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HoneyPotter Dec 2018
Picking up my favorite pen
words I couldn't have the guts to say
Here I am again making continuous lines
Preten hadthese rhymes will give you sign.
You see it's so funny to me
How we've known each other for so long
Yet I still don't have the courage
to let go of it and make confessions.
Maybe I can but I hate to be awkward
So I guess that's how I  missed every single chance
or maybe I value what we have in present
more than the unknown result of regrets.
We just have a small deep talk with my friends over lunch. They convince me to tell my feelings to him. I appreciate their support  but I cant. I just cant :(
Marlina Cumber Nov 2018
Suddenly, under the dazzling sky;
I think of you.
Trees swaying, birds chirping;
Time slows, heart beats fast;
T'was the feeling before;
As I remember;
Now, trees aren't swaying, birds seem so sad to sing;
Time runs too fast, my heart's not in rhythm;
The sky lost its dazzle.
Abbi Oct 2018
These wilted flowers that sit on my desk,
Foretold the future I was whispered of, in my head,
Once vibrant blossoms,
Now dull, devastatingly dreary,
Mimic the coldness I feel now,
That you’re no longer near me.
The candles flicker around me,
So fickle, oh so faint,
I’ll dread the moment they go out,
For then darkness will take their place.
I hear the thunder all around me,
A vicious reminder of our once booming love,
Fading off in the distance,
Then only leaving the rain and I to sob,
And I know you didn’t think I noticed when you stuttered on “goodbye”
Because the tears they welled up, and glazed over my eyes.
But I saw the ***** in your demeanor, when I begged you not to go.
I really thought you meant it,
When you told me you loved me so..
Ariana Oct 2018
Tick tock.
The clock strikes midnight.
Tick tock.
The town is in a deep slumber.
Tick tock.
I've run out of time.
Tick tock.
I can only remember your sweet smile.
Tick tock
I guess its time to leave.
Tick tock
If only i had enough time to say i love you.
Tick tock.
I love you.
Tick... tock..
The room is still as my breath and soul leave before i can even blink.
Tik tok.
Samruddhi Sep 2018
Baby, tuck me into sleep
before you silently leave
For I ain't too strong
to bear that blow,

Baby, let me take a leap
before you act and try to deceive
For I ain't this headstrong
to go against your flow!!

Baby, love me back one last time
before you bid me your final adieu,
For I ain't this vivid dreamer of a heartbreak
to so easily let my heart get away from you,

Baby, come back, stay and let me make you fine
before you blindly conclude that my love isn't true
For I ain't too fond of these heart aches
to leave your side as you turn into something new!!
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
Every couple of days.
She comes around.
She claims to not like me.
She looks the other way.
When she needs me
She knows where to find me.
Reaching with open arms.
When no one is around she professes her love.
There is no other.
She breaks my heart.
The start of another week.
She claims to not like me.
She calls late night.
Apologizing for what she's done.
I never felt so bad.
It's coming to an end.
In another couple of days.
Things'll be back the same.
The same old same old.
Both our selfish ways.
She knows where to find me.
I have no clue where she is
hepirain Jun 2018
tell him,
that i missed him so bad
i missed when we
could wasted time together.
you know what the sad is?
there is no more "we"
you and i.
every time i see the clouds, the moon, the stars and  the sky i think about you.
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