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Francis Nov 24
You are in heaven, when she loves you.
You are in hell, when she scorn.
Her eyes have the power to shrivel your soul down to an insignificant little raisin.
Her smile melts bodies into congealed mush.

Without her say so, I’m merely anonymous,
A vagabond, some *****,
Trotting through the fields, outside of her heart,
Hoping to gain entry past the gates.

The scent of her, intoxicating,
Like laughing gas,
A jovial inebriant,
As tranquillizing as her wholesome chortle.

Who or what am I, by comparison,
Without her eyes, her skin,
The taste of her lips,
A sip of blackberry brandy.

Her legs, more perfect, refined than David,
Between them, the Holy Grail of contentment,
Where life begins, where it can end,
At her say so— her command.

******* crafted by the hands of God,
I marvel at the sight of such beauty,
In such a grotesque world,
That she owns with her movement as graceful as the wind.

She makes me quiver, like salt on a slug,
As her silky, slick locks flip over her shoulders,
Those shoulders, help me,
Forget Greek architecture.

How dangerous it can be,
To tread through the seas of her love,
Anticipating rogue waves,
This schooner musn’t capsize.

Dancing with her, as if the last two on Earth,
I sway her body, closely against to mine,
Her passion radiating against my desire,
Bound to create a combustion greater than the Big Bang.

And that Big Bang, where our everything meets,
Her breaths, short but sweet,
Her gaze pierces through my existence,
As I force confidence daring to look into her eyes,
While I aim to satisfy her every desire.

If I should be so bold, so foolish,
To take her for granted,
May my soul burn in Hell,
For all of everlasting.

I’m nothing without that woman,
Women, thank God for ‘em,
For there is no greater rendition of Nirvana,
Accessible to mankind.
there isn’t enough sentiment for women anymore, if ever at all, and i want to express some.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 16
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Caught in the inner workings,
those ducks in a pond

The sound of clicks in rapid

Don't run or fall, but film

Send us transmission

A moment in a fish bowl,
looking out at life on a screen

It didn't come bundled
with the phone

The gulf of dissonance
started long before
The act of recording a violent event but staying silent is a modern manifestation of the bystander effect.
David Hilburn Sep 2022
Tomes of advice
Let alive, in the room of cares
Vehemence, instinct, attuned sighs
Where the powers that be, continue until fared

Are we the ears of purpose?
Set in sides and meandering light
The skill of another, to share the insight of us
Should we enable a dance, of redoubt for might?

My door of adding, as avarice is...
The truth in long glances, with method to move
Thought, the biding hope of when is, bliss
The turn of completeness, the coping hour we have of use?

Lose me in the fold...
The tooth I invoke, is a creation of voice and tone, to total
A resolve of guidance, of kind come for wishes to hold
The grace of unity, if not unique sense, before legend falls

To reproof...
Time in its steady march to liberty, the devotion of fashion
Though a tarter end to hindsight, may be aloof
We confirm the date of simple alacrity, a host of could lasting...

Be the love, of a lifetime...
Of causes redeemed by a curious share
In the superiority of life, to know a callous friendship worth trying
And the impress of duress, driven to cares we ne'er guarantee...?

Unless the cold turn of truth, is towards waiting love
Done distress, marveling need, the common remark of persuasion
In the name of urges, we attest to passions, we grant another covenant
The decision of a soul to keep, knowing a handheld in something besides here's intrusion

A day's lot in the careful wishes we seek, for a nary come dwell
Rhapsody, in a courage's stance, the times to live and know a call
To harmony, the burden of thee, assumes patience is ours to tell...
stillhuman Sep 2021
I drink it all
like a thirsty creature
from the scarred hands
of my God
Tell me all your stories
I drink them all up
Zack Ripley Mar 2021
The air is cold.
But I don't notice.
Because as I walk across the frozen lake,
I know I can't afford
to make a mistake.
The longer I look
At the fish that swim below,
A feeling grows inside me.
It's not fear.
But fascination.
We always say we wish
Time would slow.
And walking on water
Makes me realize it does.
We just don't notice.
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
Tell me,

what are the things that fascinate you most?

Things that make your eyes sparkle aglow,

that soothe your awry, unrest, stirred soul.

Some are fascinated with their fiery, burning passion of life,

and some others are fascinated with their own death.

I am one of the latter.
Since you're too heavy, it's almost a joke to hang yourself, Shannon. Find another alternative.
Astrid Love Oct 2020
Pay attention to the fascination,
The fascination is the most endless trance of all.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the fascination,
Gently it goes - the sempiternal, the perpetual, the long.

I saw the youthful emotionalism of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the passion.
Now vernal is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the passion is immature.

One afternoon I said to myself,
"Why isn't the concept smaller?"
Are you upset by how grownup it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the conception so older?

Just like an imaginative expression, is the imagination.
Does the imagination make you shiver?
does it?
Alicia Moore Aug 2020
nothing is ever Simple.

a Simple context can be made Complex.

Complexity is what fuels Fascination.

Fascination enhances the true energy of Life.
nothing is ever Simple, but it’s Better that way.
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