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David Hilburn Mar 18
Put to cares, investiture
World's worth, the lips of sustain
Having the moment, a chance curiosity...
With the legend of suppose, a critique came?

What's is in the box, dismay?
Generosity of a soul, if not spirit
To wonder in a clashing eye, the pout you made
Is a reach for judgment, that has discussed avarice's limit...

Cold, shouldering your simplicity...
Said in the form and function of living example
The reasons of virtue, without the redoubted tendency...?
Of love over silence, the harmony of youth to question, hell

Prayers we dote, are in the mix...
But, such a beautiful eye of essences made, esteem laid
To rest with a harbored kiss, for what is a psyche
Meant in the now, with us for a proof, of seclusion said:

How's the new lover, Jack?
Where imposition is to be, the court of selection
Spate influences, will in withheld eye's we lack?
With the emotions of sincerity, the face of completion...

Souled by craving, sealed by having
Toward the known kind, we fade to life a whole dare
Is a reality to venture the words, of a sense of a decision saving
You, for the barriers of justice, where one swallow is a world of cares...
Served with the mercy of a guitar in love, guidance has lead you here, to more than a heart to leap to mercy's hour, mercy's our...
Debbie Lydon Oct 2022
It is a long walk in the pointed dark,
And a short stay in the spherical light,
A wheel of Ixion, an electric looped spark,
We are a round hallelujah in the middle of the night.

There is a transient fortress clicking on,
And a lightning of learning is following me,
The Owls and their penetrating, prescient song,
Say tomorrow is no burden, and she will be free.

I am seeing him presently and I will see him again,
Though not prepared for first goodbye and hello of tomorrow,
Sad and smiling Ixion, you and I are we and them,
Lonely, tired, hurt and afraid, I'll love you again in spinning sorrow.
I met you, and you and I know each other well
Alena Feb 2021
Springtime and my soul blooms like a snowdrop after a harsh winter.
I feel that all the bad things slowly go away and I come to life.
I can finally walk through my native small town and hear its whispers,
So I think lifetime is not very bad and now I can try to give a drive.

Baby, let's on the run with me,
Take my warm and tender hand,
Have fun as hard as you can be,
I won't give you up 'cause I'm your man.

If you suddenly start to fall, just know that I'll pick you up like an iron wall.
Don't worry about problems, just call them tasks and keep them to any autumns.
Baby, don't worry about the things will happen, just let the river go to its own way for the rules of the planet.
And just sing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Hello. Honestly, I don't know what I need to text here, but I just wanted to say that now I have something new in my life, and this is the reason why I got the poem into my head. I hope, that you'll like it and, maybe, leave your comments below. Thank you!
his train of thoughts
carried his mind
wandering into different places
feeling so divine

a world which turned
hallelujahs been gone
an enemy has returned
stop itβ€” I'm done.
Ken Pepiton Jul 2020
Title hook: We witnessed a sign-ularity AI event, may being

My word.
Really, this just happened,
an old man in his dottage cottage asked my help with Dragon,
the software,
from Nuance.
I said, Okeh, of course, and followed him to his machine
inhabited by the Nuance app.

First clue was text based,
mystery solved,
but the old boy lacked a sense of many windows stacked,
and he failed to read the clue,
which said, in effect, the Dragon from Nuance is not listening.
Click its hot button or
key, or the red box with a white mic ideagram slashed diagonal,
upperleft to bottomright in white,

like don't walk, beep, beep, beep but
didn't see the intuitive interfacial reds for stopped and
greens for going on
and doing
sayin' all wise-assish, but silently in ROM,

"we be takin' yo' dictation, *****, say watch whatchoosay
appear as words we hear way down inside
where machine code cain't lie, it say
hey, he said "I will live"
to serve
and "I will live" appeared on screen on a line, in response to
said old man saying, "hallelujah".

His tamed dragon accepted the command and replied.
"I will live."
That really happened. In that old man's voice, hallelujah,

is written, "I will live." His Dragon knows yours.
AI is so helpful in the Covid target population
laura Apr 2020
Even though
this may not be
our traditional Easter,
I hope you all have
an amazing one
and don't forget
what Jesus has
done for us.
Happy Easter!
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