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Bhawna Mar 11
               |@@@@   I believe I can, what
               |  ------      is hindering me then
              /                       is ego?,that I feel
            /                          myself so low
           /                          or is it fear?, that
           ===                     I won't able to
               /                      clear.  Or just an
               ==                       over thinking
               \                              that I am
                |                        sinking. I feel
                 =======          so gloomy that
                                |        everything
        ­                        |          appears
                      ­                   dark being
                                  Bloomy, evytime      
                             I stand I fall , criticizin
               Myself believing I am small
       I believe that ending will be fortunate, Coz what worst can occur in my fate. Maybe its just rough time and
Once again I will shine, maybe its just
My test,that will lead me to my success nest, maybe its just a blessing to complete me from what's lacking.
Do turn phone on the landscpe mode pictorial poetry deb.  Just feel and join the flow
Lieke Jan 28
i am a shape

                       i dOn't know what kind

    i dOn't knOw what dimensiOn

                                          i give myself answers

            that i dOn't have the questiOns tO

                                                         my bOdy tries match a silhOuette

                        but there are nOne

                                                         i am an existent piece of sOmething

and that is all i knOw.
5 May 2018
Bella R Nov 2018
With your shining smile
Follows a twinge to my heart
Like pins and needles
And giggles bubble to the surface,
Yet I boldly exclaim: I don’t
Like you.

Your little everyday actions
Makes my heart sing
And my eyes sparkle
With secret adoration,
My cheeks bloom
Like roses on Valentine’s and my cherry red lips
Yet I stubbornly insist: I don’t
Like you.

But that day
Under the starry night sky,
As your arm brushes longingly against mine,
And you point out the constellations in the vast sky,
That are connected so naturally,
Fitting so perfectly,
I can’t help but think of
You and I.

-Bella R.
Arianna Nov 2018
"... a strange shockwave rattles my heart
with the electricity of your atoms,
tumbling gradually into place
from the Chaos
of the In-Between space."
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
There is some kind of soft magic
in the way your hands glide
across my skin, half knowing,
and half discovering,
decoding all that I am.
The way you go straight to the heart
of the matter, yet in doing so,
you're perpetually awed both by
your new findings and by the
remnants of stardust you left
behind, last time.
Amanda Jun 2018
Where can I put blame this time?
Who rescued me from this mess?
I am not the hero of my story,
It's time that I confess.

Nobody feels like I do about you,
You came along, gave me a rush,
I try to understand what makes
My heart pound fast when lips brush.

I stand myself in front of a mirror,
Trying to envision forever,
You are always there, it must be a sign,
Our ties weren't destined to sever.

Let me know you won't give up,
That even if you are not always there,
We have irreplaceable chemistry,
Between us we share.

I know this is what I want,
But not sure if what happened was right,
Learning to question everything,
Because sometimes I can't trust my insight.

Proud of the way I've handled
My decisions and mistakes,
I have deserved my obstacles,
The bumps and drawn-out heartaches.

I need to be sure of the future,
But I only see so far,
I'm so scared of falling down,
Every time I reach a star.

What I need is guidance,
And I never have the urge to pray,
Because I'm discovering there is no one listening,
To these desperate inquisitive words I say.
Written when I first started ro lose my faith... i know its very scattered but aside from that what do you think?
Tony Luxton Nov 2017
Some birds can't keep formation,
stretching every sinew,
exhausted with the effort,
many blown off course.

Others defy the common purpose,
seeking their discoveries,
shedding feathers like words,
revising what we understand.
sometimes it pays to break formation
Charity Warren Jan 2017
Sun licked grass tickles my toes
And its my time.
Time to be free in the sky
Time to knit the world into my own pattern
To discover the dips and turns in my skin
To become the wonder I am
I'm neither heaven nor ****
I'll be the beauty in between
Jamie Lee Jul 2015
Drifting through the moments,
always consumed within,
these moving wheels,
as my thoughts wander.

Escaping this dull reality,
I explore the boundaries,
of my imagination,
entering to conquer.

Lost in a single step,
I continue onward,
venturing into the depths,
of this familiar unknown.

Discovering myself;
though a small part,
considered to be,
one more steppingstone.
Copyright ©2015 Jamie Johnson
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