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Naveen Kumar May 13
There is a goldfish
living in a shoe.
Afraid to get out
and see the sky blue.

There is a goldfish
living in a shoe.
Who once lived in water
which is blue.
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Zack Ripley Dec 2019
This is the story of a tipped tree,
Some fish,
And two men who hit the streets.
They wanted to spread the word
About how to keep pets safe.
To speak up for those who could
Not be heard.
They'd knock on the door,
Say "hi! We're from PETA!
And just like that, they weren't
Invited to say anymore.
This happened again and again and again.
Finally, they agreed "one more. Then that will be the end."
They knocked on the door.
But this time, no one answered.
They knocked again, no answer.
They went to the window
And what did they see?
Baby goldfish in clear ***** of water
Hanging off the tree.
They looked at each other,  and both said "we need to act quick."
Luckily, the door was unlocked.
No lock to pick.
Handling them with care,
They got the fish to safety and got
Out of there. But before they left,
They kicked the tree down in anger.
And that's the story of how the tree was knocked over not by a cat,
But a stranger.
This was inspired by a prompt to write a poem about why the tree was knocked over.
Circle round once more...
Perhaps it is different now...
infinite glass wall...
Inspired by of course a goldfish swimming around circles and it's bowl...I had several goldfish in bowls for a little while until I determined that it was too tedious to clean each individual bowl and bought a large tank to keep them in ...they were so happy to be transferred into the tank that they swam around together for quite a while after being reintroduced to each other.

This can also be read figuratively as sort of the futility of rote dull work... I don't know pretty much everyone's felt trapped in an invisible shell that they feel like they're running circles around in occasionally...

Either that or futility meets optimism hahaha

Fleur Feb 20
Bubbles bound for breakers,
Sea salt snacky snakers,
Great gulp goldfish galleys,
Brown beard barnacles and reef rash rallies,
Abstract art, active angles,
Tingly teepee tension tangles,
Swimming so safety sound,
Newest navies so nobly nouned!
A dip under the sea.
Poetic T Feb 15
She was like a storm
               with no rain...

Just a tornado of destructive vocabulary.

Destroying every excuse
                               that I ever gave.

I was never a flood, never a river
               of ill equipped reasons.

Sometimes I just slipped on my
              own excuses.

I was the goldfish in her bowl
             of life..

And I had the memory of,
                yes darling ill do that.

But I shut the door and her wind
       became a breeze that never

dried in my thoughts..

My memory was a goldfish
        out of water only interested

In breathing.

But no matter what,she'll never
rain down.she'll just dry me off
         and sometime I remember,

and kisses are rained down instead
      of huricane vocabulary..
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As I stargaze
I notice
Two perfect
Triangles in the sky
And goldfish
Jumping through them
Like a ring of fire.
Alice Dec 2018
You live oblivious
In a world of your own,
Lacking the chance
To explore the unknown.

Your time here on earth is just a short while
But you move quick enough to travel many a mile.
Bubbles of life are left in your wake,
But you depend on others
For the breaths that you take.

Tiny in body
But giant in soul,
You are anything but common
And more than your role.

Scales of gold shimmer in the sun;
Many share your traits, but in a million,
You’re the only one.

In a towering castle on psychedelic rocks,
You can hide
From this world and all of its shocks.

If you’re feeling social, you’ll come out to play,
Enchanting giants
Who walk in the light of day.

The gurgle of the filter is the only noise at night,
So you’ll call it a day
And snuggle up tight.

Not unlike Alice,
I, too, live in Wonderland
And shy away
From things I don’t understand.

Like you, I am unique in my skin,
Light pours from my heart,
And I glow from within.

We share our size,
But our limits know no bounds.
We are full of life
Even when no one’s around.

I depend
On friends and family
For love and support;
With a small group I’ve formed a rapport.

Though I’ll live several more years,
I still move at fast paces
Despite the unknown
And my fears.

You are trapped
By a bowl,
I am trapped by the chains of my age;
This often gives me rage.

I’m often bubbly and can put on a show.
We both need time to recharge,
Which many don’t know.

When night wakes
And the sun finds its bed,
Only you’ll retire,
For many ideas swirl in my head.
A cute little poem I wrote for an English assignment two years ago. We had to compare ourselves to an animal, and I picked a goldfish.
gracie Oct 2018
two shimmering goldfish on display
in a run-down pub, swimming lazily
in milky water, suspending translucent fins
like angel wings. one stares numbly at the glass
with beady eyes, entranced by his own reflection;
the other darts between the rocks, twitching
to escape his murky prison.
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
in the desert
a spider traps a mouse
a woman cries
I feel her hot tears
on my head
they drip drip drip
I look out over my balcony
wondering, why?
what is the point?
a man lives alone with his goldfish
he hasn't seen a woman naked in years
he reads a novel and laughs to himself
I hear his laughter
It crowds my mind
I feel its hands and elbows poke my sides
I walk into work
I walk out
somewhere downtown,
a teenager is trying marijuana for the first time
I feel the warmth
the guilt
I feel endless
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
the world carries on outside my apartment
a girl finds a flower
a man drives to work
a woman eats some green beans
a soldier wonders why he signed up
for this
a fat law maker *******
and me
I sit
and think
sometimes, cry
don't know what else to do
summer breathes hot air down my neck
and somewhere a baby is born
it is cold there
and her father is dead
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