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Eddyn Jun 2018
Hearing his name destroys me
He doesn’t think about me
The sound of my voice
The kiss of my lips
He said my eyes were the most beautiful thing
He probably forgot the colour
Or the way they sparkle when I look at him
He use to send paragraphs about how much he loved me
Now the only thing he says is that he hates me and that I’ve changed
I’ve changed because I gave all of me to you, and now that you’re gone
I don’t know who I am.
Hearing his name destroys me
Jay Dayz May 2018
Surrounded by endless space,
We have one place;
A home in perfect placement,
A little bastion of hope.

It's a miracle we're here,
And graceful we must feel;
But they don't comprehend,
They just don't understand.

Blinded by white lies,
That "Everthing'll be fine"
But is that really true?
Why don't they see the truth?

I wish to save my home,
My little bastion of hope;
But only wanting more,
They destroy evermore.

I wish to give the Earth it's peace
I wish her soul you would release.
But when I speak you shut me out
Just to make society proud.

How can you destroy your home?
How can you just care for more?
Your selfishness will doom us all
Your doomed if you ignore her call
Steep outside and look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful? Breath the air and hear the wind, we're so bless to be right here. Don't ignore the Earths cries, help her out and leave your mark.
Nylee Oct 2017
Life is a beautiful-
mess, Nothing makes
much sense, The beauty
we get used to,has an ugly
truth hidden, It destroys our
mind peace, slowly turning us
so very cold, there is no more
lively enjoyment left, and it
makes me sad, & it is sad
to see life so dead , alive
that it makes the death
like an escape from
life's surrender,
half dead life.
Cierra Hope Jan 2017
The Stars get tired of hanging.
The Moon doesn't want to rise each night just to fall again.
The Sun gets sad sometimes and doesn't want to shine.
I think there's a place that exists where most of us want to be.
A different universe.
Where imagination runs wild.
You can be you.
No lies.
No masks.
Everything could be perfect.
And that destroys your image of reality.
Megan Hoagland May 2015
Hold me close
Never let me go
Till sun comes up
Before it's too cold

Don't shy away
From the burning flames
As passion consumes,
Destroys, and leaves hate
Grace Apr 2015
Absorb it
Become a bulging
Dripping sponge
Leaking numbers
Until they're overrun

Memorize it
Become a rapid tongue
Screaming equations
The answers to questions
That will never come

Fill up porous holes
Leave no room for flowers
To grow through bones
Push out the empty spaces
Throbbing for love and light
Fill them with uselessness
*For they are aching to cloud your mind
Tyler Man Apr 2014
What's given
Can be taken
Life constantly mending
The rules that are continually bending
Our troubles from alarm
From people trained to bring harm
Now do we live to love
Find ways to rise above
Or cave into
The things we think we'd never do
Lose the things we came to be
Never knowing what we could truly see
Rough patches through the dark
Even though we've all been given an ark
Some choose to live that path
Living in a continual blood bath
Using hate to make us feel provin
Living a life that's not worth livin
It's easy to just give up
And get obsession and disrupt
But I beg of me come away
To shine on and shine today
I beg of you to do the same
Do not let the darkness bring you  shame
Move through life with a great light
Something that will eventually shine bright
I know it's hard when dark destroys
Trying to fool you with all it's mental ploys
But your are strong
You'll learn to prove life wrong
Or maybe right
Cause life could be bright
I say to you with great haste
make sure to go out and give life a taste
Cause it's worth the time
do not commit the crime
Stop abandoning your morals
And begain to remove your quarrels
Life will transcend
It's only around the bend
Don't give up I beg of you
They say couple people make it only a few
But I believe if we all really tried
That everyone will make it before they all have gone and died
So I say to you be the ones who tried
And give up the  you who once lied
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