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Anastasia Sep 24
you're on my mind
and my hands
s h a k i n g

and even though you hurt me
i still can't help but
o b s e s s
over you

i'm burning
it's like fire
s p r e a d i n g
over what's left
of my heart
KMH Apr 24
My heart pounds.
My lungs stutter,
chest tightens, hands shake.

Words echo
harsh and
loud like two drums off-beat.

I don't want
to listen
but they don't want to stop.
© KMH 2019
Today was not a good day.
Poetress2 Apr 19
Within the stillness of that night,
when nothing seemed to be quite right;
They came to me with veins of ice,
and at that time, I was only nine.
What they wanted, I knew too well,
the shame, the pain, the guilt, the Hell;
My pulse went up, my heart, it fell,
they made me promise not to tell.
What could they possibly want with me,
I didn't understand, I couldn't see;
The horror drove me to my knees,
and I quietly cried out my small plea.
My call, it fell upon deaf ears,
as it had done, all of these years;
This wasn't the first time they brought fear,
nor the first time that I cried my tears.
"Won't you please just go away,"
this I wished, this I prayed;
But to no avail, they continued to play,
I felt that I was on display.
Just like the other nights before,
my body ached, and I was sore;
I didn't feel alive no more,
as I picked myself up off the floor.
When they were finished, they let me be,
alone again, just the walls and me;
I was shaking from my head to my feet,
they left me impure, and incomplete.
The pain seeps deep into my bones
The sharp nails scratch at my mind
Taunting me
Torturing me
I don’t even understand what I can’t escape
My soul screams
Who have I become?
Why am I here?
Am I truly real?
Or is this all just an illusion
I will never be able to awaken from
I shake and try to piece things together
But everytime my mind sinks in too deep, my lungs begin to suffocate
And my hands start to sweat
How I hate being left to myself, it seems I can never be alone to think
I’m exhausted
Make. It. Stop.
I’m not sure if this even makes sense to anyone, but right now this makes perfect sense to me.
Souf Mar 13
You looked at me
I saw your stare
The cold
The one that kept me up at night,
shaking from fright.

You said you weren't sorry for what you said last night.
And that you meant it all.
Oh my.
What spite.

A shimmer in my eyes.
That's all it took to change my life forever.

No longer was I your slave.
I didn't follow you around
with my mouth open
No more.

I wouldn't...
I couldn't...

That's what we all say,
until we do.
And that's when the scary begins all over again.
When you fall in to the same trap,
Once the cycle has begun, there is no leaving
from one's stum.
For your stum is your home.
And your home is your cycle.
I wanted to write something sad, but nothing death related. So, this happened! It is one of my greatest fears and something I do sometimes. Recently, my friend and I stopped being friends when he began to bully me. I am afraid to fall in to the trap that is our friendship again, as I have with him before.
Arisa Mar 7
i'm sorry that me nervously tapping on the table
annoys you
but like,
it's not as if i can just
have anxiety
or anything.
******* it sara
ashley lingy Nov 2018
I hold my love for you
like the frail egg of a blue jay,
and I beg my shaking fingers to hang on.
There is a thumping beat within
threatening to break free from
thin shell.
I gently cup this in my palm
and I dream of the day it can beat alongside your thundering heart,
a thought to



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