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Umi Aug 2019
An emotion so patient yet so sinnister, always awaiting a mere moment of weakness to strike you down and take you down with it,
Succeeding where nor hate and fear may ever reach,
Slowly, gently wrapping itself around ones mind, clouding their judgement, consuming, destroying and manipulating until no more willpower nor energy remains to resist the weight of this special hell,
Coldness, infinite distance, only to be reached by true love, yet fully in this accursed state, one may not understand "love" anymore,
Numbing misery with seemingly no end nor real beginning,
A feeling so aggressively taking its hold on its victim,
Yet so passively presenting it.
Just what is its intention ?
I give up, its hopeless.

~ Umi
SoZaka Apr 2018
Oh, to feel like the only frog
in a land of princes
only miserable crickets and silence for company
few can understand true love unless, they live a life without hope of it's dawn
a visitor who lost her way,
has come across my secluded pond
a princess draped in the beautiful moonlit glow
unaware of her jeweled crown's beauty
she, who has made a prince out of me
an0nym0us Apr 2018
How unfortunate how sad
It can't be considered a bad luck
A lightning has struck
Above my head, a rain that won't stop

I've accepted it, my fate
A story Im going to state
Its up to you, you can give me a rate
Misfortune that is just too great

I have this question in my mind
Though, I know I'm not kind
And the time isn't right
A true lover, why can't I find?

Well, I found you
But I know, I'm not meant for you
You are too good to be true
My chance to win you is too few

A man came across my sight
Suddenly my world stoped
I know, this isn't right
This feeling I can't fight.

He is so fair
Looks that are extremely rare
But for you, you don't care
All I can ever do is just stare.

— The End —