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Shell May 2020
When I'm older and its time
I want you to wake me
Show me your voice I can no longer hear
Your memory will no longer be alive

Though I don't know why
Show me the reason you left
That was more important than me
Show you all that you missed
Thank you for those happy times alive
Brejesh Shan Mar 2020
With tears in my eyes
I am going estranged
Like white clouds in the sky dispersing
I am slowly dissolving
In a fountain of tears
I am falling everyday

My moon, I sought to follow your shadow
Why did you leave me?
My life, my soul
You burnt and threw away my love, my beautiful bear

Why did you leave me,
My life, my soul
You froze my dreams in my tears

The rain will quench the thirst of the soil
What happened to my love
I am withering, searching for a way to get back into the world you threw me out of, my beautiful bear.
Pineapples Aug 2017
Like the eyelash I blown for us, luck did not return.
I remember your smile bright as the sun,
I remember your eyes, wild and fun.
I was your rebel, you were my punk,
I remember the countless CDs that filled your trunk.

You were my moon and I was your stars,
Never before a bond like ours.
You were my knight in shining armor, I was your helpless princess.
You were my jester, I was your charmer.

You were my rose and I was your bush,
Never thinking I was important you gave me a push. You took the time to care.
I never listened. Everyone stared and thought 'what an unrequited pair'

You were my coffin and I was your grave,
I will always remember the lessons you gave. You were numb and I was oblivious. You were at peace and I was powerless.
My brother and best friend, you're missed greatly.
Emily Garcia Sep 2015
As I lay in my bed
in this dark room
the silence is strident
and so is my mind.
My thoughts immediately go to
every moment of the day
my eyes grow heavy
and my body is at peace
but still
you're there
in the back of my mind.

— The End —