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an0nym0us Jul 2018
Destiny is so playful,
It makes the wise a fool.
To a person's life it always rule;
Can be good, can also be cruel.

Chance given by destiny
I can't believe this, hardly
Opportunity shown by fate,
Proof that it's never too late.

You and I are now close
This is the path I chose
When I'm with you, I no longer froze
Like a pill with the right dose.

I now admit it...
Even you and I don't fit...
To you, I am in love.
Though, you can never return what I have.

It feel so right, though, its wrong...
But these feelings are too strong.
To me, you don't belong.
Heart beats as loud as gong.
I'm so in love with someone even knowing that he can never love me back...
Shitty Girls Dec 2017
you used to call me
at 11 p.m and tell me,
about how your day was.
then you'll fall asleep
funny how it feels like
you were here, sleeping on my shoulders
and *******! i like it very much.
but now,
you are gone
and i miss it so much.
i miss you,

-about a girl who doesn't have a home but someone makes her feels that she was a home.
How much time
We put into someone
We barely know
Giving them our energy
We probably rarely even come to their mind
We love to love
I love sending him my love
Even if I don't get it back
If it's anyone
I want him to strive
Isn't it strange
It doesn't seem right
I think it's mainly regrets
I'm sad to say
I couldn't tell you
Why I said what I said
Why I did what I did
If I knew I'd never get him in that way
I would of savored it more
But why does it all have to be that way
When he said,
"Maybe we can do this again,
Tell me a little bit more about yourself."
I know he probably doesn't care
It all might have slipped his mind
But if I had another chance
I wish I could tell you just why I did what I did.
I know it was too early
I know it could be too late
But if their is any humidity in the world
It will give us a second round
I'm praying,
I'm hopping,
I wish I could stop
Thinking of the past
But the more I try
The harder it becomes
Maybe one day
But I guess not
Julie Grenness Mar 2016
Destiny for humanoids---
Shall we run by androids?
Or shall we be the androids?
Let's prognosticate,
Predict our fates----
Shall mankind claim the Universe?
Or is Anarchy to be the serve?
Teeming billions in a rat race,
What is destiny for our Earth place?
In our lifetime, we'll never know,
Unless Armageddon explodes,
Let's hope the young are star hopping,
Instead of retail therapy shopping,
Too young for the stars,
Too old for the seas afar,
Nothing left to explore,
Disaffection, please no more,
Shall we be the androids?
Destiny for the humanoids?????????
Feedback welcome.
Emisen Nov 2014

You telling me to hope?

Hop! Hop!

Look at it go
One hop
Two hops

Hope is hopping away
and you tell me to hope?

— The End —