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Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2019
Horses clop,
Rabbits hop.
Frogs jump,
Caterpillar ****.
Worms wiggle,
Bugs jiggle.
Snakes slide,
Seagulls glide.
Lion stalk,
I walk.
Come on all lets dance,
Let's take a chance.
Clippity clop, hop  hop,
Jump and ****,
Now bump your ****.
One,two jiggle and wiggle,
Please don't giggle.
Slide and glide,
Don't hide,
The room is wide,
You can even ride.
Dear Mr Lion don't stalk,
Sit on a rock,
So I can do moon walk.
I loved writing this poem
Bohemian Feb 2019
Joy alike to mine residest in the wet smile of that granddad with
whose son every stranger wishest to play with and giggle with
Joy alike to mine residest in the eyes of that goon whom approached thee
with a wish of disappearing his misery
Joy alike to mine residest in those
those sculptures who were freed after the perennial to get broken
Joy alike to mine residest in those drizzles departest who from the cloud,their master for good
A joy,brought to me by thee,unrelatable and unreasonable,
when showest understanding and trust,
there assures though no tyrst,
something that blooms out of broken pieces,
drenched in love
ever and ever
Above all constancies,there's one common and constant to all that which gives happiness,
name it.
Mehtap Jan 2019
I sit across from you and let my imagination play it's game darling I need a fix

Behind your ear, down your neck and a couple cigarettes away from your lips

The small of your back is dying to be pulled closer to me a nervous giggle slips

Stroking your rists softer than a breeze sliding to the palm of your hand tight grips

I'll lose my mind in your smell my breath singing your name. a moon in full eclipse
Brian Dec 2018
I once took a trip to Colorado,
consuming edibles by a grotto.
Trees began to squiggle,
as I started to giggle.
Now I'm an aficionado.
Nigel Finn Dec 2018
Is the perception
Of your hand when it is out of view.
My proprioception
Is tuned to perfection
And I hope that the same's true for you!

Although I can't see
My hand behind me
I can give all my fingers a wiggle;
It may not seem much
Very different to touch,
But with touch someone lets out a giggle!
A silly note I left for myself and recently found
WizardsPen Oct 2018
Is just part of our journey
Unconditional love
Undying commitment
Will make it last.
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
Advice from mum,
For my little ones,interesting some.
A hug and a kiss when they cry,
Will make their tears dry.
Always take time to listen,
See how their faces brighten.
Children have fears,
Just hold them tight dear,
Soon their tension will disappear.
Young minds love to explore,
To be messy they adore,
Your anger turnoff,
Dirt washes off.
About anything when they question,
Answer them without hesitation.
Be good in your attitude and speech,
For them to have strong characters you will teach.
Housework will never end,
Be silly, open up and giggle and be their friend.
Cherish every cuddle,
They won't be with you forever after all.
James Study Jul 2018
In dream God spoke when I was nine
Advise I cherish gave so kind
Mom asked what did he say
Her look I see today
To make my bed a waste of time
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