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J Michael Apr 15
Silver-stained clouds
Edges over a waning afternoon
Lost in thoughts, a secure shroud
To sift emotion's swoon

Sighs dripping in confusion
It was a flash of a dream
A mystic, unseen illusion
Yet, more real than everything I see

Clinging to my faith
In the evidence
I am unable to explain
Sanity sparing no expense

I still hear its ring
The soft hum within
Resonating harmonies
From souls of melodic beauty
Emrick Swan Mar 14
What do you feel inside right now?
Are you happy, sad?

Take this moment, analyze your thoughts.
Follow the spiral in your head:
The path, you fail to find the end of.
Instead, you just tie larger knots.

Where do you reside right now?
Are you cold, warm?

Take this moment, connect with your surroundings.
Feel the vibrations of nature's language:
The waves, they envelop you.
Separate, they are easily understood;
yet, together they are delightfully unsustaining.

What are you right now?
Are you living, dying?

Take this moment, stop thinking.
Let your thoughts pile behind you:
Slowly, they become unbearable.
The feelings return;
Yet again, there is the familiar buzz disconcerting.

What will happen next time?
Will you see, understand?
What does this make you think of?
Descovia Feb 27
There are many thoughts
Combined with feelings
that take a strain

With more pain there is
Much less to truly gain

Still change great things
That awaits us to entertain
The shallow sounds
of a crashing tone
Tear more often extra drone
Another day away
We come closer to home

Say how a
Brother soul is old
Forcing more pain
down a narrow path

Tempting and tripping into a panic wrath

Subjecting that my pain
is like a sequel or
equivalent to basic math

Bleeding out every emotion
there's no more tears to cry or
breath left to have the last laugh!

Leah Lost Feb 22
My aversion to sleep is ironic.
I would love to be sleeping right now.
It's just... that constant, unavoidable, uncomfortable consequence.
Waking up.
Sleep is a painless high, and waking up is a bucket of cold water.
Everyday I allow myself to be doused with reality.
Wouldn't death just be a high you never have to wake from?
Kelsey Feb 17
How can one believe
That there is no other life
In the universe?
دema Jan 31
here's the thing about looking
onto windows at night,
you suddenly come to realize the world
in its separate yet inescapable three dimensions,
you see not only your own reflection,
but over and beyond,
you pause from blinking
and for an abrupt of an instant,
your life flashes before your eyes,
you see all of the scenes so clearly
acted out by a vivid yet an accurate reflection,
you start to remember the meticulous shade
of a sky that your cheeks were touched by,
the thickness of a boy's pride that made you
wish the world existed in only one dimension,
you feel the pain that filled the veins
of a cracked floor you once walked on,
your lips lift to form a smile a stranger
threw at you from a stage you wanted to be on,
and in this peripheral gazing,
you exist in two dimensions
stuck in between what the window
entails at day and at night.
Victor Esekwe Jan 30
It's three in the afternoon,
Am at my fourth bottle of *****,
But don't you dare call me an alcoholic!
I look out my window to the street,
The sun's rays penetrating my pupils,
Much to my disgust.
I see two young lovers hand in hand,
If only they knew what heartbreak was.
I see some young kids playing on the street,
If only they knew the turmoils of adulthood.
I see a very young man singing happily,
If only he knew the horrors of life awaiting him.
I grinned and sneered,
As I saw the dark path thay lay ahead for everyone.
"Fools!", I called them.
They must lack common sense,
Out of touch with reality.
Surely they weren't reading the news,
Or checking the economic state of the country.
I was once ****** like them,
But I became wise after losing all hope,
And getting in touch with reality.
Am at my fifth ***** now,
My liver is failing, the Doctor says...
But I don't care!
We will all die anyway.
If there is light at the end of the tunnel,
Then I must be heading towards the beginning.
You can call me hateful,
I call me realistic.
This works gives an insight into the thought proccess of a hateful person.
Mae Jan 7
A mask with a face that no one knew
But you
I let you see me
Be with me
***** and scared I lie awake now
Your selfish words still robbing me
And now you say that I am guilty
But I shared with you my reality
Everything I knew about myself at that time
But after time
You began slipping
Falling into the cracks of your own mask
So I gotta ask
Was it the pressure of your own fears that broke you?
Because I was nothing but kind to you
There for you
When the rest of the world refused to be
And now that we
are nothing but strangers
*were nothing but strangers
Somehow your walls
= my mask?
Your fears
for my innocence?
I should no longer have to suffer
From your hesitance
Being cheated is the worst ain't it? It truly is so invasive and it robs you of everything you gave to that person. In my was everything.
Jaimie Ramirez Dec 2018
Put others before myself
**** everything
I don’t need your  help
All this pain that I’ve dealt
One my come up  
Can’t tell me **** bout my wealth
All this madness
Bad for my health
It’s tragic
Dreamin bout reality
Like its magic
Lately I’ve been feeling like
It aint gone happen
This my life story
Learn more of me
Really feelin unimportantly
Distant for a reason
Got Bipolar issues
Im like the seasons
Ion even mean it
My mind so ****** up
Please tell me that im dreamin
Hard to believe in
Gotta speak for myself
Tryna to open up
Like a lock in the safe
No im not okay
My best friend passed away
Its been messin with my brain
Hate to say it but
Im in pain
Can’t take it nomore
It remains
Woke up and wanted to write how i was feeling. Haven’t wrote poetry in a while but i feel confident in this piece right here.
JoJo Dec 2018
To deny her petals
Of water
Was to deny the essence of her soul
From which you grew.
Water her petals, but kiss the stems
Of ****.
Of regret.
And watch the cracks dry up.
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