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Star BG 7d
Dear being encased in human form,
             I love you as much as every wave in the ocean,
             and every blade of grass.
            Like every heartbeat that plays on earth.  
            And as wide as the sacred sky.
            I love you like every twinkling star in the universe
            and every rustling leaf.

Dear Soul Mate, Lover, Friend,
                       I love you more.
Couldn't sleep so thoughts of my soul mate came into my mind
Jason Drury Feb 15
If I gave you my soul,
would you read each page?
Scribble notes of interest
and know me.
Would you take the time,
to help tape the seams?
Would you mend,
the fragility of my soul?
It tears and rips,
easily, emotionally.
Navigating the morning migratory commute
      Mother Luna, Venus Magus, Jupiter Rex
      and little cygnets of pink appear
            —just for her

She hums a few notes
      from her Hildegard repertoire
             in memoriam
      to a mostly recycled paper cup
      organic hand-roasted coffee, fair trade
      brewed by a kid, her favorite barista
      because he can quote Albert Camus

She soars on a plain of existence
      Alto Cirrus Allegro
      where gods kibitz in several languages
            —at once
      on topics that span the gamut
      of not-so-trivial pursuits

My Pen, at her desk, preens her brand
       though this is the season of her last days
       an executive where money
            is unapologetically—God
       where women are hens
       recognized holistically
             as the large fleshy area
             that surrounds the ******

It's difficult paddling upstream
      in that sewage
      when you are a swan

That's why, I, her Cob who surely,
      surely by true gods that fly
               do not deserve
      such a precious spirit feather as she
      calls to her, waddles my mating dance
            —just for her
      spreads my wings
      to flap scents of sky in display for her
      cranes my neck to honk
      across interstate traffic
            and elevator gropes
      to bring her back here—home
our pond of still water
for LoML
Tatenda Ncube Jan 26
Dear soulmate
No we haven't met
At least not yet
For all I know you could be a princess,
with a golden tiara and attendants
Or the daughter of a peasant,
uncouth and ill-bred in the sight others, but to me, nothing short of pleasant
No we haven't met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
Last night I dreamt of you again,
a thousand dragons for you I had slain
On my heart you placed your hand,
beaming with joy, oh my fair lady was I glad!
Oh my fair lady was I glad!,
when to the beating of our hearts all night we danced
Fell on our backs and at the stars we gazed,
Oh! their resemblance to your eyes left me amazed
No, we haven't met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
Beautiful becomes meaningless for it cannot describe you
Perfect ceases to exist for it fails to define you
The universe must have been the one that birthed you
Or an angel from heaven must have sent you
From porcelain clay God must have made you
With his own breathe, life, must have gave you

In my dreams I stare in your eyes
In your eyes I witness the sun rise
As the sun sets I picture you walking down the aisle
Oh daughter of a goddess, in your soul I would love to set sail
Oh daughter of a goddess, without fail, by your side i would love to grow old and frail
No, we haven't met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
No, we haven't met
At least not yet
Pep Jan 30
Writing about her was like ***
She made me do things for her
I did it for her love,
Did it for the money, her friends
She stole my virginity in my poems.
When I wrote about her,
I wrote so carefully,
It was as if I was caressing her
She gave life to me
I thought she was my soulmate
She destroyed my misery
Even threatened to **** me if I didn't stop
But she was only momentary
And I kept my virginity
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awknight Nov 2018
As your eyes
dance across mine
our irises bounce light
off the other's glare.
I understand —
finally —
where people find gods
create altars
build temples
give sacrifice

how they devote
entire lives
to things unseen

only felt.
Pastelblitz Oct 2018
I laid my head on his chest

And heard the steady beating of his heart

That almost pulled me into a deep sleep

As his hands softly ran through my hair

And how he gently leaned down to kiss my nose

How his smile is so sweet

How his touch is safe  

How his eyes sparkle

How his laugh is golden

How I still get butterflies texting him

How he pulls me closer to himself

How I still blush when I see him

How he picks me up and hugs me

How my heart still beats rapidly around him

I think I’ve found someone better

I think I’ve found my soul mate
I’ve never felt like this with anyone, I think it’s safe to say I love you Thomas
Peace Oct 2018
I am a butterfly
opening bitterly

to something
eerily comforting

intoxicating are you..

intrigued of your stance
& magnified is my love

I behold my fears
& place them
into your hands

taunted by your gracious

my stomach summersault
twisting & turning

my spirit soars high
higher than a human
ever made me climb

my knees buckle
from the pressure
of your heart

I am heated
& drunk off this cloud

hoping to let go
but daring myself
to never climb down

to the person I once was

before you claimed me,
as your special,
It dates back to the younger days,
I used to like those meeting days,
Those days were like soothing waves,
We were just kids in the growing phase
I never knew you were important to me,
Until that tear in your eye got my heart to bleed.
I swear I did not know you, until mid school,
but your voice was not new to me.
Then, our groups clashed and merged!
I still remember those days back in 10th grade
We were still in the mindless rage,
Still stuck with those childish games.
Soon, we started to talk,
We started to stay up around the clock,
They all started to mock,
And you started to walk away from me.
Had I known it would end up like this,
I would have bent the rules,
And not have wasted all this time thinking about you,
Could have lent you a hand just by inking all I knew.
Just you!
So, girl I want you to know,
Maybe this year is the last chance for us,
Maybe yesterday was the last conversation, we ever had,
Maybe those were the last words between us.
There are a lot of things I never said,
As I never had the courage to,
Maybe be I never will,
But I want you to understand,
I love you more than You think I do,
Maybe I was never that crazy,
Probably I was just crazy for you.
I know this is not the perfect time,
Maybe it never is,
Maybe it never will be,
But I just want you to know,
I will always be there for you,
No matter how many years pass by.
I will always love you, just for the sake of love.
Just going a little offstyle this time
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