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Beautiful you are, a pretty shower.
You wash away all the dismay,
so gentle you are with me, falling
each day so that we may meet
even if our river runs dry you peak
at a point that touches rain's feet.

Surrounded by birds and tree's,
an atmosphere with calm scenery
and yet still your eyes pour down
drowning like a pool of love only;
upon me.
xander Dec 2020
Longing for the kiss of bitter reality,

Much of bare humane nature has been deprived of mentality.

Though the holy reputation,

The Anglican halls fill with the souls of the unwanted and unloved.

Much atonement to be done,

All in the name of Himself.

Said a few prayers amidst this deadly nightshade,

filled with poison,

But blessed with beauty and rage.

Shaking the wings of their terrible youth,

we strayed from the heavens above.

Mistaking pain for love,


with the love for such *******,

all alone in our dark paradise.

Whilst we knew that the “happy ending” that love promised

is likely to never be fulfilled,

We went in search of the rich wine that intoxicates us,

the empty pitcher.

After searching for our angel for decades, we finally

stumbled upon him,

He helped us to unfurl our wings and guided us, the devils,

to soar high into the heavens in ourselves,

Constantly reminding us,

that the devil,

was once an angel too.
arsonpoet May 2020
There is in it all,
a reason.
For you to lose, to gain, to fall,
to rise; to prosper in all.
It is what makes a human vibrate,
his originality rather than his deceit.
The world spins around, and waits for none.
And, so shouldn't you too.
Give what you can take, and take what you get.
People out there do not have enough,
and when we really help them,
a piece of us becomes whole each time,
piece of us, that heals, in the process.
And, it is for a reason; a greater good.
To heal, we have to give more and take less.
And the reason for it all,
will shine bright in your face,
even in the midst of gloom, for a diamond,
outlives pitch black gorged darkness, even in centurions.
as light prevails in the scrimmages of reason.
There is always a reason for it all. You have to find it, make it prosper, and you'll achieve true happiness and mental well being as a person and also as a soul. Have a good day :)

— The End —