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Rebeca Sep 29
You're holding my heart
With your delicate hands and
long fingers
And you caress it with tenderness
and care.
You hold it like it's the most valuable treasure in the world.

But then you start squeezing it
crushing it
squashing it
'Till it bleeds out and all that is left
Are a few shards scattered into the dark
of the void night
ALesiach Jul 28
I sit by sorrow's streams
Amidst wistful longing
Your first soft kiss that lingered
will forever haunt my dreams

How sad it seems
to be so slavishly in love
weary even of life,
such sorrowful extremes,

but I hear remnants of our song
and pine for your possession
to live without you is my bane
life has dealt a bitter wrong

lost in the loneliness
this bereft heart grieves
solace now I seek, in
whiskey's lullaby to forgetfulness

ALesiach © 07/27/2019
ALesiach Jul 22
Deep in the night,
she emerges from the mist.
Clinging to a rose of white,
longing for the one that is missed.

She stands on a rocky peak,
the rose's thorns have dug in deep.
The wind howls and shrieks,
but her eyes have no more tears to weep.

Watching the moonlight dance with the sea,
before crashing on the rocks below.
Once more together they shall be,
as off the cliff she does go.

ALesiach © 10/17/2014
ALesiach Jul 22
Sometimes I get lost
Now that you have wandered far away
Remembering our love's sweet cost
Every moment of the day

I have danced inside your eyes
To your music, so sweet and clear
Surrendered to you in the heat of the night
My wanton cries filled your ears

Memories come on a midnight breeze
The taste of your sweet breath
Your gentle caress on my ivory keys
As we embrace the little death

You soothed away my restless feelings
Tasted my river of tears
Then left me grieving
Turning my hopes into fears

My heart is made of stone now
My dreams have faded away
Frozen beneath the garden bough
Where my love was buried, that day

ALesiach © 07/17/2017
ALesiach Jul 22
Is love merely a dream
or a game that people play?
Does it shine in morning's beam
or cry, ruin and decay?

Do we lose ourselves in the end
or find a partner in life and death?
Will you be my lover and faithful friend
or turn away before I breathe my next breath?

ALesiach © 01/10/2018
ALesiach Jul 22
You know you hurt me
These tears flood the pain
My mind battles a raging sea
My heart, scared to love again
and still I hope in vain
for a love sweet and strong
to right the bitter wrong.

I look in the mirror
and see your smile once more
I whisper, "Come nearer"
you vanished like before
leaving my heart bruised and sore
My heart longs to be free
Is death the hidden key?

ALesiach © 05/2018
ALesiach Jul 22
Somber days of autumn rain
my heart, a fading flower
corn whiskey drowns my endless pain
beneath my woodland bower

Shadows creep where night begins
as sunlight gently fades away
my sorrowful cries remain within
while restless mind keeps sleep at bay

Sanity takes its wingless flight
amid the hours that slowly turn
reality wanders in shades of night
in waking dreams, your ghost returns

ALesiach © 10/05/2017
ALesiach Jul 22
In silent dread
My weary steps slow and falter
On this winding path I tread
Sadness reflects upon the water
And on my soul, its shadow cast
Sadness comes, sadness goes
Life is bright, or dark with woe
Will you kiss my cold lips at last?

My heart grows faint and weary
Touched with deep grief
On this longest day dreary
A gift of sorrow without relief
And on my soul, its shadow cast
As daylight fades
Into deep night shades
Will you kiss my cold lips at last?

ALesiach © 06/25/2017
ALesiach Jul 22
I lay amidst scenes of deepest gloom,
beneath the garden's bower blooms.
Listening to the wind and rhythm of the rain,
weeping grief, my soul in pain.

The darkness deepens,
covering meadows, darker still the woodlands.
Gone the twinkling starry skies,
thunder drowns my soul-sick cries.

Wounded, weary
Sheltered in my fragile sanctuary.
The woeful heart sings,
the torments that life brings.

My heart has no desire to stay,
when my heart's desire has flown away.
I come to the garden alone now,
beneath the bower, our lover's vow.

ALesiach © 06/29/2017
ALesiach Jul 22
At the turning of twilight
Where whispers of the past linger
The shadows edge the moonlight
And desire's of the heart remember

The laughter has not been silenced
Roses do not darken and wither
A heart not wrenched with agony intense
And desire's of the heart do not shatter

In midnight pangs your music beckons
Twirling, arching to your sweet chords
A soul cries out to the heavens
As trembling lips whisper forgotten words

Longing to feel you wipe the tears from my eyes
And lovingly kiss me one last goodbye

ALesiach © 01/12/2018
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