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True happiness, peace, and satisfaction,
Everyone has inside, society, makes people believe,
You have to have a lot of money, or a certain,
Special person, always by your side, many spend,
A life time, chasing what they think they need,
Never noticing, their life is passing them by.
There are so many excuses, to hide, from your reality,
Why you are here, your purpose, in this life, never,
Listening, or feeling, your soul and spirit inside,
Most just play, follow the leader, whoever, they think,
Is cool or popular, a social high.
We are all spiritual beings, traveling through,
This human experience, in our journey, at this time,
To discover our soul, listening to our spirit, as we,
Make decisions, in our mind, without the inner guidance,
We would always chase material rewards, and live a life,
Based on fear, and anxiety, following the evil, and unkind.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 10/29/23 AD  
4:20 am
SelinaSharday Jun 30
Cry,-sob, wail, shed tears, snivel,
quall, lament, bewail, bemoan, moan,
howl, keen, whimper, weep over, lift up the voice, complain.
I was out walking, just glancing
around in a scenic and colorful(online) place
I walked into a (online) museum.
Inside were huge displays
being awesomely displayed in colorful arrays.
Some with dark shadows of greys.
Some with much to say some with very little.
After walking and gazing, viewing,
smiling being so excited I went into a carnival zone.
What a wonderful place to stumble upon.
Music and festivities so much for the eyes to see.
So much to explore even ****** creativity.
There were games that brought out the Little girl in me,
I started to make some friends among this exciting place,
people of all sizes and colors.
Time would come to go back home,
but often into this new found place
I would come play and rome.
There were times some would just follow me around,
some would tell me what a lovely friend they had found.
Yet I always kept my feet on the ground.
Life has taught me one day those you think
are friends won't be around.
They just leave with an empty sound.
Even when its happiness you share,
some will become jealous and choose not to be there.
Some are spiteful and choose not to play fairly.
I tried to spread myself like love around
never was mean nor murmured an ugly frown.
I set up my own unique boutique and
said come one come all. Let us be friends
let us share. As a friend I really do care.
Coming and going always knowing
that outward my heart was pouring.
Somedays the show was boring some
days it was exciting, mentally challenging.
There came a day some bully from
no where knocked me to the ground.
Felt that tear start to wail.
But I held on like a little girl who's
gotta be strong and I adventured on.
Some friends asked things I couldn't give
so they would began to privately strike with silent meaness.
Tears started to mount.
I put my heart into my own show
began to feel good and to grow in this great wonderful show.
Many came to read what I'd proclaim,
many came to sup from my cup and greedily drank it up
and only a few would come and say why thank you.
While the takers, the easily shakers,
the down right haters came and
quickly went never a moment spent.
To build up, or lift up felt you had to be quickly sliced up.
Or your somehow taking from their show,
they forget God gives blesses and multiplies.
There's no reason to be haters or spies.
I felt their jabs and stabs hoping I'd be a failure.
Most failed to be the friend they claimed to be.
They join your team and fail to simply post.
The tears Fell
Thought to just hang on to a few
close friends from this museum within.
After all on the outside I had my life.
The more that you do some came to bully too.
Some just up and walk off leaving you no clue.
The rains came winds blew look
around no ones still standing with you.
A blow, in the storm a twist to my arm,
a knife in my back, a slap in the face,
a bitter taste, I'm lost in this race.
How much more do I take?
This used to be such a friendly beautiful place.
Just make some new friends
Tears are falling I can't hold back,
Cry,-sob, wail, shed tears, snivel,
quall, bewail, bemoan,
moan, keen, whimper,
weep over, lift up the voice, complain.
This is why I know what it is
To Weep
In the Virtual Museum
Some of FB, Insta, Twitta, A few of them.
Sorta gaming Social Oceans.
Beware swims..
By SelinaSharday of S.A.M All Rights Reserved 07
DISCOVERY, social media's online findings
Looking ahead, as far as my eyes can see,
The beauty, of the ocean, brings A peaceful feeling to me.
Walking across the dirt, balancing on rocks, with my hands,
As my step’s approach, I start to feel, the warmth of the sand.
I can feel A warm breeze, from the wind upon my face,
As I watch the waves, coming to shore,
As if they were having A race.
Such a powerful force, as the moon controls, the tide,
I can see some brave souls, on their thin boards,
Trying to catch A ride.
During the day, the glare of the sun, so blinding, and bright,
In the evening, the reflection, of the moon,
Creates, A romantic night.

                                                        ­                                                          Tom Maxwell © 03/11/2006 A.D.
To write Poetry ,
One must relax,
let, their mind slip away,
Discovering, feelings, emotions,
Then writing, what the thoughts say.
It can not be forced, A certain day or time,
Any unplanned situation, can bring the writer A rhyme,
A lost art in society, today, deep thinking, in one’s own mind.

Tom Maxwell
2020 copyright
To write Poetry ,
One must relax,
let, their mind slip away,
Discovering, feelings, emotions,
Then writing, what the thoughts say.
It can not be forced, A certain day or time,
Any unplanned situation, can bring the writer A rhyme,
A lost art in society, today, deep thinking, in one’s own mind.

                                                         ­                                                        Tom Maxwell © 1/25/2021 11:15 A.M.
Thera Lance Jun 2020
It’s a tall order
Sloping miles above my head in loose handholds
That crumble to gravel at my touch,
Rolling under my feet sliding back
Further than I can crawl forward.
It hurts in scraped palms
And hearts of my own both beating
In and out of my chest.
My knees tremble at the eternity above my head.
But the view,
The sun unhindered by Earthly clouds,
The stars that I had lost sight of
Make this treacherous climb worth all the pain
Of one foolish enough to fall off the mountain the first time.
colette alexia Jan 2020
I feel foolish
There’s no other way to describe it
Nothing else to say
It seems no one else experienced life this way
I understand I’m not alone
And for that I thank the Lord
But there are so many times I feel misunderstood
Rather than discovering myself
My confusion only grows
I don’t know who I am anymore
I’m realizing I never had control
If I could pass this cup I think I would
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