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an0nym0us Jul 2
What a beautiful sky
Windy and sunny day
Birds fly up high
Brings joy unto my face.

Such peaceful cool winds
As it blows over the grass
The hills appears to shine like silk
It gently tickles my skin.

Suddenly, dark clouds covers the sun
The gentle breeze turned to stormy winds
The blue sky is truly upset
I wish I can help her with her burden.

Her tears are big and heavy
It brings grief to my soul
The golden sun that lights up my day
Wouldn't shine down on me today.
an0nym0us Jun 25
A museum of art
Filled with wonderful crafts
Each present messages
But one left me at awe.

It possess a distinct style
Such beauty, its the heart of the place
I admired its fairness
I know nothing can best it.

But sadly, it couldn't stay for too long
Someone have bought it,
Someone else owns the painting.
I am never able to see it again.

A long time has already passed
But the truth is, I still admire that piece
Still hoping, I am longing to see it
I wish to see it again, Christian.
an0nym0us Jun 10
A luxurious oil lamp
An antique beautiful piece
Made up of glass, gold, and silver
Enlightens my path at moonless nights.

It accompanies me at every journey
Provides guidance at my darkest nights
I would choose my trusty lamp any day
Over modern that is young but fragile.

So I polish it every day,
It might be aged but it is truly bright
Sadly, I need to accept the fact.
That one day, it will ran out of light.

Such thing cannot be replaced
It can't always accompany me
The day will come in my life
I'll need to navigate without any guide.

Certainly, I will never forget
How it kept the demons at bay.
There is nothing I can ever compare
To the best thing I ever had.

It really pains me to the core
I can never have another one.
I cherish it more than my very breathe.
Because its alone in my existence.
an0nym0us Jun 9
A place filled with pictures
Once a sanctuary of hope and tears
Now its walls are old and cracked
That's the place we once called home.

It used to be big and filled with joy
Now nothing's left but rubble
Such place can no longer be rebuilt
Shattered glass is all over the place.

This building used to stand on five strong pillars.
Now, only one is left to keep it standing on soft ground.
Its wooden walls are rotting and infested with termites...
Its beautiful chandelier is getting dimmer each day.

Now, only I return to visit this place...
In search of the remaining pictures,
Hoping to once build similar structure.
A place I can finally call my home.
an0nym0us Jun 4
I saved you form his claws.
I helped you with your flaws.
Provided you assistance,
Gave you resistance...
I catch you when you fall...
I hoped you would answer my call...
You left me down the pit,
Refused to give me a hand,
Nor to stay for a bit...
Instead, you went to the higher land.
Time has passed,
You come back to just look at me
Then leave again for each day that pass
I chose to do something for me...
I saved myself even my hands bleed.
Because you didn't hear my bid.
Now you come back to me and plead for my aid...
But I insisted for I am not your maid.
an0nym0us May 19
A maiden from the seas
Heart as gentle as the breeze
The waves are as beautiful as she
Her voice is as lovely as the sea
She is talented as she is polite
I can't get her off my sight
I always have her in my mind
Trust me, she isn't blind
She can see it clearly
I cherish her more than I should be
We see things differently
But I hope someday
That she'll never go at bay
And choose to stay
Walk beside me all the way.
an0nym0us May 9
Your world was black and white
I presented you a beautiful sight
I aided your falling world
I saved you with painful words.

I am always aiding all of you
I promise to always save you
I hit you when you're being irrelevant
But now I am feeling very distant

You all salute my strength
But you never knew the truth...
The tough steel was bent
Indeed, disappointment is the fruit.

I am at the very bottom
Again, as if waiting for autumn.
But I prefer spring...
Because I'm walking in winter, desperately surviving.

I wish for reinforcements
Due to this storm, I'm breaking and leaving fragments.
From here, home is still far.
Walking alone, navigating through the stars.

I'm getting really tired...
But falling asleep in the snow, please give me fire.
Someone please, oh please rescue me
I don't want to say goodnight, its too early.
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