you know are freeing.
Written 10 November 2018
Pineapple Isle Aug 2017
The stone around your heart has been chiseled at
You warm the frost when you're ready
When you realize the small thinking, anger, fear, and drawing into yourself
Have shrunk you small
The wall starts to crumble
You start to free your mind, your heart
From the prison you kept for safety
A poem I wrote years ago
Do not be a prisoner of anger
held captive with the chains of hate
bound with the idea of isolation
stuck in a hole of desperation.
This burden is only a weight
and once released
will set you free
with wings so beautiful
you’d never believe you were ever so meek
Tab Jan 2016
I start every poem with you
Thoughts are spastic
rolling through my head
Trying to clutch onto something
But there wasn't anything to grab
My bed reminded me that you weren't coming back
so I slept on the floor
I can't escape
So I end every poem with you
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