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Words cut thru swords
Spreading far like wildfires
I am here standing in dire

Dive deeper so you'll discover
but I won't meet you there
Back on land
my mind is a mess. my thoughts keep circling around.
Descovia Jul 2022
I have no fears in life. Except for failure.
I have no fears towards death. Except not living fully.
Save The Children
Do NOT Let The Empire Fall.
We are raising the next Kings and Queens
of the upcoming generation under new world order.
I am ready to take down all walls.
I'll continue my way until the final call.
The end for me, is not by departure by death.
I will honorably fight for
all your values until my last breath!

I will not fail any child.
I was brought in this world to protect them all!
Onu Abah Dec 2020
Love is priority
Love is showing up
Love is being present in the right moments
(moments that count)

Love is saying the right things
Love is speaking up for…
Love is supporting

Love is correcting
Love is standing up for…
Love is teaching

Love is appreciating
Love is acknowledging
Love is giving

Love is not a response
Love is reaching out first
Love is making the first move!

#Loveis #ithink
Abby Jul 2021
Pervasive night fills these dreams,
Floods these eyes,
Unsaid and unseen.

No day escapes this lurking shadow.
No phrase can change its somber tune.
Though bright the morning sun she rises,
Night follows far too soon.

Record playing on repeat.
In my mind,
Begin the downbeat.

Beyond the depths there wait tomorrows.
Behind deception bides the truth.  
Among the stars we hang our wishes,
The crossroads they’ll illume.

Thorny pathways find my feet,
Heartbeat rise,
Excite my defeat

Abandoned and alone I wander
Can’t face to be irresolute.
The bitter boils up inside me
To squelch the hopeful few.

Trusting, fall into myself.
Hold this time.
Can’t say all I’ve felt.

Can longing raise a soul lain fallow?
A life that suddenly rings true.
Are dusks not meant to paint horizons,
And souls to sing the blues?

“Enough” could finish or begin
To my core
Let all of it in

Long shadows fill the paths behind me
The light ahead prepares their doom
I rise to meet my own reflection
And face the world, full bloom
This is a musing I’ve written in response to the song “Darkness” from Seattle rock band Grieve the Astronaut’s latest Album, “Signs”
Descovia Feb 2021
Carry forth and deliver salvation

In my presence even if my departure is created by the hands of my own demise!

Save your world and this universe! I will see to it.  You succeed!
I will always protect you in flesh and in spirit.

I believe will, you hold many capabilities in mind and heart, you are not aware of!

If my blood, is needed to honor your dream. Forgive me, for my selflessness! This world can take every part of me. To bring us close to TRANQUILITY.

This realm has raged against the opposing forces for generations.

Good and Evil.

Light vs Dark.

Love and Hate

War and Harmony.

Black and White is all we see.

When so many colors, of our soul reflects in others around us.
More than just the world around us.  These extravagant shades of  joy,  spread everything around with compassion and love.

I refuse to let my home die!
This is your home too!

Although it's deeply rooted in our nature, to be animalistic instead of realistic. Another reason, for constant conflict.

I question myself.

Will we ever,  be able to properly, resolve complex differences without violence?

Poem dedicated to my son. Combined with journal entries and quotes mentioned in dreams related to my calling. I will end **** culture and human trafficking.
Descovia Jan 2021
For copyright protection. I DON'T OWN RIGHTS TO THE FOLLOWING SONG OR LYRICS COMPOSED IN IT. It was used as inspiration and with that I ended up composing a piece related to being an addict, using my own style to compose this similar to  the hook from the song itself. Due to inspiration from a loved one! Denzel Curry, I appreciate you and honor you for all you do for people all over the world that enjoy your music! You are more than an entertainer, your safety, lessons and teachings will always be appreciated and welcomed by me!!

My world never stop reversing
Even the pain couldn't numb me now
Rewind the good back
to the worst things
Even my love destroys me now
For, I cannot love 'cause it hurts me
I will be happy
When the sun burns out
I have transformed to the worst me
Your words couldn't curse me now

Escaping the pain
Breaking the needle off into my vein
Remembering how it good it felt
To satisfy the parts of me without a name
Being able to detach myself from all
Living sources, my very being is interconnected to
Forbidden Memories stories within the quantum
My life is nothing without you!!!

Even your words couldn't **** me now....
Descovia Dec 2020
Why would I drag your name through the mud?

In the name of all you love, I would give time and I would give blood!
Descovia Dec 2020
There's a part of me, that I thought died.

This part of me sees, the God(s) in me.

Many split personalities. Divide all realities. Energy and thoughts all for inhumanity.  

The versions of all indenities, fighting for my sanity.

I want to live....
I want to die ...
The darkness. The light.
What is the meaning of eternal life?!

LIFE wants to give love unconditionally and Death is absolutely lustful as we see.
Controlled chaos inside of a beautiful
catastrophic tragedy.  If  I cursed my godly essence, is this blasphemy?

Trapped within myself, in a comforting prison, to never be free. I can hear you calling out to me.  Never, was this the way, this is suppose to be.
One day, I will go (die) ghost, hopefully....

Through more eyes, have open the realization. Deceived by unworldly hallucinations.  Cannot go against time or creation! Praying for salvation will come before my reincarnation!!

I  don't want to live...
I  don't want to die....
The other part of me.....
calling out from the other side....
#manic#sleepdeprived#savingmyself #splitpersonalities #deepthoughts #findingpeace #witchwriter #depression #insomnia #anxiety
Descovia Dec 2020
You are the inspiration

Destiny, manifested into the mystic realm of wonderment, to fulfill honorable deeds.

You must thread carefully, because the crossroads are not forgiving.

What is it, you wish to accomplish?

Given in your amount of time, is ultimately upon your decisions and actions.

Remembering in mind, you are your own universe.

In memory of all, what will you use, in your greatest efforts  to immortalize?

Nature is for us, alas it must be known we were designed, to share our story within the stars!

Will you go beyond the skies?
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