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Nikki 2d
We have so much of it
Yet never enough
Leisha Dias Jul 24
Tick-tock, tick-tock
The clock is ticking
Time is running out.

I stand here with a black robe and a scythe
Watching her battling her own demons
Crying but not shedding a tear
As I await to feed on another soul
She awaits to seek comfort in my arms.

There she stands
With arms wide open to embrace me
With a stool underneath her feet
And a rope around her neck
Agh...the cliched way of quitting
Disappointing me as there was no surprise.

The nooze...
Not so choking as her parent's expectations
Or those comments she got for those extra pounds
Not so suffocating as his kiss had left her
Or that bottle of beer and pack of cigarettes
That felt too strangling to let go of

I stand here watching her
Covered in wounds she did to herself
Seemed like her body was her canvas
Every scar, wound, bruise and cut
Had a story of it's own to narrate.

I see her struggling against her own mind
Crumbling down with each thought
I see it all in her dark deep eyes
Deep yet everything seemed eerily hollow
Those eyes showed no sign of regret
Not a hint of reluctance.

No! she wasn't weak, just tired...

And so I ask
How far do you think she's willing to go
I had my answer

As she kicked the stool and also her life
Pushing away the last bit of hope
The rope around her neck grew tighter
Her lips curled slightly
Into a hauntingly charming smile
Life flashed in front of her eyes
As she thought she could escape it all..

Tick- tock tic-hush!!....
Meca Jan 25
Nothing hurts but the sounds of a dying clock,
Ticking to it's last tock,
It's almost as if a heart forgets to beat,
Even when you start to feel a love's treat,

What happens if it stops?,
Will I ever be the same as the tears drop?,
I don't wanna be nothing,
Because I can't feel something,
I can't even feel the slightess cut to my chest
elaine Oct 2018
times running out,
hear the old ticking clock.

tick tock. time a' running out.

you can't run little girl, for it is much greater. the old man in the clock is quick to take his victims,
'your time is done. the clock has stopped. calm down girl, it will all be over soon'

black takes over your vision, all you hear is the ticking of the old mans clock.

tick tock.

one by one they all stop, growing eerily silent.
vera Jan 2018
i wish i knew what was wrong with me
so i could tell you
so i could explain to you
why sometimes i dont know how to breathe
why sometimes im so overwhelmed by everything going on inside of me
that i cant function

i wish i knew how to love you
so i could do it
so i could explain to you
why you deserve the best parts of everyone
why you should be as affectionate to yourself as i would be to you

but i cant do these things
and in the end, i cant change
and ill stay as worthless as i am to you

because i dont know whats wrong with me

because i dont know how to love you
faith Oct 2017
these old clocks are making me sick,
time is running out now take your pick,
come on now make it quick,
there is no longer any time,
or any rhyme,
your time has ended,
and it can't be mended.
KittenJesus Apr 2016
deep breaths...
deep breaths...*
she repeats over
inside her mind,
scared that the
silent screams
in her head will
become louder
then that of the
grandfather clock
that tick-tocked in
the shadowy hallway.
Steve Aug 2016
Tick Tock
Tick Tock goes the clock
Your ships in the dock
Tick Tock goes the clock
The hands of time
In perfect crime
Press in your back
No frontal attack
Tick Tock goes the clock
Your ships in the dock
Tick Tock goes the clock
Tick Tock

© Copyright SE August 2016
A symmetrical rhyme, nothing like a bit of symmetry.
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