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Amanda Apr 11
I have been braver
Fool ashamed to be frightened
What shouldn't matter
I'm scared of everything
Isabella Mar 21
When you feel like crying, but no tears come out.
That's nothing like what I'm feeling right now.
I've sobbed for longer than I thought I could,
And feel much worse than I thought I would.
I feel so broken and so ashamed,
I wish I could be whole again.
stef Jan 10
i want to tattoo daisies and desires
on the worn duvet of clouds
on a mellow autumn day
i might float home
with the bees and ladybugs
to stay dry and to build
art that will never be seen
Jason Drury Dec 2019
These are wounds
piled on my desk.
They bleed for
attention and ink.

These are nameless,
kept away from view.
******* children,
of my quill.

Urchins in rags,
unkept and unfinished.
They haunt my dwelling,
as beggars do.

They are dismembered,
without proper structure.
Perhaps faceless,
void of identity.

Give them names,
would equate their freedom.
Label them,
and they shall see the sun.

Or not,
and leave them,
as they are.

Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
There was time, I was too gone
Only negativity I pronounced
So deep in my misery
Forgot about the people
I can count on
Wounded from the unseen battles
No voice to protect my crown
No solitude to lie down
Judgemental eyes, feeding from your cries
Blazing flames,
Burning your sage
Ashamed to carry
The scars you attained
Forbidden yourself from, mingling game
There was time, I was to gone
To call myself sane
Arawyn Nov 2019
Maybe there’s something between us.
A fire that we kindle but try to put out as if we are ashamed,
Blinded by the light.
But as that fire grows larger,
It becomes harder to control.
At some point,
We must accept the warmth that the flames bring us.
Every day I try and keep these feelings at bay.
I don't know
What's in the box
Beneath your bed

I just know
That when we talked
Your face turned red

And I know your scared
That I know it's there

And that I'll talk
About it
But let's not talk
Around this


Whatever you do
To get you through
The pain that you
Are living in

If it gets you by
If it keeps you high
As long as it stops you
From giving in

You may feel

But Baby
Were the Same

It's just that
Our drugs go by

Different Names

You don't have
To feel Ashamed

So leave it at the do oo or

Leave it a do oo oo or
Leave it at the door

Verse 2

I don't know
What's in the box
Beneath your bed

All I know
Is it couldn't change
What's in my head

Cause I know you're good
And nothing in their could
Change the way I feel

My love
For you
Is real

What I wish I heard from my parents
About my box
Shame Monster
I've got a whole in my heart
And a mind on fire
Wouldn't listen too close though
I've heard I'm liar

But stories are just that
You know I'll be the match
That gets you higher

I've been working on myself
I know what I'm about, now I'm
Preaching to the choir

Do you like me?
I sure hope so...

If you don't I
Won't sweat it tho

I'm not ashamed
Of my stupid songs

I may be different
But I know I'm not wrong

I'm not ashamed
Any longer

I'm not ashamed
I've gotten

Verse 2:

I'm done hiding ***** laundry underneath my bed
My doll face is gone, the old me is dead

I'm a monster now maybe
But I'm a real ***** baby

I've got no shame left to feel
New shoes to show off my heel
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