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Anastasia Jul 2019
Hot tears
Roll down my face
With shimmering eyes
"How could you?!"
I scream,
Hugging myself
Butterflies fly out of my throat as I cry
"You promised!"
"You promised me!"
I can't stop the heaving
Sobs escape out of my stomach
Heat takes over
Quietly I say
"You promised forever..."
I cry myself to sleep
And salty cheeks
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
There's no full moon tonight baby.
That ole train is steadily rolling on by
Rolling on into the night.
When I watched the news tonight baby
they promised me my moon
would be full.
No sign of rain, clear skies all night long.
That's what they said.
Where in the world am I suppose to go
On a night like this.
Knowing my moon ain't full.
Packed it's bags and gone.
Gone away at least for the night.
One last glimpse before your gone for good.
That ole train steadily rolling on by baby.
Nothing but storm clouds and the smell of rain
Done packed your bag and gone away.
My sky never been this empty.
Half dark twinkles and rain rolling down my window.
There's no full moon tonight baby
Done packed your bag and gone.
Gone away
emily Sarker Apr 2019
I've accepted ill hurt for now,
to forget 2 years,
it will take time.
but I also know I will be okay one day.
so, for now, I let the memories hurt,
and let the dreams of better days give me strength and hope.
one foot in front of the other,
taking it day by day,
two hearts forgetting each other
I keep on going.
losing a lover who was also your best friend and only family is very hard, sets you out to walk the world alone, but sometimes you have no choice, sometimes you don't mean the world to someone that means the world to you and they wake up one day and leave you behind.
Bumble Zee Apr 2019
I’m afraid of my own thoughts
Million dark ways to end it all
Every decision is a constant battle
My mind has lost control

Small talk won’t solve our problems
Apologies won’t fix broken hearts
Pretentious smiles in the meantime
Until the next time it all starts

I seemed to have numbed the pain
But my soul feels lost
How long can I carry on
And at what cost?

My life is in your hands now
Every moment I wonder
Can you love me the way you promised
If not, I’d rather be 6 feet under.
Van Xuan Mar 2019
"I let her cry again"
A phrase that made his mind blank
Vow he fail to assert

He push her away
Madness drives him to do it
Love that he must hate

Three years comes so fast
Yet she does not seem to fade
Guilt that hunts me down
Lovely Nobody Mar 2019
"I'll never leave your side"
He had said.
So, I'm still waiting for him to return.
No, i'm not heart broken, it's just the thought crossed my mind.
Tiphane Moraa Nov 2018
You had promised you would help me
You said it was okay that I was okay
What happened then?
Why did you abandon me?
Why did you give me empty promises?
You took everyone that were close to me
You told all sort of lies about me
How I wish I had never met you
How I wish I had never trusted you
But thank you for making me realise
That the battles I fight make me stronger than coward people like you.
He loved you
So don't you ever think that
He's only playing with your heart
You are important to him
It's not true that
He broke your heart
Because you know for sure that
You are more than enough for him
It's not true that
He's loving someone else,
He left you,
He chose someone else,
Because the truth is
His heart beats for you alone
Don't ever think that
Anytime he's willing to let you go
The truth is
He'll love you until eternity
Don't ever think that
He's lying.
Believe me,
This is the truth.

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Lira Bianca Oct 2018
Noong una akala ko ikaw at ako. Yun pala sa huli ay hindi naging tayo. Mahal na mahal kita pero sa pagkakataong ito handa akong bitawaan ka.

Handa akong iwan ang lahat para maging masaya ka, Handa akong magpanggap na okay ako! Na okay ang lahat ng meron tayo.

Kaibigan ba o ka - ibigan, pumili sa dalawa kung saan nararapat. Patawad kasi sa pagkakataong ito mahal parin kita, Patawad kasi hangang ngayon ikaw parin ang tinitibok nito.

Sabi nila pagmahal mo ipaglaban mo bakit di mo ko pinaglaban? Diba ako karapatdapat sayo? Ano ang kulang? May kulang ba ako?

Dating ikaw at ako lang ang masaya walang inisip na problema.

Dating ikaw at ako lang ang kailangan pero bakit ngayon walang ikaw at ako.

May problema ba sating dalawa? May pagkukulang ba kong ginawa? Binigay ko naman lahat sayo, tapos eto lang isusukli mo.

Bakit mo ko hiniyaang mahulog sayo? Sino ba sa ating dalawa ang Tanga? Ikaw o Ako? Sabihin mo para may alam ako?

Hahayaan mo na lang ba ako? Hahayaang makuha ng iba? O Hahayaan mo na lang akong na masaktan.

Dating ikaw at ako lang ang meron noon ngayong ikaw at siya nalang ang pwede, Hindi na tayo pero bakit ako lang ang nasasaktan.

Samantalang ikaw naman ang nangiwan sa tulad ko na handang patawarin ka, pero sa huli sinayang na pagmamahal ay nauwi sa walang naging Ikaw at Ako.
Cindy Jul 2018
One wish.
One plea.
consistency. uniformity, steadiness.

But even so, here we are... My love.
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