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Amarys Dejai Sep 17
What I mean to say is that I heard the angels weep when I first saw you smile. I imagined that there was an invisible string wrapped around my heart and tied to the corners of your mouth.
        When you smirked, my heart skipped a beat.
Before that, your lips were parted, your mouth was open ever so slightly, and I have never ached so badly to kiss someone.
        I thought about how they would feel under the touch of my
Your eyes--the color of the soil of the earth.
        I've dreamt of being buried in both.

So it goes--God created everything, and everything he created was good.
        And you are the firmament; you are the most heavenly,
        wondrous thing.
Something about him made me want to believe.
MindlessSelf Sep 10
she couldn't wait for the night to arrive she had been going at it for hours especially to her best friend on the phone.

When she realized it was almost 7 o'clock p.m  she was already dressed up and ready to head into downtown.

She knew this could of changed her hole night forever in some sort of way. The type of the way you get when you meet someone for the very first time

That feeling you have in your stomach that just won't go away.

Is that what it feels like to be in love or is it just being head over heels towards them.

How should I know?

When will I know?

What will happen after this?

All these questions seemed so mind boggling through her eyes.

Everything seemed so surreal for her  like if any of this was for real or not

Not until she finally met the guy.
Aaron LaLux Sep 7
...on a tangent,
writing lines on my laptop as my emotions run rampant,
in a parking lot outside a Sprouts on Santa Monica Blvd.,
typing vows like they might make some kind of difference,
woke up, restless, on the wrong side of the bed today,
welcomed back, to this Waking Life with tightness in my chest,
& this relentless feeling of eternal loneliness I can’t shake,
which has got me thinking, maybe some souls can’t be saved,
& maybe that’s why I’m now sitting in my car,
with tears in my eyes & nowhere to drive,
because there’s nowhere I want to go,
other than back to the one place where my love was denied,

the only place I want to go,
is back into the arms of the one that let me go,
but she’s so far gone memories seem like only dreams now,
even though I’m not dreaming, I’m wide awake, woke,

I feel so far away from her, for real, it’s almost unbearable, tears start to flow, I think about taking my own life, but don’t,
instead I shake it off, write it down, get these words out of me, to show we all hurt & it’s okay to lose control,

& yeah I know I’ve got nothing really to complain about,
because I’ve got a great life & all that,
but knowing my life is better than most of those in this world,
doesn’t really make me feel better or enhanced,
in fact, it actually makes me more depressed,
it makes me wonder what hope we have left,
as the forests burn, the wars rage,
& the polar bears frantically panic on ever melting ice caps,
& I’m constantly aware of all of these obvious facts,
& maybe that’s why I’m in my car with tears in my lap,
lost with no motivation running out of time & patience,
can’t see a future, feel the present, or remember the past,
This Unruly Mess We’ve Made looks great, shout out to Mac,
but it wasn’t built to last so how much more can it withstand?...

excerpt from poem #63 of THHT3:
The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy Vol 3
available worldwide 9/9/19
Tyler Jun 14
We are shadow puppets, you and I
Dancing on the walls after dark
Floating between empty spaces
Surviving off of the single light
The single light which is embers
Embers from a ferocious fire
A fire from our *******
Untamed and free
I seek the rim of your silhouette
Playfully chasing
Painfully embracing
Embracing the darkness and embers thereof
And when our passion runs wild again
When the fire burns brighter and stronger once more
Slowly, we’ll fade out, leave the walls to the brightness
See as it eats us, nothing to discuss
Nothing to say, but a touch left to have
But we’ll meet again, don’t worry, my shadow puppet friend
When the fire burns out, passion is glory
Embers are present, embers are all
And I’ll see your outlines, I’ll hear the shriek of your call
Because what else is there to a shadow
Than the life of a light
A light that we hold
Until the last ember do us part.
Marie Mar 25
When the moment we cross our path
No one can explain the pleasure I feel
My world stop, when I heard you laugh
My heart beat as fast as it capture well

You're like a rose bloom in the garden
Where your beauty can be seen
Your like an angel in heaven
That guide me now and then

Yesterday, I don't believe in destiny
But in the morning gentle as dew
That perspective in my mind faded away
'Cause you just came in a blew

Oh my lovely and dearest treasure!
I'll keep you and love you forever
As your love to me, gives me courage
To dwell all the life challenge.
alice Mar 12
i am drowning in the ocean
and she is what allows me to breathe

she's special
she's different
she's real

she allows me to breathe
while at the same time
she makes me feel like i'm drowning
just a sad girl with a huge crush on the girl that sits next to me in english
Lily Feb 19
Meaningless attachments,
Strange enchantments,
Infatuations, Attractions,
Hopeful distractions,
Passion and compassion,
Delusions, Overreactions.

Living in make-believe,
Perceive and misperceive,
Ever hopeful, always naive.

Consistent, Persistent, Insistent.
My friend once told me I'm "A hopeless romantic, even when it comes to friendships..."
allison Feb 16
3 years I've stood waiting,
for him to come around
hoping, praying, crying
waiting for him.

3 years I've stood waiting,
looking at you from across the room
as others dance around our separate crowds
but the only person I see is you.

3 years I've stood waiting,
for you to open your eyes
but instead I know the truth
which leaves me breaking,
i had a bad night tonight because of someone, and as you can tell from this poem it was because of someone i really like. but it's fine right?
M Salinger Feb 15
I just want
a man
who is sweet
will wash my
I wish I knew about love
How to spot out a fake
I wish I knew how love breathed
How love smiled
How much love loved me
Sadly, I don't know
I just wanted love
I wish I knew love
And if love loved me
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