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i know we’re just friends
i KNOW that.
but... what if?
what if suddenly our hugs turned into kisses?
what if our midnight meetings meant something more?
what if i told you how i felt?
and what if you felt the same?
would you break her heart? or mine?
hey, i’m new so i would love some feedback :)
TG 5d
I´m obsessed with you,
Obsessed with the toxicity
Obsessed with you leaving me
Obsessed with the unknown

I´m obsessed with the dreams about you
The scenario´s i´m creating in my head
Obsessed with the urge to talk to you
Obsessed with the desire to see you.

I´m into you and I always wanted you,
You cutting me off, made me even want you more,
And I´m obsessed with all of you.

I´m obsessed with your dominance,
I´m obsessed with how you know what you want,
I´m obsessed with the way you flirt,
The way you have your life put together.

Will this obsession ever be over?
It´s a question for me
And a uknown mystery for you...
It´s hard. It´s been two months and it´s so hard to cut someone off you were building a future with. It became unfinished business, cause the relationship never ended. He just left, without explanation, without discussing, just disappeared and moved on. My life crushed, but at the same time, I didn´t want it to end. How can something so beautiful end so cruel. My pain is still there, it hurts so much. But I will get over it one day. As long as we keep the faith, faith in humanity & god.
There are alot of things in my mind
Very occupied, but you I find
It seems just three magic words
That my lips can't afforf

You manage to make me smile
Even though you seem to cry
You always light up my day
And your magic light leads my way

But at times it seems you try
Not to please, but make me sad
Doing this makes me die
But I'm sorry if I made you mad

Most times it breaks my heart
Just to discover that, there's no we
And all there is, is that
We were never meant to be
For the one who first caught my heart
TG Sep 20
I can´t wait
for the hurt
to finally go away,
waiting for the day,
that i´d wake up without
thinking about you,
without thinking about the day you left me
without any explanation

When that day comes,
I´d celebrate & say
I will never let
anyone in,
Becaus you caused me dirt,
you did a number on my health,
You diminished my confidence
My self love,
My life purpose,
My importance wandered away.

But when my pain goes away,
I´ll be stronger than ever,
I´ll be focussing on me,
I won´t let anyone in,
Will not chase anyone
My life will be priority,
Because I´m done with loving too much
caring too much,
for someone, that wouldn´t love back
or do the same

When that day comes,
I´ll rise
It´s been a month and I´ve been living with pain. Pain because I´ve been tricked. I´ve been letting someone in that turned out to be another person in the end. Someone that easily forgot me and left me me alone without any explanation. Just disappeared, after all these promises and loving words. Someone twisting his perception so easily without any reason. I invested all my trust, en faith, my heart into this person and he throws it all away, Leaves like nothing ever happenned. Don´t invest into a conncetion if you are planning to leave afterwards. I´ve learned my lesson and will never risk my health by giving my heart to someone else.
Diksha Dhiman Aug 21
On a gloomy, rainy day                              sipping coffee
All alone
Begin to wander the house of memories
I can feel you
Even today These recaptures feel alluring
All the memories are talking to me
They are telling me you and me was a lie
But I am not repining anything, not even a little bit
Cause for me, you are still The best thing happened to me and I don't want to replace that
I can't.
               -diksha dhiman
Mei Aug 15
When you said
you wanted us an end,
my heart raced,
skipped a beat,
died a bit.

I was torn-
a little,
in two,
in pieces.
And not knowing when all of my pieces will stick back together...
I have gifted myself a permanent hug so I'll never have to pick it up again in case I fall...
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