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Lizzie 5d
I’m constantly pointing out constellations for people who will never see the same lust within them that I just cant live without. I don’t know why I still get excited to share the beauty of the stars with people who will never notice the passion in my eyes as they gaze up at Cassiopeia and Orion sharing the winter night sky above New York. My dreams are in those stars, caught in the webs of the constellations. My heart is in the moon and her ever changing face. My soul is lost in the galaxy in search of a long lost mate hidden beyond the planets. Someday i’ll know when my soul mate’s been found, on that day the passion in my eyes will be met with another just as strong.
Steve Page Sep 7
Can there be intimacy without proximity?
Empathy without vicinity ?

Can we live without touch,
keeping brothers out peripherally?

No, that path only leads deceivingly
further into living life more miserably

So rather than espousing self-sufficiency
let's discuss band of brotherly

A brother unity that unconditionally
maintains a mature masculinity

A unity revealing a core fragility,
yes - a humility that risks indignity

I'm talking about an increasing capacity
a growling capability
for actual manual connectivity

I'm calling for a comprehensive solidarity
that embraces fierce timidity

You see I stand against living artificially
I'm all for living purposely

Yes, I'm here loudly
Against anyone
The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Join the campaign to take a stand against male suicide and get the tools you need for action.
Seanathon Sep 1
Not one to fly in another's sky
Nor to fish the grounds of another herrings town
For I
I am a Rook
Meaning that often and alone I fly
Not high, but above
More pleasant fowl
For as keen eyes look
And occasionally see alone
With pinions dark as covered night
There is noone else at last to be found
Because we rooks, we mate for life
There is noone else for us alive
We rooks, we mate for life
William Troup Aug 20
... strawberries plucked from the vine;
    ... we devour in sweet surrender.  Afar,
        it seems, those green filled knolls,
        as our souls converge ...
           blueberries goal ...

... blueberries sway in green foliage;
    ... we admire in sweet surrender.  Afar,
        we dream, with pear shaped tones,
        as our hearts align ...
           cranberries sewn ...

... cranberries flail in blue eyed skies;
    ... we desired in sweet surrender. Afar,
        we drift, with career based zones,
        as our minds regret ...
           strawberries thrown ...
Shadowhollow Jul 22
Dark hair or blonde ?
Brown , blue or green eyes ?
I’m not sure that matters
As long as you look like
               The one
Morning Jul 21
I think I loved you once upon a whispers dream.
I think I cared for you more than I thought,
More than it really must seem.
Because what is love to a seed?

A seed with no real intentions.
With no real expressions, but its expected
To grow.

To grow, in the ash painted battlefield,
Where the war set its claim.
The field you fled from, yet your spout remained.
A seed without its sower? A farm without its grower,
but somehow it continued to maintain.
In the beep pits of soot, it set's its proclaims
However, without its owner, it was all said in vein.
I'm sorry, let me refrain.

Refrain from expressing too much because I think it was all too late.
Refrain from expressing it all because I think you were my soul mate.
why me so dark  ^.^
True love must assert a soul binding liberty -
But what is right in you, seems like a crime within me.
Your favor leaves me nothing else to require,
You answer my every wish and long out-run all my desires.
What more can I expect while I live?
All your princessly diadems that you so sweetly give -
On that: there you pause; then sighing, you said,
This is justly destined for your worthy head.
For when from my toils I shall at long last rest,
This latest augment of this life - oh I’ve been so blest.
Your lawful issue shall to my lap once again ascend
To the collateral damage of my heart that somehow you end.
My love, though oppressed,  moves toward your light -
Dauntless  –  secure  – full of a native fight.
Of every royal virtue that you surely must possess;
Never be still dear, be the bravest, be you, be the best.
Your courage knows no foe, your truth to proclaim
It is your loyalty that I hope is your biggest fame.
Have mercy on this nave my dearest find,
For surely you must be of the forgiving kind.
Why should I then repine against Heaven's decree,
That somehow, someway - you fell in love with me.
It's not all about being loved - it's all about truly loving....
William Troup May 29
I, in jubilation, wake in wondrous fulfilment; as

leaves from crimson oak flail in airy skies!
   Open, as the day, my soul apart replays
   voluptuous memories;
Evermore ... in love!

You, my heart, I’ll always dream; wrens still fly
   over appellations springs; beautifully defined!
   Us apart, oceans aside, my heart still yearns in peace ... rewind!
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