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Remembrance is the pitfalls of things we wish to not understand
When the towers come falling and all is lost in demand
The fragments and pieces of parts we wish to not see
I’m lying in a 6 ft ditch of denial and mistrust this can’t all be me.
There’s people looking down, people praying up and I’m silent in the words I failed to say
I’m frozen but thawed with the life I let wither away
We’ve got hours
We’ve got time
At least that’s what they say...
Tomorrow is not enough
Let’s live for today

~Breanna Womble
August 14th
I'm trying to be better
Mona 2d
drowsy smiles
with half-hearted laughs
our lies are our scarfs

docile robots speak
nobody listens
misery glistens

trapped in your self
don't scream or raise a fist

adjust your collar
appearance matters
join the endless chatter

this is reality
realism is grim
drenched in sin
life through the guise of sin.
Mona 4d
find your inner peace
part ways with your inner beaat
the demons that come to feast

seek closure with the pleasure of pain
you deserve love like plants deserve rain
or you'll burn alive like oxygen to a flame

thoughts that occupy your mind
don't resist or judge, stay aligned
peace is not a destination, forever grind
a metaphysical space, a frequency your mind transcends to.
leith Feb 25
she does not always tell you
because she knows you would hurt.
for the feelings that run through her veins
are almost too much for her too carry

her thoughts delve deep
so deep if she told you,
you would drown
J Rodriguez Feb 19
We go through so many ****** up situations with nobody to talk to for thinking that the next person will judge you for all the mistakes you have done and continue with dealing with thinking that the days will go by faster and faster waking up and it’s a disaster.
Mrs Anybody Jan 2
I hate small talk.
I'm not interested in the weather or this great tv show you just watched.
I don't want to know "what's up" when we could talk about so much more.

I want to know about your true self, about your biggest insecurities. About the things you're proud of, but never mention because you don't want to brag.

I want to know why you don't like the colour of your eyes or the form of your hands. Why you think your eyes are boring and why you think your hands are ugly.
But I also want to know what those eyes saw, what horror and what beauty they experienced. I want to know when and why they were filled with tears. Happy tears as well as sad tears.
I'm interested in all those amazing things those hands built - but I'm also interested in those, which they destroyed.

I want to know what the happiest memory of your childhood is. I want to know whether you liked to play in the sand or if you preferred to sit on the swing, feet high above the ground in the air.
I want to know what you miss about your childhood. Is it the carefree mind you once had or is it the happiness you felt because of the smallest things?

I want to know which traumas you fight with till this day. And how you cope with them. Did a dog once bit you and are you therefore still scared of them? Or does the loud echo of a thunder still make you uncomfortable?

I want to know which songs you listen to. What the lyrics behind your favourite songs mean to you. Do they make you think 'bout cold but cozy winter days? Or do they remind you of warm summer days spent in the sun, maybe even on a beach?
I want to know what path your thoughts are travelling when you're laying in bed at 3am while listening to a special song. Does it make you cry because it reminds you of someone? Or do you smile for the same reason?

I want to know all the dreams you have. How you got them and how you want to make them happen. I want to know whether you’d like to climb the mount Everest or if you want to go skydiving. But maybe your biggest dream is to get married to the person you love, your soulmate. Do you even believe in soulmates?

I want to know in what absurd things you believe in. Do you think aliens exist and maybe they're already between us? Do you believe that when you break a mirror, you've got 7 years bad luck or that the shatters bring good luck?

I want to know whether you believe that we humans will destroy and exterminate ourselves or if you believe that an asteroid will destroy us just the way another one destroyed the dinosaurs.

I want to know if you believe that we can change and influence our future or if you believe in fate and that god has everything planned out for us - or if you don't believe in god at all. And tell me; do you believe in karma?

I’m interested in all the things and humans who inspire you. Does music and poetry inspire you? Or do you feel inspired by someone’s development?  
I want to know what influence your family had and still has on you. Do you let them influence your opinions or don’t you let yourself be dissuaded? Did they raise you to be a kind human being or to shut down your feelings? And I want to know; what about your friends? How do they affect you?

You see, I hate small talk.
I want to talk about galaxies and aliens, destructions and creations.
I want to remember childhood memories, smells and nostalgias - but also childhood traumas.
I want to talk about karma, fate and god.
About insecurities and fears, about music and its influence.
I want to talk about all the dreams that you want to live up to, and everything that makes them burst.
I want to talk about everything you search for in a soulmate and how you feel, when you think of someone you're in love with.
I want to revive all the happy feelings you've ever felt, but also all the pain that sometimes drowned out the happiness.
I want to talk about all the things that made us feel more alive than we could've ever imagined - and about everything that broke us.

I want to talk about everything that makes us these imperfect, beautiful human beings that we are.
my thoughts about small talks
Pranav Khanna Dec 2019
It all starts with a friendship that seems too good to be true,
And you feel like you’ve seen everything through,
You fall for every small thing about them,
And you don’t doubt your soul, for this is what you’ve longed for in this mayhem.
You want them to be your everything, with you being selfless,
You want the bond that you have to be the air when you’re breathless.
That’s the beauty of love, something that is unprecedented,
That’s the harmony of love in the melody called “life”.

You grow into each other and you feel complete,
You want to be together always, so that you’re never obsolete,
You think that this will fall apart, NEVER
But you forget that nothing lasts forever,
You start off great and have a lot of fun,
You fall in love with each other and put your heads in front of a gun,
But that’s the beauty of love, something that is unprecedented,
That's the harmony of love in the melody called “life”.

You let them influence you in many ways,
You try to blend in with their thoughts all the nights and days,
You let them take over your life like no one else ever has,
They lift your spirits and make you happy, but that's short lived, alas
You start to diverge when everything seems to be falling into place,
You fight, you scream even though you love them, but can no longer find solace.
But that’s the beauty of love, something that is unprecedented,
That's the harmony of love in the melody called “life”.

You push them away because of your anger,
And in your memories of them, you let your mind linger.
You start to feel that you’re at fault,
So you start your days with a single malt,
You start doubting yourself once again,
Even though you know you’re the king of this game,
You know you don’t need someone else to complete you,
You can love yourself and that way, feel complete too.
See that’s the beauty of love, something that is unprecedented,
That’s the harmony of love in the melody called “life”.

You need to know that there are people who really care,
Self doubting and blaming yourself isn’t really fair,
You need to know that this is just another rough patch,
You don’t have to worry about a thing 'cause there are people ready to help you start from scratch,
Just know that what doesn’t **** you makes you stronger,
It prepares you for the worst and helps you resist downfalls for longer.
‘cause that’s the beauty of love, something that is unprecedented,
That’s the harmony of love in the melody called “life”.

I know it’s hard, to deal with this on your own,
But you have me, I promise, in this, you’re not alone,
They’ll come around if you’re meant to be together,
And you’ll have a happy ever after, forever.
Just don’t get bogged down by these little things,
Have faith in yourself and make the world see your mighty wings.
I’m telling you that that’s the beauty of love, something that is unprecedented,
That’s the harmony of love in the melody called “life”.
For the ones that feel a little lost because of a heartbreak. And the ones that need to know that's there's always someone looking out for them, even though they might feel alone in this chaotic world.
Sourodeep Sep 2019
I jumped a foot high
but did not like
what caught my eye.
There were two poles
a thick rope tied,
an uncanny beat being played
by a skinny man on the left side.

I jumped again,
this time I looked right
and sunk low by the sight
A pretty young girl
tying her hope tight,
getting ready to walk
on that thick rope.

Now I needed no jumping
the act was already up high
as the crowd let out a sigh
as the girl did all balancing.

The bread hard earned,
life is always on the edge
silently I have learned
deep inside we might all be
just on the same page.
Walking on my way back home after a tough day I saw this performance in the street, kept pondering whole night about what life means to different people
Danielle Bluejay Jul 2019
Chillin down by the river
A good life ain’t hard to find
When you’re in that state of mind
To leave your old life behind

Same old soul but different life
Never imagined I’d find this path
But the road less traveled
Was something to have

I found my own way
Looking for the bright side
And in the long run
I just wanna be happy when I die
Part 2 of a drunken series
Simran Sadhwani Jul 2019
I have sinned for what I have been told
Graves upon graves
Filled with the bodies of a thousand weeping souls
Their blood
Stains each and every finger of my own
I am helpless
Have not committed this sin
So horrifying and untold
Yet I am stamped guilty
Since I have sinned for what I have been told

~Simran Sadhwani
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