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Sally A Bayan Oct 2020
Any time of day,
the breathtaking colors
of the sky make me sigh,
however ecstatic, or unpleasant
life may be...whatever goes on down
here, she is up there...ever-present,
like a parent...i may be infinitesimal,
yet, i'm never lost in her
immeasurable span of attention.

the sky is a part of me,
and i, of her,
her colors affect my daily decisions,
gray with rains tell me to change plans,
on sunny days, chores are smooth-sailing.
at night, its dome of dark blue, graced
by the moon and stars in many shapes,
makes me recall some immortal tales.

i squint, looking at her vast spaces
as if i'm roaming upon a sunny meadow,
as i go back to my days of triumphs,
my failures...especially
my best moments.

i was born under this glorious firmament,  
she saw my first steps,
and all the firsts in my life,
she'll be watching, until her clouds
start bringing rain upon
my withered ground.


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 2019
(Posted October 26, 2020)
Erin Esterberg Oct 2019
I look over at you and see sunshine,
Rays and rays of never-ending bliss,
Radiating warmth and love.
Truly a living masterpiece;
Alive, beautiful, and breathtaking.
Lexi Snow Jul 2019
Let’s take that risk
Why don’t we change things up?
I jumped first
You either got pulled in or you jumped right after me
Either way
You jumped after me
No amount of words can tell you how happy I am
That’s a lie
Everything about that moment was
I wish you could hear my thoughts in that moment
They were screaming
Sending all the positivity in my life
Once you said that answer
I was overjoyed
In that moment
I felt like a kid on their birthday
I wanted to jump out of my skin
Every time I thought about this moment
I thought it’d be in person and the other way around
But hey, you can’t always have it all
I am just happy that I might get my chance
This chance will test it all
Let’s just take that risk together
Don’t choose to go back on your word
Since this was a bigger jump for me than you.
So like I said, Just say Yes.
haysia Apr 2019
"You're a freak."
"You're weird."
"You're fat."
"You're ugly.
Society's standards shout at me
"You're amazing."
"You're beautifully weird."
"You're ****."
"You're awesome.
The girl in the mirror said,
as she bravely show the world
how to wear the sexiest curve,
her smile.
Always wear the sexiness anyone could possess.
I went to the canyon
To see the sights
To read the writes
To meet the heights
The heights were high
The lows were right
But something didn’t click

The tears didn’t run
The breath wasn’t taken
Yeah it was cool but I’m not mistaken
I wanted to be blown off that cliff
But the wind fell short, the air was stiff

Never have I met my sense of awe
I hope we’ll meet someday
I’m holding out hope that I find my strike
That I’ll be blown away
I was trying a new style with this one. It’s more rhyme oriented. This one might seem stiff but I’ll get more comfortable with it. I want to diversity my poetry a little bit.
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2019
I say I want to start over
Yet cannot let go of the past
If I cannot put your mistakes behind me
How do I expect this to last?
Even before my trust issues
Got so bad they couldn't be repaired
It was still a little bumpy
Because your sincerity was never there
Yeah you spent your days with me
When no one else could stand being around
But you never shared your secrets with me
Your thoughts barely made a sound
I knew deep down you were up to something
Always hiding things behind my back
And as time passed I began to wonder
What it was that I seemed to lack
Why can't I be enough for you?
Why do you always need more?
I wasn't good enough for you back then
I am now a far colder person than before
But my heart still feels that flicker
Of heat each time fingers brush
That's what I tolerate this ******* for
That incredible breathtaking rush
So even though it's clear that I'm no good
For you and you're not good for me
It seems like we want different things out of life
But a future without you is so hard to see
You're my best friend and you understand
All the ups and downs I've been though
So despite the past mistakes between us
I'm still head over heels for you
Spinning around with no control
Liz Jan 2019
close your eyes
imagine her

Light blond hair
An attitude that don't care
Skin like pearls
My stomach wearls

So kind
Not like mine
Glass off
Glass on
No matter what she is a beauty

She owns the earth
My heaven
My hell
My univers

look for the sign
and please be mine
A beautiful young woman I once knew.
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