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don't blame me, it's not my fault.
you're afraid of the decisions you have to make.
you're obsessed with what isn't yours to take.
you're tired of the confidence you have to fake.
you're ashamed of the way that you break.
stand in your place, and don't blame.
and the coward points their rot finger at someone else, hoping that this will make them braver. but blaming doesn't purify, it keeps rotting them from inside
Claudius Aug 2020
I can still feel the way your arms wrapped around my waist as you hugged me in the kitchen looking down at me with the biggest smile on your face
But- I can also recall the feeling of how cold it was when you pulled them away so your friends wouldn't see us.
I wondered why you were ashamed of us
But- now I realize that you were just scared of being in love.
I hope you come to realize that love isn't as scary when the other person loves you too.
michael Jun 2020
I won't have you howl,
"Gentle giant". They ask how,
I stand, your let down.
Sohini Jun 2020
Ashamed as I was
For where I was born

Ashamed as I was
For where I belonged
Because everything here
Was just so dark
That the Ray of hope
Never meet our faces.

Ashamed as I was
For everything here
Because everything
Far off is meant to be gold.
Traditional is to be ashamed off.
Westernise is to be proud off
Because after all
Everything that glitters from outside
Has to contain a diamond inside
James Jun 2020
Don't look at your scars and be ashamed.
Look at them as a reminder that you are strong,
and that what you're going through will get better.
Don't be ashamed of your scars, as they do not define you;
things are sent to test us, to push us to our limits, but don't give up.
Just remember whatever you're feeling now will soon be gone.
Your worries will be lifted, and you'll be thankful that you got to see the sun rise another day.
an0nym0us Jun 2020
I flew above the horizon
Soar high with the eagles
Flew up high to cross the great sea
With my magnificent wings

I joined the clouds on the skies
I flapped and flapped tirelessly
To reach the paradise
On which I can almost see.

The eagles gracefully flew over the mighty mountain
They reached the other side
They have entered their destination
A beautiful paradise.

It is my turn to ascend like them
I charged, pushed myself higher
But I lost my grace, I hit a tree
I fell down to the dirt

I tried to rise from the ground but I can't
Tried all my might but my wings are broken
I can no longer fly
I can no longer land on paradise.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I have been braver
Fool ashamed to be frightened
What shouldn't matter
I'm scared of everything
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