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Aman Aug 14
An important aspect....
Cannot be left....
Otherwise there is grief.....
A bit of sorrow.....
Life becomes a bit narrow....
Less openings.....
More guilt....
Once trust is broken.....
Life can never be rebuild....
Life is shining....
Brighter than sun....
All it's might...
But once trust is broken....
There is an absence of.....
When god was impressed with a lad,
booned him the loveliest creation he had.
Someone to dote like a mother,
tease him like a sister and non other.
Someone by his side when in pain,
to enjoy alongwith in the rain.
But he insulted the almighty's trust,
for this was not enough to quench his lust.
Tears flowed off the beautiful eyes,
the petals(lips) turned grey due to the cries.
The bubbly cheeks were now dull,
the baby heart went null.

Still the eternal creation being heartbroken
went on loving the world.

But she will again be bestowed upon someone on this earth,
by the god, to the one who realises her worth.
I have seen the bliss
before the morning's dawn .
I have taken kiss from a woman
as she slept like a new born fawn .
I have seen the sun and moon set
together in a western sky .
I have seen all the reasons now
as we let our loving die .

I have seen the fog at times when
there was nothing one could see .
I have seen eternity from the mountains
all the way down to the sea .
I have seen love's kind embrace and
felt it's breath upon my skin .
But I don't even dare to dream
there will be another like you again .

Oh , I have seen paradise through
The yellow of the glass .
Tasted it upon my tongue
And it was so very nice .
I have smelled the rose's fumes
And it permanates the air
For evermore I assumed
But now face cold realities stare

I have seen the petals fall
one by one by one
I have seen the fingers slip away
until there were none .
I have this empty feeling
at the bottom of my pit
God it is so unwilling
I think I'm feeling sick

Our love has evaporated
After summer's rain  
Leaving steaming memories
Heat and searing pain
But I have not seen
Nor think I ever will
See a love again like this
Forever that's so real
Dark Jewel Apr 2015
As I walk,
On the black top.
Till my feet bleed.
My wings tattered,
Soul destroyed.
Fearing for my life,
From the might of your words.
You brought this upon us...
Now I leave you,
Without saying Goodbye.
Without saying 3 little words.
They don't mean anything,
When I say them to you.

Only one thing left to say,
I'm sorry,
*But this is MY LIFE.
Some issues went down and it was not pretty.. Don't ask either
Megan Hoagland Jul 2014
I'll write you a poem
when you break my heart into pieces.

I'll write you a poem
when you leave and ruin me.

I'll write you a poem
I want my heart good and broken.

Use me like a rag doll

and I'll write beautiful
and bittersweet
"Baby, because your birthday is tomorrow you get a special prize."
"Really what is it?"
"Cant tell you yet."
"Oh come on, just a hint."
"Something sweet."

She wanted a ring
but she got a teddy bear instead.
She said these things:

"You got me a ******* bear, and that's it!"
"Baby let me explain,"
"No I told you i wanted a ring for my birthday since we started dating!"
"Can you let me talk?"
"No no more talking just listen! We are through! Through!"
"What? Why?"
"Just go!!"

Later that day she saw the zipper
and opened the pocket.
She found a beautiful diamond ring
She later went to apologize to him
He was no were to be found.
The next day she found out bad news
Her love was killed in a shooting.
She went to his grave and read the note out loud:

"Happy birthday baby,
You are the love of my life and I hope you like my gift.
You mean the world to me.
Your man"

She spent the rest of her life regretting everything she said.
And she kept the ring for the rest of her days.
She never married,or had kids.
She was buried with the ring on and next to his grave.
They had no kind words before his time.
And so
Those were their last words.

— The End —