C l e o 6d
i gave you 1 heart

she gave you 30 hearts

you will value her more but she had a billion hearts to give.

i only had one.
silly me
Penguin Poems Dec 2018
hopeless romanticism
is an endless pit
of effortless falling
but reckless hypnotism
Pyrrha Nov 2018
To My Soulmate,

When you enter my world
I will give you everything
I will become your anything
And when we are apart
You couldn't fathom
Such a lonely and empty feeling
So stay by my side
So that we can be whole
A home inside of me
A palace within you

Sincerely, a soul in search of someone searching
Sean Devlin Oct 2018
She stripped off her clothes, stepping out of her black ******* last
lowering herself into that pool of steaming water
I watched her with stifled hunger

"This is it. This is everything, isn’t it."
It wasn’t a question I was asking
as the rain crashed down around us
through the half open roof

She stretched her arms out and shook her head,
silent, grinning at me from across the bath

"**** those tiny dagger teeth, so far from my bones"

I threw her an invitation to destroy me but she was too comfortable
way over there
and she knew better after all this time
than to interrupt my romantic *******
I could really get carried away on the feeling
as if some insidious little moth crept in and started
pounding against my rib cage, against the backs of my eyes
taking me to some other place, as some other creature

"You know, you know.. Just drown me in here, like a rat
stuck in a sewer pipe, fat and useless and happy!
I’m drunk and hazy on this ****."

I could see her chest heave
as if the air was suddenly too thick
to swallow

"What I know is that you’re ******, you’re ****** and so I’m ******"

and she was right
but it was too late
her words faltered and faded off
halfway across the ocean between us
sailboats of wisdom lost at sea with
sailors throwing themselves overboard

I was gone by then, living a thousand daydreams
as scenes unfolded
where no one could see
as the rain
stung my face

Her eyes were wide and she was searching the stars
for me
but I was already tucked away inside her mystery
Sean Devlin Oct 2018
We broke bones falling over each others
wild horse chase
She pressed her fingertips into my ribs
said "you’re not like them"
and I could feel her move right through me

I grabbed her face and her tongue pushed past my teeth
like a battering ram

I wanted to destroy everything

Some time later I woke up, starving for her grip around me
I pressed against her, she slid her ******* down
and half asleep we rolled on the waves

"This is going to be dangerous"
She didn’t care, or maybe she didn’t know
We had drunk enough where the words didn’t mean
anything, anymore
I made her promise we wouldn’t get lost
but I could see the twinkle in her eye
She has the fire and I have the fuel
Together we could really
**** things up
Tyler Oct 2018
I love you so much I feel like a ticking time bomb
At any minute I will explode
Splattering wishful thinking and pieces of a swollen heart all over
Your breath in my neck is a prison
Because it’s all I can think about
All I can feel
I ache for your fingertips
I ache for the softness of your palm
Your scent paints patterns on my spine
Tracing it carefully, just like you would
Trickling down a curved back
Waiting to swallow my presence whole
And send me down to the abyss of your loving
I need to come home
Home to your softness
Home to your body
Home to you.
I have always been
the one with a hungry heart.

I will swallow you whole, even
if it tears me apart.
Pyrrha Sep 2018
I crave my own fairy tale
I want someone who feels like poetry
To rid the hopelessness from my romantic heart
And share with me a happily ever after

I don't need a prince or white knight
A pauper or squire is all that I desire
I don't require a gallant quest or noble steed
Eyes that are just for me is all that I need

I'll write my own tale to fill your storybook
Every page a poem of waiting
Till one day they are no longer of longing
And are filled with ode's to my one true love
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