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Oct 2016 · 861
Megan Hoagland Oct 2016
Numbing pain with remedies unwise
Trying to forget
the past of lies

Going through day to day life
Such a battle,
so much strife.

Climbing out of bed
"you can do it, you're not dead"

Wanting with super might
to yell and cry
managing to mumble and sigh.

Resigned to the way
life seems to be:
Struggling; a vessel of empty

But each step taken
even with the ache'n
Is another foot forward
In the direction of hope; toward.

Each day gets better
don't stumble now
lighter as a feather.
; Choose to keep going
Oct 2016 · 284
Megan Hoagland Oct 2016
I wonder if going all in is a decision
you think about
plan about
dream about

But I know it's not
when you're consistently
cash broke
out of luck
or out of time

You keep saying you'll get a big break
but I wonder if you would ever
apply yourself
save yourself
plan for yourself

Simply put;
You cannot keep running into things headfirst
and then complain
that your head
Jan 2016 · 583
Megan Hoagland Jan 2016
Inhaling smoke into tarry lungs
Exhaling poison.
Drinking alcohol to numb the agony
Setting fire to a scarred esophagus.
Selfish to a fault
Its always about the big ME.
Doing favors and expecting
to get something out of it.
Ignoring the small and weak.

I've seen the worst of humanity.
I looked in the mirror and it reflected back to me.
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
Megan Hoagland Jan 2016
Breaking into pieces and trying to super glue the parts together
Being twisted and damaged and acidic corrosion
Getting a welder's mask and tools
To melt the pieces together
And nothing is the same, forever.
Depression *****
Dec 2015 · 921
Holiday Cheer
Megan Hoagland Dec 2015
Smiling gently
snow is falling
heart is breaking
for Christmases of old.
Times are changing
World is older
souls are merging.
Warm fires
bright eyes.
Warm fires,
bright eyes.
Couples dancing
families gather
the lonely watch.
Dec 2015 · 797
Megan Hoagland Dec 2015
I was settled for in my relationship and he loves me, he loves me.
I can't shake the feeling that I'm second best, and he loves me, he loves me.
He looks at me but I'm not the prettiest, but he loves me, he loves me.
I know in my heart that he loves me, he loves me.
But I'll always know deep in my soul, I was settled for.
Oct 2015 · 1.0k
For Him
Megan Hoagland Oct 2015
I miss the way I could laugh carefree.
The way smiles used to light up my face.
But when I glance at him,
I see he struggles to do the same
and occasionally we will laugh together
and our smiles make the room seem brighter
and for a moment we're weightless.

And in those moments
my hearts swells to capacity
with love for this man
who can make me feel like I used to
by just looking into my eyes.

We see the depths of each other's souls
and find that we are equal
and always have been,
in this life and the next.
An old one, written for a feeling I long for with someone, day and night.
Oct 2015 · 682
Megan Hoagland Oct 2015
Someone once asked me to write a poem
just for them,
And I smiled sadly, and asked for heart break.
Sep 2015 · 462
Megan Hoagland Sep 2015
To the people I've left behind...
I'm sorry and
I hope against hope, that we meet again.

It's been a hell of a journey
Pitfalls along the way
And days I thought
Spiraling downwards was the only way.

Turning away from good friends
Committing my sins
Only numbing the pains
As the pain only gained.

I wonder as I wonder
If I had it all wrong
Climbing upwards
And falling backwards.

I'm sorry and
I hope against hope, that we meet again.
Jul 2015 · 973
Nighttime Obsession
Megan Hoagland Jul 2015
Some say I'm obsessed with the night
and I, I say they are right.
I used to be afraid of the dark
the full moon
I used to be a huge horror fan
and well, I still am.
But I grew out of those childish fears
and now I see the wonder
as I gaze upon the stars
and adolescent angst
makes the night feel akin
to the dark thoughts
but as we mature
we realize that the night
is just the prelude to
a beautiful dawn
a new day
a new start
and the glory
of a beautiful sunrise
seen through introspective eyes
and even as I type
an essence of my thought
is lost
or simply kept
as I heard it put in another poem
and it resonated with me
like thunder on a dark
and stormy night
I used to feel afraid of the thunder
even though mom
would say lightning is something more
rational to be afraid of
but she couldn't hear the monsters
in the thunder that were out to get me
now thunder is calming
as I realize that there
are more worrisome noises
in day-to-day life
Going back to the night
as I sit outside
and tears stream down my face
as my eyes look into outer space
and I realize I'm just a speck
in this greater place
just floating on a rock
moving to and fro
like the waves that
crash shore to shore.
But we are all universes
with our thoughts
and even as I type this an essence
is kept
and lost.
Some say I'm obsessed with the night
and I, I say they are right.
Jun 2015 · 845
Our Love
Megan Hoagland Jun 2015
Something about the way your eyes sparkle
when you say you love me
tells me that we always meet
at the wrong time for one another.
That our love orbits
but can never be too close.
Always just missing each other.

At the precise moment our eyes lock
we get pulled away; the tides are just too strong.
Never can we ever be more than just friends.
A love like ours can only destroy
and we are too scared
to take a chance
that we are the best way to destroy each other,
if destroying is what we desire.
And dear, we are slowly destroying each other
Jun 2015 · 220
Megan Hoagland Jun 2015
Love recognizes nothing but love.
Pain be ******.
Jun 2015 · 695
Megan Hoagland Jun 2015
We are electric
     from the first drunken kiss.
Passion's flaring
     on our first night's bliss.

We are steady
     falling asleep in a lover's embrace
Worries dying
     we've found comfort in this place
Jun 2015 · 2.1k
Bliss (10w)
Megan Hoagland Jun 2015
His body next to mine.
Full of bliss; feeling sublime.
May 2015 · 855
Hate is the Best Lover
Megan Hoagland May 2015
Can we be lovers if we hate one another?
Love and hate, closer than you think
Stemming from passion and passion's all I've needed.

So, slam me on the bed,
Rip these clothes to shreds.
You hate me so good.

Yank my hair
Leave me gasping for air.
You hate me so good.

Can we be lovers if we hate one another?
And the answer is yes,
It's always ever been, yes.
May 2015 · 344
Last Night
Megan Hoagland May 2015
Last night, I met up with an old friend.

Last night, I saw the stars, closer than they've ever been.

Last night, I felt each hot breath and shuddered in delight.

Last night, I met up with an old friend.
May 2015 · 423
Love is
Megan Hoagland May 2015
Love is sweet, love is kind.
Love is torture, love is blind
May 2015 · 494
Megan Hoagland May 2015
Words used to fall
From this mind of mine,
Flowing, gushing,
Waterfalls of inspiration.

Gardens used to bloom
From the ink that anointed
Many pages.
Like April showers bringing May flowers.

But lately I'm more like October
Bringing death and decay
Slowly fermenting to cold December.
May 2015 · 5.2k
Megan Hoagland May 2015
The nighttime never bothered her
It went hand in hand with solitude
When solitude was a friend.

Cold breezes
   Dewey feet
     Star-filled eyes

The nighttime never bothered her
Until the magic was snuffed out
With one lustful shout.

Frigid winds
  Numb feet
    Lifeless eyes.
For a friend. A strong woman despite everything life has thrown at her. Stand tall.
May 2015 · 328
One of These Days
Megan Hoagland May 2015
One day
I'll be smart enough
To stay
Far, far, away

From destructive foes
But snow is pretty
Until it snows and snows and snows.

Fires burning
Old wooden homes
But the house is me.
And I hate to stay.
And I hate to stay.
Megan Hoagland May 2015
Hold me close
Never let me go
Till sun comes up
Before it's too cold

Don't shy away
From the burning flames
As passion consumes,
Destroys, and leaves hate
Megan Hoagland Mar 2015
Music pounding, I felt it in my bones
Bouncing around my ribcage;
The only place I've felt at home.
This intruder destroying the walls of my heart.
Debris falling like lead to the pit of my stomach.

The dizzying lights
And astounding heights.
Falling through space,
Seeing his face.

Music pounding, I felt it in my bones
Shaking around inside my skull
Voiding every thought, zeroed and null.
In a crowd of people, feeling alone.
Each breath of cool air, through every pore.

The dizzying lights
And astounding heights.
Falling through space,
Seeing his face.

Music pounding, I felt it in my bones.
And I wonder,
Where is my home?
As I slept, I wondered,
Where is my home?
Mar 2015 · 1.6k
Hallelujah's and Amen's
Megan Hoagland Mar 2015
Let's get drunk off cheap wine.
Make out under the stars.
Feelin' spiritual tonight.
Hallelujah, amen.

I worship the taste of my lover.
Soak up the sweat from his skin.
Feelin' spiritual tonight.
Hallelujah, amen.

Singing praises that sound like moans.
Sighing his name, scarring his back.
Feelin' spiritual tonight.
Hallelujah, amen.

Laying claim to the blessings.
Anointed by hot breath.
Feelin' spiritual tonight.
Hallelujah, amen.

Some would call this sin.
Some would condemn, but I'm
Feelin' spiritual tonight.
Hallelujah, amen.
Mar 2015 · 387
Megan Hoagland Mar 2015
Do you know who I am outside of church?
There's life amidst death after all.
I'm not a scholar.
I'm not a saint.
And I'll admit
I've professed stupid things,
All in your name.
Questioning my beliefs.
Megan Hoagland Feb 2015
I catch myself thinking
About the sparkle in his eyes
As he pulls me closer
And I just sigh.

I catch myself thinking
About the way his thumb
Caresses my palm
As we sit in the silence
Of my deafening pulse.

I catch myself thinking
About the way we laugh
After staring at one another
And the butterflies
My pounding heart
And widened eyes.
This one's for him. He's inspired me to write again. Even if nothing comes of it, I'll forever be grateful to the man who showed me it's ok to smile again.
Dec 2014 · 278
Megan Hoagland Dec 2014
There's a fine line
Between love and hate.

And I love the way
He hates me.
Sep 2014 · 14.1k
Peaches and Kisses
Megan Hoagland Sep 2014
I went to our place.
It was rainy.
It was cold.
It smelled of peaches;
the thing you thought of,
when you thought of first kisses.

I went to our place.
It was rainy.
It was cold.
It's funny how fast
that peach can mold.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
She is
Megan Hoagland Aug 2014
She is emptiness.
She is disappointment
and cigarettes
hiding under breathe mints.
She is hollow
and resentment resounds,
and vibrating
her core.
She is anger
and grief.
She is mourning
and sorrow.
She is hopeless
nothing to look forward to,
not even the promise of tomorrow.
She is loneliness
and guilt
for letting perfect love
just sit there and wilt.
She is the morning after
a night of alcohol.
She is the memories
she desperately tries
to drown in another
cacophony of music
and sounds.
She is depression
that she tries to throw to the wind
as she throws another handful of pills
down her mouth.
She is hate
and it eats away
until there isn't much left
to say.
She is you.
She is me.
She is everyone
but no one.
She is.
Jul 2014 · 948
I'll Write You a Poem...
Megan Hoagland Jul 2014
I'll write you a poem
when you break my heart into pieces.

I'll write you a poem
when you leave and ruin me.

I'll write you a poem
I want my heart good and broken.

Use me like a rag doll

and I'll write beautiful
and bittersweet
Mar 2014 · 11.7k
Wandering, Wondering
Megan Hoagland Mar 2014
"Not all who wander
are lost"
Yet still, I wonder
where am I
and where are we going?

But I know where I am
I'm in a library,
sipping a coffee
lost in my thoughts

Any of which range
from "what's for dinner?"
to "why am I here?"
Ranging from shallow
to deep.

My mind making
leap to leap.
Leaving me confused
and wondering,
Where am I
and where are we going?
Feb 2014 · 325
Bruises 15w
Megan Hoagland Feb 2014
The bruises on my body
are nothing
compared to the bruises left on my heart.
Megan Hoagland Feb 2014
I no longer hate the areas
you used to criticize.
My arms. Stomach.
Hair and my thighs.

I no longer get sick
when I stare deep
into my eyes.

The shape of my face
to the curves from my hips
feels like a poem
that fell from a great poet's lips.

I sing all the time because your words
can't hold me down
won't hold me down

and I smile too,
makes no sense to frown.
My body is glorious
who cares if it's vain.
Feb 2014 · 1.8k
3am the Enemy
Megan Hoagland Feb 2014
3am the Enemy
3am the demons come out to play
coursing through the soul
the heart- it’s prey
The mind- the playground
monkey bars
and jungle gyms
a place where ‘what-if’s’
hang and linger
the air is pungent
and regret permeates
the night humidity
all but makes the stench lesser
putrid like rotting garbage
like the doll you
had to keep you safe
as a little child
that since should’ve been thrown
years ago.
the haven for mold
and dust mites
and other things toxic
human’s one true
Feb 2014 · 616
Cricket's Serenade
Megan Hoagland Feb 2014
The crickets serenaded her
and she danced in the moonlight
a slow waltz
savoring the feeling
of the dew drops.
Bare foot and free
she sings a soft melody
with the owl
in the pine tree.
The moon guiding her
safe and sound.
She danced.
She was free.
Jan 2014 · 823
She Always Danced
Megan Hoagland Jan 2014
Trees loom in the shadows.
Forbidding and threatening.
It reeks of 3am.
The animals hush their cooing.
The cars drive a little slower.
The rain is a bit colder.
It pierces the skin.
Each drop an ice dagger.
The sounds all around.
Enormous in weight.
The silent screams out.
The shadows come out to play.
Monsters and demons
make homes in the hearts
of the lonely still awake.
Of the poet
who feels 3am
as a kindred spirit.
Who knows lonliness in the pits
of his stomach.
He swallows sadness
and mashes his pillow
fighting the urge
to just cradle it to his chest.
It reminds him of
the eternal her
The girl who loved nighttime
who craved the cool dew
of the sleeping grass
under her barefeet
as she waltzed under the moonlight
with owls hooting
their sweet lullaby.
She swayed and danced
light as feathers
and she always danced
in his mind.
And she always danced
in his mind.
Jan 2014 · 367
Love the Girl
Megan Hoagland Jan 2014
Love the girl who can't love herself
love the girl
              so that she can learn to love herself
love the girl
              and in time she'll learn to love you too
love the girl
              your strength is her vitality
love the girl
              it'll be worth it, be patient
love the girl
              and she won't leave you
                                             I swear I won't leave you
so, love the girl.
Love the girl who can't love herself.
Jan 2014 · 1.7k
The Pier
Megan Hoagland Jan 2014
We used to go to the pier
My dad and I
We’d fish and laugh
Just talk about life
We used to go to the pier…
My dad and I
And now, well,
He can’t even look me in the eye.
Megan Hoagland Nov 2013
His love songs made her sigh.
His intent made her cry.
Megan Hoagland Oct 2013
I am waiting for
That one day where time doesn't stand still
when your name falls from my lips
the day where your name won't fall from this mouth.
I'm waiting for the memories to lose their power
and the places to purge the image of us.
The day I'm living for
is that day
when I hear your name
and I won't feel a thing.
I'm waiting for the pain to dull
and for someone, something
to take your place.
I'm hoping for a savior,
praying for reprieve.
I'm waiting
just waiting.
There was so little from the start,
but my patience is waning
and it's wearing on my heart.
Megan Hoagland Oct 2013
Hello? Oh hi! How are you?
Indistinct mumbling
static crackles
as her face falls,
you can see how the news
affects her,
she seems smaller
and you can hear the sound
of crushed hopes
and dashed dreams
reverberating in her ears
as the blood roars
and her pulse pounds at a sickening
Well that is... Great to hear... Why did you call?
This question
hung in the air
and clung to her fear
that maybe he never really cared..
You can feel the weight of
broken promises
as it permeates the air.
I'm really glad you are happy
Then a click of the phone
and a scent of despair.
You can feel that she has
a dozen lifetimes
as she whispers into nothing
a bittersweet
Megan Hoagland Oct 2013
I'm sorry that I never measure up
to you
to society.
Maybe if I had longer hair,
skinnier thighs.
Then, maybe then,
I would look good in your eyes.
If I modeled myself after
yes, everything,
because you can't really call
the carbon copy
an adjective that would make them
sound human.
Sometimes I wish
I was good at mimicking
society and perfection
just so I could get
a little bit of your
so-called affection
But maybe I was born
to be different
and that just means
I was born
to be
Megan Hoagland Aug 2013
Take Note..
(This is how a heart breaks)
It starts with a look
leading to hand-holding
and light conversation
     (with an underlying current of something deeper)
Cold nights fast approach
and body holding
and murmurs of sweet nothings,
just reveling in the warmth
     (and something warmer)
Blazing furiously, a passionate
burning and consuming
like fire to an old wooden house
     (but that house is you)
Forgetting each other
blinded by the lies of forever
never, ever questioning
     (but of course, it doesn't work if you can see)
Then weeks transform into month
slower than molasses on a cold day
drifting, little by little
     (but so little you never know)
Hand-in-hand walking starts to feel different
'til that one day, 'til you reach that one day
where everything subsides
      (no reason, no rhyme, a thorough good-bye)
Walking away
you must never look back
never knowing how tears could form a mask
Aug 2013 · 260
Megan Hoagland Aug 2013
I've resigned myself to the company
Of my mirror
She's never left me.
        My shadow knows the truth.
The pain I bear is for me alone.
Why would I share?
Aug 2013 · 451
It's Time
Megan Hoagland Aug 2013
Unsure what to write
In a neutral melancholy
With normal anxiety
In a state of natural worry.
It's time for poetry.
Aug 2013 · 326
I am
Megan Hoagland Aug 2013
I am a creature who abides
In silent darkness
But lives in the hope
Of pure light.
Aug 2013 · 916
Happy Birthday
Megan Hoagland Aug 2013
Turning 18
I don't want cake.
I hunger for change.
Jul 2013 · 282
Megan Hoagland Jul 2013
When I thought that my heart could shatter no more,
That was when it tore.
Jul 2013 · 374
My Pen is Magical
Megan Hoagland Jul 2013
I pick up my pen
intent on the drain.
I write 'til my fingers bleed.
I write 'til my wrist is numb.
With the pain of cramping
at the joints,
keeping my mind on point,
draining the pain
to anoint the page,
with the curse of living, again and again
with nothing left to gain.
Emptying my heart.
Draining my pen.
Jul 2013 · 627
You. I miss you.
Megan Hoagland Jul 2013
Traces of you linger
Scents, Sights, Places; Triggers
I can still taste your sweet breath.
I can still feel the ghost of the butterflies;
The haunting only your face brings.
Whispers of memory.
Tears have worn broken trails
down my face
crashing into the place
the eroded space
of my heaving chest.
Shallow breathing of a
heart, half beating.
The instinct to survive
hanging on by tiny thread.
One more memory
will send me over the edge.
I'm at the ledge,
I'm at the ledge
Toes hanging over.
Just a nudge.
*Just a nudge
Jul 2013 · 471
Who Knew
Megan Hoagland Jul 2013
It's late
    I should be sleeping
(Who knew I'd miss you so much?)
3 A.M. came and went
    I've never felt more spent
(Who knew I'd miss you so much?)
Losing weight
    but gaining in the bags under my eyes
        and baggage in my thoughts
(Who knew I'd miss you so much?)
Can't eat
    But I eat anyway
(Who knew I'd miss you so much?)
Stuff my face
    Purge my sins
(Who knew I'd miss you so much?)
My weary brain
    my downtrodden heart
        It takes everything just to start
(Who knew I'd miss you so much?)
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